June 15, 2024
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Retrograde planets: Roadblocks and issues you will face

When our planets operate in a positive, direct vibration, we can manifest the positive side of what this planet represents. However, when a planet moves in retrograde motion, accessing the positive influences of what the planet’s position represents is challenging, and the more challenging aspects come through more significantly.


Retrograde Planets Create Dependence

All planets located in the zodiac signs have both positive and negative influences; however, when a planet is in retrograde, the negative impacts can be stronger than the positive ones leading to additional struggles a native will face in their life. A planet operating in direct motion can draw upon its energy to influence the life of the native. Planets in retrograde motion struggle to draw upon their energy and, in essence, need to feed off external factors to operate. These retrograde planets are essentially “dependent” and not “independent.”

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Repetitive Cycles

Retrograde planets cause us to repeat cycles in our life. Instead of moving forward directly, we move in circles, and finding ways to move forward and overcome these challenges feels almost impossible. Often, our retrograde planets cause us to experience deja vu, as it is a lesson and experience our soul has gone through for many incarnations. The retrograde planet’s challenge is like some bad karmic hand you have been dealt.

Retrograde planets can be very draining forces in our life, and we can often feel stuck in a rut. Retrograde planets cause us to repeat cycles in our life. Finding ways to move forward and break these cycles we experience in life can be tricky. Often, we are faced with particular challenges and issues that just seem not to go away, and it is like we experience deja vu constantly experiencing the same thing, repeating the same cycles and patterns.

Internal Blockages

Retrograde planets cause us to feel “blocked.” Almost as if a particular action or aspect of our personality is not accessible. Retrograde planets exert and give out no external energy and act as a draining force.

Retrograde planets keep us stuck in time. Our retrograde planets show us vital lessons we need to learn and challenges we need to overcome that our soul has been carrying with it for a long time. Retrograde planets are, in essence, the past experiences of our soul in our past life, repeating an experience in this life. The reason this repeat pattern exists is that our souls did not learn the lesson they had in the past life.

The lesson will be painfully re-experienced through each incarnation of the soul until it overcomes the challenges of the retrograde planets. Retrograde planets can be one of our most prominent sore spots because it keeps our soul from its ultimate evolution.

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Repeating The Past

Retrograde planets cause us to go back to the past and repeat the past over and over. They bring painful memories from our past lives that we are unaware of, and we carry these hurts and burdens until we figure out how to manage our retrograde planets effectively. These planets hold energy and memories of specific events we experienced in our past life and still have a significant hold over our souls’ evolution progress.

Memories, emotions, and thoughts from past lives get carried into this life without our awareness. This is why we have specific responses to things we face in life. Often these responses are based on our souls’ prior experiences. Often the pull of the unconscious thought patterns and behaviors from our past life is so strong that it takes over our potential to operate at our fullest capacity in this life.

Unfinished Business

Our souls carry “unfinished business” from our past life, and the retrograde planets are our unfinished business.

The sign location of the retrograde planet is an indicator of the experiences we already had in our past but through which we did not learn anything or overcome hardships. The only way for our soul to truly transcend is to finally understand and overcome the challenges of our retrograde planets. When a person has no retrograde planets, it indicates that they have little past life karma to resolve in this lifetime.

We try to live our lives according to how we did in our past life with our retrograde planets, and this poses problems for us as we need to change and evolve with each life. Holding onto the past and acting according to past experiences subconsciously causes us to stagnate, not progress in this life, and harness our fullest potential.

How Often Do Planets Go Retrograde?

Retrograde planets are common in a natal chart, with 92 percent of the world’s population born with retrograde planets. Conversely, only 8 percent of the world’s population is born with the blessing of no retrograde planets.

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A person who has many retrograde planets can come across to be disturbed, neurotic, and obsessive. Individuals who have three or more retrograde planets, or a retrograde planet in their 1st house, will find that they are continually trying to verbalize their thoughts and discontentment; however, each time they do this, it serves them nothing, and they stay stuck in the same pattern they have always been. Often when people have irrational fears throughout life, it is a retrograde planet plaguing them.

Conclusion about Retrograde Planets

Retrograde planets love to break tradition, and often retrograde planets in our birth chart point to areas in our life where we rebel against the norm. It is crucial to come to terms with the effect and impact of our retrograde planets, as denial and thinking, “This is not me,” will not bring us closer to the inner healing we need. To truly evolve into the person we want to be, we must face our true selves and overcome the struggles associated with our retrograde planets.

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