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Generally speaking, the word magic makes us think about spells cast by a sorcerer to harm someone. But that only refers to black magic. There is also a beneficial kind of magic, called White Magic, that is aimed at generating positive events, bringing luck, happiness, wealth and joy to others. On this page, you will learn more about White Magic and take your first steps practicing it.

White Magic is no doubt the first way people thought of to attract favors from the spirits and forces of nature, gain protection, and improve their existence with the help of ceremonies and incantations.

Shamanism, considered to be the oldest religion in the world, can be seen as a form of White Magic.

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White Magic has one considerable advantage over black magic: you don’t have to deal with the repercussions of the rituals performed with harmful intentions, which can be violent both physically and mentally.

What is White Magic?

White Magic is a collection of rituals, incantations, prayers, and ceremonies designed to do Good, bring people more Luck, money, and love, keep them healthy, and protect them against evil spells.

White Magic can be practiced by anyone, on condition that they do it thoughtfully, with positive intentions, both towards themselves and others.

Be careful about your approach to White Magic because it doesn’t work… like magic! You need to unite several conditions and attain the necessary state-of-mind, to perform a ritual or create the magic supports that are to be used.

You’ll only get results if you are completely involved in a ceremony, and not intent on getting it done as quickly as possible, passively hoping for positive results.

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But don’t worry, being totally involved will not create any risks, either physical, mental or spiritual for you… except if it doesn’t work!

You don’t have to do anything against your will, sacrifice any animals or recite curses in ancient languages…

What Do I Need to Practice White Magic?

Although incantations, rituals and support instruments play an important role in making White Magic effective, the main factor for success is a strong mind that is convinced of White Magic’s effectiveness.

You need to be patient and not expect results instantly. Sometimes it takes a while for them to become manifest. Meanwhile, you need to wait patiently and cultivate positive thoughts, not doubting the success of your ritual for a second. Otherwise, you will be the first obstacle to its realization.

practice white magic

If you performed your ritual and recited your incantations with conviction, both in thought and in word, then whatever you need to say or do later will have every chance of succeeding, luck being on your side.

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The main practices of White Magic are enchantments and disenchantments, which must not be confused with curses or edicts about possessions. They require negative ceremonies designed to cause severe harm, physically or mentally, to an individual or a group of people.

Enchantments and Disenchantments

An enchantment is a spell you recite to help yourself or someone else, using positive thoughts aimed at improving life. Disenchantment is a ritual to help someone get rid of an evil spell that has been cast against them, or free them from a curse that affects both their body and their mind.

The exorcism rituals used in certain religions to chase demons from possessed bodies are ceremonies of White Magic. Supports must often be used since they possess magic powers that can help a ritual, ceremony or incantation for protections be more effective. The main supports used in White Magic are salt, lead, water, and fire.

Salt is reputed to possess properties of protection and purification. It is used to form magic circles where malevolent spirits may not enter. Salt absorbs invisible harmful vibrations, both physical and mental.

Fire is used to purify places and spirits and transmit messages to the higher worlds to intercede in your favor. The messages are burned during fire ceremonies.

Lead is used to free or protect yourself against evil spirits.

Water is used in protection rituals to purify places and people.

How Can I Know If My White Magic Is Working?

It’s important to point out that, although you may have performed the rituals and incantations with conviction, putting your entire body, mind, and soul into it, you cannot just sit there and wait passively for the ritual to bear fruit and your wish to be miraculously granted.

You need to get involved, after the ritual, by thinking, speaking and acting in positive ways that will favor the realization of your wishes.

But remember, if you perform a ceremony only half believing in it, doubting it can bring you what you want or change your way of thinking, speaking and acting, then your enchantment will not work.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot perform a ritual and make everything change overnight. Even if you engage someone else to perform the ceremony (Sorcerer, Magus, Master of Divination) your participation is crucial.

An enchantment is not meant to change your life as if by a miracle, but to create the best conditions possible for that to happen.

During a ceremony, you try to attract favors from the invisible entities, higher spirits or natural forces you invoke.

If your intentions are beneficial, they will, in return, send you positive vibrations that will materialize visibly in circumstances that are favorable for you.

As said earlier, ceremonies of White Magic do not always produce immediate results. But according to the spirits and the higher realms, when your time comes your wishes will be granted.

When you complete a ceremony, instead of being impatient or doubtful, or even worse getting angry because of the apparent absence of results, you should be vigilant and keep an open mind when you examine what happens to you.

focused man

If you pay attention to what is going on around you, performing a ritual should enable you to decipher the favorable signs for accomplishing your goals in your everyday life.

The circumstances that are created, and the forces that are invoked, vary greatly depending on what you want to do, on your personality, your motivation, and what you expect will happen.

Favorable circumstances

We could say that most of the time favorable circumstances include:

  • Meetings with people who can advise or help you,
  • Situations that “miraculously” become unblocked,
  • Unexpected positive reactions from people you don’t know,
  • Dinner parties, phone calls, letters, emails… all indicating what you should do to change your situation.
  • New thoughts or solutions that spring into your mind.

Favorable circumstances, also called “magic signs,” can appear in many forms that are meant only for you.

As a general rule, keep a close watch on anything unusual that happens in your life, anything new or different than what you were previously used to.

They are probably magic signs sent to you by the spirits invoked to help you change your situation and make your dreams become a reality.

The spirits do not act instead of you but provide you with the elements necessary to realize your aspirations. After which you need to use them to finalize your desires.

You’ll be like a sculptor who has all the tools necessary for materializing what he sees in his mind, in the form of a statue. What a pleasure it must be to see a completed statue appearing before you!

The satisfaction that comes with doing your duty, perhaps by creating a statue from a block of rock, is the same as creating your own existence using the magic tools you find below.

How Can White Magic Help Me?

White Magic can be helpful in many areas, the main ones being your professional life, your love life, and how rich you are.

A Job, A Promotion Or A Raise…

find a jobYour professional life is one of the best areas to practice White Magic effectively, either to find a job, get a promotion or fulfill any of your other professional goals.

If you perform a ceremony of White Magic under the following conditions: total implication in the ceremony, strict adherence to the rules of the ritual, and a constructive and vigilant state-of-mind, then results should not be long in coming.

Love and Relationship

The area of amorous relations is a part of life privileged by the application of White Magic. A special kind of magic even exists for it, called Red Magic, although White Magic can also provide positive results.

White Magic is appropriate in your love-life for realizing your desires, finding your soul mate, and satisfying all your wishes, except one.

Many sorcerers and magicians pretend to be able to help people who have been separated from their loved ones regain the love that was so ungraciously interrupted by performing so-called “return of affection” rituals. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.

happy coupleIf a relationship ends, it may be because one person does not feel any love for the person who loves them. It depends on the case of course, but generally speaking if something is broken in a couple, there is often no going back.

If you want to regain someone’s love you can use White Magic, of course, but if it doesn’t work you need to learn your lesson and turn the page.

In cases of seduction you can, thanks to White Magic, have more self-confidence, be more at ease, and attract people’s attention, especially the person you want to seduce. However, you should not insist on your attempt at seduction if it does not provide the desired result.

If the other person has no feelings for you, there is no way you can force them to love you! Of course, you can always perform certain rituals just to be certain.

But if that happens you will probably end up performing rituals of black magic, where no return of the feeling of love is possible. Instead, you will create a kind of mental slavery for yourself. 

Can you attract money with white magic – it depends
money rain

White Magic rituals can help you become richer. However, a ritual will not make bars of gold miraculously appear, or instantaneously increase the balance of your bank account into the millions.

The beneficial vibrations emitted by the higher entities will, however, materialize as magic signs to be interpreted and used to facilitate the realization of your financial aspirations.

For example, you could meet people who give you expert advice, show you how to increase your earnings and make your business affairs bear fruit.

You’ll read articles and “discover” books and radio and TV broadcasts that give you indications of the directions you should follow to attain what you are aiming for.

As for any ritual of White Magic, it is up to you to use the magic signs you see to change your situation. A White Magic ceremony cannot act for you, but it can help you overcome obstacles and make things easier.

Enchantment to Attract Money

Here is a simple ritual likely to attract more money, if you carefully follow the advice given earlier about the conditions necessary for the success of a ritual.

Money rituals must be performed while the Moon is waxing since the ascending phases are more propitious for rituals that have to do with prosperity, success, and realizing your aspirations.

You can find the dates of a waxing moon, which occurs between a New Moon and a Full Moon, on most calendars or on the Internet.

Perform the ritual in a calm place where you know you won’t be disturbed for ten or fifteen minutes. Burn some incense and construct your altar for attracting money. Put a banknote in your shirt pocket.

To build your altar you will need a table and two white or gold candles. Light the candles and place the largest silver bowl you own between them. Then proceed as follows:

  • Get comfortable on a chair facing your altar and proceed with your (self) enchantment.
  • Close your eyes and place one hand over your banknote.
  • Recite your invocation. Do not be content with a general formulation like “I want to be rich” or “I need more money.” Instead, formulate a specific request like “I want to win 5000 dollars a month, starting six months from now,”
  • Now visualize your banknote multiplying on the table in front of you, until it grows into an imposing pile of money as high as you want.
  • Open your eyes, blow out the candles and take the banknote on the table and spend it to activate the flood of money that will come to you in the weeks and even days that follow.
  • Perform the ritual for seven consecutive days, between the New Moon and the Full Moon, using a new banknote each time.
  • When you resume your normal activities, carefully observe everything that happens in your environment that is unusual or new, and that concerns money.

Do not perform a money ritual until you can visualize how you are going to acquire the money you want, i.e. from your own efforts at work, from investments, by developing a project, etc.

Under no circumstances should you be passive when performing your ritual. In other words, do not request something and then sit around and wait for results, without doing anything to earn or win (by playing the lottery or some other money game) the amount you want.


Aside from the areas of life described above, White Magic can help you succeed in other areas like health, protection (of a house or a person), attracting luck, and so on.

However, in cases of physical illness or mental problems (often linked) more complex solutions may be required, involving experts in physiology and/or herbology.

If that is not your problem, you could consult a healer or a practicing magnetist to perform therapeutic White Magic on your behalf.

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