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BL_AST_668_The September Full Moon, In Aries

The September 2023 Full Moon In Aries

The phases of the moon are among the most fascinating astronomical behaviors we can observe with the naked eye and deeply rich sources of thought and interpretation in Astrology. Among the 9 phases – New, Waxing Crescent, 1st Quarter Half, Waxing Gibbous, Full, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter Half, Waning Crescent, and Balsamic – the New and Full Moons capture most of the attention. This article will look at the current Full Moon and talk about the kind of “harvest” you should bring in emotionally during this full moon. Let’s have a look at September 2023 Full Moon In Aries.

Full Moon – Reap What You Have Sown!

The Full Moon for September will occur on the 29th at 6 degrees and 00 minutes in the sign of Aries; in my Eastern Standard Time zone it will happen at 5:57 am.

BL_AST_668_The September Full Moon, In Aries

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It takes 29.5 days from one Full Moon to the next, spending approximately 2 and ½ days in a sign. The day before and the day after comprise what would be the peak time of the Full Moon energy. The Full Moon is the time of “the harvest”, when what began with the New Moon reaches full potential before waning, fading, and preparing for a new cycle.

The Full Moon in September goes by several names. It’s commonly known as the Harvest Moon because it’s the Full Moon closest to the autumnal equinox, providing extra light for farmers during the harvest. Native American traditions also refer to it as the Corn Moon, coinciding with corn harvesting. In some cultures, it’s called the Barley Moon, aligning with the barley harvest season. In regions with grapevine cultivation, it’s named the Wine Moon, marking the grape harvest for winemaking. Additionally, it’s known as the Fruit Moon, representing the ripening of various fruits in September. In Islamic lunar calendars, it signifies the start of the Islamic New Year, called Muharram.

There are also several special types of Full Moons: The Blood Moon, which happens during a total lunar eclipse; a Supermoon, which happens when the Moon is full and closest to the Earth; and the Blue Moon (“once in a blue moon”), which is a second Full Moon in a calendar month (occurring once every 2 and ½ years) or the second Full Moon in the same astrological sign.

Full Moon in Aries – Bold Initiations Ahead

This Full Moon will take place in the 1st decan (first 10 degrees) of Aries, making it an Aries/Aries Full Moon. The planetary influence involves Mars as the ruler for Aries. The Full Moon in Aries signifies assertiveness, individuality, and courage. Embrace change, take bold actions, and trust your instincts for personal growth and new beginnings.

The Full Moon in Aries will ask us to take action, assert our independence, confront challenges head-on, and initiate positive changes in our lives with courage and determination. The intensity of this Full Moon around freedom, honesty, and authenticity cannot be emphasized enough. Thanks to the decan placement and Mars rulership, this Full Moon urges assertive, individualistic action and encourages embracing challenges fearlessly, initiating personal growth and change.

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With this Full Moon at 06d00m, the Sabian Symbol is 07 Aries, “A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once.” Marc Edmund Jones says, “This is a symbol of a creative division of labor within the self, such as distinguishes human kind from the lower orders of life and enables any individual to participate in the experience of many interpenetrating realms of reality. There is capacity here for a complete control of events by shifting from one to another focus of emphasis whenever it proves convenient or expedient.” The key word is: PROFICIENCY.

The Number of This Full Moon

This Full Moon will occur on 09/29/2023, which totals 27, which reduces to 9. In numerology, the number 9 represents universal love, humanitarianism, and spiritual enlightenment. It symbolizes compassion, selflessness, and the completion of cycles. As the highest single-digit number, 9 represents endings, transformation, and the culmination of experiences, encouraging individuals to embrace their inner wisdom and contribute positively to the world.

In numerology, when a Full Moon takes place on the 29th day, it reduces to 11, a master number that signifies spiritual insight and higher consciousness. Additionally, reducing 11 to 1+1 equals 2, emphasizing themes of balance, cooperation, and relationships. This Full Moon’s numerological energy encourages us to harmonize relationships, tap into intuition, and seek emotional fulfillment through cooperative endeavors.

The Full Moon and Your Sun Sign

During a Full Moon, individuals of each zodiac sign may experience a heightened emotional and energetic influence that aligns with the sign in which the Full Moon occurs. This energy can trigger various feelings, from a sense of culmination and achievement to heightened emotions and a call to action. It often prompts reflection on the areas of life associated with that particular sign, encouraging self-awareness, release, and initiation of new endeavors. How a person feels during a Full Moon is influenced by their individual birth chart and how the Full Moon aspects their natal planets.

  1. Aries: Ignites your inner fire, take bold action.
  2. Taurus: Challenges you to break free from routine.
  3. Gemini: Sparks dynamic conversations, assert your ideas confidently.
  4. Cancer: Energizes your ambitions, seek emotional independence.
  5. Leo: Shines a spotlight on your creativity and self-expression.
  6. Virgo: Encourages you to initiate personal growth endeavors.
  7. Libra: Fuels your relationships, assert your partnership needs.
  8. Scorpio: Ignites transformative inner journeys and self-discovery.
  9. Sagittarius: Catalyzes adventurous pursuits, assert your beliefs boldly.
  10. Capricorn: Energizes your career goals, take assertive steps.
  11. Aquarius: Sparks innovation, assert your unique individuality proudly.
  12. Pisces: Illuminates your spiritual path, embrace your intuition.

If you happen to be born during a Full Moon, then you will feel every Full Moon in some significant or acute way because it is consistent with your birth Moon phase. It is well worth your effort to find out the Moon phase at the time of your birth. If you learn your birth Moon phase, you will likely discover that same phase each month has a strong impact on your emotional state.

When the Full Moon in Aries illuminates your natal chart, it signifies a culmination of assertive and action-oriented themes associated with Aries-ruled life areas. This phase urges you to take bold initiatives, confront challenges, and assert your individuality. The fiery energy of Aries may lead to increased determination and a better understanding of your personal desires. It’s an ideal moment to initiate new ventures, shed old emotional burdens, and express your authentic self. The Full Moon in Aries transiting your natal chart invites you to embrace courage, self-assertion, and a sense of personal empowerment.

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