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Understanding Your Sexual Appetite Using Astrology

Sex is a part of most every human’s life, and since astrology is a tool to study humans, you can look into your own astrology chart to better understand your own sexual appetite, as well as the ones of those around you! For this we’ll be looking into the 5th house of pleasure, sex, and dating. To know which sign rules your 5th house all you need to know is your rising sign, so scroll down and see how frisky your 5th house is!


Aries Rising or Leo Ruled 5th House

Aries, as a fire sign rising, your sexual appetite is going to be much more hearty than that of your peers. Compared to the other fire signs you tend to be more into committed relationships and don’t enjoy the idea of sharing nor being shared. You know that you’re wifey/hubby material and have the most fun in the bedroom when you have the space to grow deeply in love with another person. Compliments and being adored by your partner is sexy. Try doing the deed in front of some mirrors (or maybe a camera) to really spice things up!

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Taurus Rising or Virgo Ruled 5th House

Taurus, as an earth sign you tend to be a bit more picky when it comes to lovers and partners, but that’s because you know your worth (and who wants to share their bed with some stranger from the bar?!). For you it can sometimes be hard to separate the act of lovemaking from labor. However, pleasing your partner is very important to you and you take the work seriously, but you need to remember to prioritize your own pleasure.

Gemini or Libra Ruled 5th House

Gemini, sex and dating are fun and playful things for Gemini risings. In short, you don’t take mating rituals quite as seriously as your peers do. Dating can sometimes feel like making new friends and because of that you tend not to have one specific romantic type, since anyone can bring something new and interesting to the table. In the bedroom you definitely don’t like it rough, often preferring to keep things more vanilla, but ultimately you’re open to trying new things your partner is into.

Cancer or Scorpio Ruled 5th House

Cancer, as a water sign, emotional connections are very important in order for sex to be satisfying. You aren’t completely against a one night stand or a fling, but it’s never going to itch the scratch quite like the sex you have with someone who has your full trust. This is, in part, due to the fact that you are very kinky and kink can really only be practiced safely when you have a strong bond and solid communication.

Leo or Sagittarius Ruled 5th House

Leo, you are more of a “free love” kind of person when it comes to sex and dating. You are intrigued by people from different backgrounds and walks of life, and especially people from different countries than you. You enjoy having the freedom to explore all kinds of relationships, and often find that the compulsory form of monogamous dating can feel very stifling. That’s not to say that you cannot be monogamous or committed, but it is more rare for you.

Virgo or Capricorn Ruled 5th House

Virgo, sex can sometimes feel like a guilty pleasure, or even something to be embarrassed by when you are younger. As a Virgo rising, you often lose your virginity later in life than that of your peers because of this. Eventually, sex can be a great source of stress relief and even healing once you get past your innate prudishness. Power dynamics are the biggest turn ons, so sub/dom relationships and dating someone older or younger than you can be the most exciting, sexually.

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Libra or Aquarius Ruled 5th House

Libra, you, more so than any other rising sign, are most likely to sleep with and date your friends. You do have a very flirty approach to friendship in general, Libra is known as the biggest flirt of the zodiac! But your penchant for having a friends with benefits goes deeper than being an expert social butterfly, you are very open minded when it comes to relationship dynamics. You don’t always get as emotionally invested as other signs do and you’re more open to casual dating and even non monogamy.

Scorpio or Pisces Ruled 5th House

Scorpio, you feel things very deeply, so when you feel a romantic and sexual connection with someone it’s hard for you to concentrate on much of anything else. Sex can sometimes even be used as an escape from reality, a way to take a break from life when things are tough. However, sex can be very intense, even overwhelming for you at times. So things like bright lights and loud music can make it hard for you to tap into the pleasure of sex.

Sagittarius or Aries Ruled 5th House

Sagittarius, it’s hard to compare with the sexual appetite of a Sagittarius rising! The sex itself isn’t usually anything too wild or crazy with this fire sign (though you would expect them to have the Kama Sutra memorized front to back) it’s actually usually pretty standard and vanilla. However, it is always memorable because no one brings more energy, stamina or excitement! However, their sexual appetite is as impulsive as they are, one second they might be revved up and ready to go and the next moment they’re moved on to the next task or activity, leaving you in their dust.

Capricorn or Taurus Ruled 5th House

Capricorn, don’t let the stone cold exterior of a Capricorn fool you, these people are some of the horniest out there! Loyalty and honesty are the most important values of this rising sign, which is why they do tend to have the best sex of their life with long term partners. Like Sagittarius risings, the sex itself isn’t usually too wild and crazy, but the sex drive is high and that’s what makes it fun. Plus, Capricorn is the daddy of the zodiac after all, * wink wink*

Aquarius or Gemini Ruled 5th House

Aquarius risings are the most likely to be into rebellious relationship styles like polyamory and non-monogamy. This is because they are more community oriented, and as air signs they are more innately curious and open minded when it comes to dating. Sex is meant to be playful and silly, if they can’t laugh through the awkward moments with their partner then they’re not the right partner. Also dirty talk is very much appreciated in the bedroom!

Pisces or Cancer Ruled 5th House

Pisces, sex is a means to deepen emotional connections and strengthen relationships with this placement, not just sexual appetite! Sometimes Pisces risings choose to make love in hopes that it will foster deeper feelings in the other person, which we all know doesn’t always work. They are truly very nurturing and giving lovers who greatly desire sex, but can sometimes go for long periods without it if the right person isn’t in their life.

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