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What The 2022 Fall Equinox Means For Your Sun Sign

What The 2022 Fall Equinox Means For Your Sun Sign

There is the potential for the Autumn equinox to be a turning point for you. As summer ends, the change in the season is not the only thing that changes on the first day of fall. The nights and days are equal in hours, and each equinox, vernal, spring, autumn, and fall mark some turning points in life. The sun moves from Virgo to Libra. If you are on a good path, then there is no need to make any changes unless something helpful comes your way. However, if you have stagnated all summer, the fall is an excellent time for these shifts. Let’s see what the Autumn Equinox of 2022 means for your zodiac sign.

Aries – It Is A Good Opportunity To Learn Something From Others

Aries, you are the one that focuses on your needs, and you do what you need to do to get what you need. You also believe you have the answers, which is why you like to follow your own advice. However, as the sun moves into your opposite sign, Libra, the best thing you can do is to start taking advice from others.

Listen to the experiences that others have, and talk about strategies that worked for others that you have not used yourself yet. You do not need to stop going after what you want. However, this is the best time to be humble enough to know that your strategies don’t always work. Allow others to help you so you can learn something from them.

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Taurus – Discover Your Purpose

Taurus, you love your routine, and you need stability. You are not necessarily the type known to self-reflect very much because you feel that you have the answers considering that you know what you want. And since you know what you want, you will not let anyone get in the way of it. However, have you ever sat down to think about your purpose?

The Libra energy is there to help you discover your true purpose in life and to help you find balance within. Perhaps what you truly want in life may have to do with your purpose. However, what if, by chance, it is not? This is the time to reflect on that and to sit with it. You may discover that what you want in life may be what you think you want and does not benefit you in any way.

Gemini – Focus On What You Love With Others

Gemini, you are versatile by nature, and you are also the one that needs intellectual stimulation. You are friendly too. The Autumn Equinox means that you need to focus on what you love, but the Libra energy wants you to focus on sharing what you love with others, such as joining different groups and clubs. For example, if you enjoy reading and have done a lot of reading over the summer, this is the time to join some book clubs.

It is also a time to join some groups that can introduce you to new fun activities or ideas to expand your horizons even more. And since you are adaptable and social, you’ll welcome that idea with open arms.

Cancer – Focus On Your Needs

Cancer, you are the type that will nurture everyone else but yourself. You look after everyone else and meet their needs but neglect your own. The Autumn Equinox will be tense for you because the Libra energy clashes with Cancer energy, which both signs square each other.

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You will have to face that you are not balancing your energy as you give too much of it to others and not enough to yourself. Therefore, the thing that you will want to do, as hard as it is to celebrate this time, is to indulge in a bit of ME time. You will be amazed at how replenished you feel after!

Leo – Look For New Fun Activities

Leo, you need constant excitement. Yes, you love attention, but more so, you need excitement, and boredom is something that you fear. Therefore, the best way you can celebrate the Autumn Equinox is by looking for new fun activities you can enjoy. It does not only have to be fall-related activities.

If you have a hobby you want to get into, you will want to make time for it. Also, look for other potential hobbies you could adopt. Join different groups that may interest you, whether online or in-person. You can also volunteer as you are generous by nature, and you can put that generosity to good use. The point is to look for new activities that you will enjoy and touch your spirit.

Virgo – Lower Your Guard

Virgo, you are very analytical, and you also struggle to trust a lot of people. It is more so that you don’t trust anyone to finish a job important to you because you don’t think they can get the job done as you can. That is why, for example, when it comes to group projects, you will be the one that wants to take over because you don’t trust anyone else to do it.

You will want to lower your guard during the equinox and start learning to trust that others have the best interest in doing their part. If you have a group project at work, only fulfill your responsibility and allow others to achieve theirs. There is also nothing wrong with delegating responsibilities, such as hiring a cleaner for your home on a day that you have other duties to tend to, and you will be surprised at how well they do the job.

Libra – Be True To Yourself

Libra, you are the one who needs balance and harmony, and you also have a knack for fashion and the arts. However, you do not like conflict. Here is the thing! The Fall Equinox is your time to shine as the sun moves into your sign, and there is a new moon in your sign in the following days. What you need to focus on during this equinox is being true to yourself. That also includes doing the one thing that makes you uncomfortable by speaking your truth.

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Prepare yourself for the possibility that you could ruffle some feathers. Yes, you do not like conflict, but for you to live and speak your truth, you will speak your view and opinion, which can cause conflict. Once you get used to it, you will feel much better because it is much nicer to live your truth instead of doing things you don’t feel aligned to do.

Scorpio – Accept Happiness And Pain

Scorpio, you are intense and like to be mysterious, but you also want the time when the Autumn Equinox falls because you feel you can begin to gear up for your season. The one thing that is hard for you to do is to process your emotions. You are in tune with them since you have a water sign, but you don’t necessarily process them, which is why you are intense.

The best way to gear up for your season is to feel your emotions and experience them. Don’t be afraid to laugh at anything you find funny; if there is pain, permit yourself to cry about it as you don’t like to be vulnerable. Also, if something makes you happy, allow that feeling to take over. There is never a need to be fearful of your emotions; this is the time to face them and process them.

Sagittarius – Time To Accomplish Those Goals

Sagittarius, you are the one that loves to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone. Like Gemini, you will expand on what you love. However, you will take things one step further by accomplishing your goals earlier in the year. Do you want to get more fit? Now is the time to do that. Have you wanted to start a project earlier, such as in the summer? Now is the time to begin making that happen.

Remember that Mercury is in retrograde, but a week after the equinox, it will go direct, so that is when you can officially begin to start new things. However, what you can do on the equinox is to begin planning how you will accomplish those goals. And be sure to follow each step when the time is perfect!

Capricorn – Begin Thinking About Why You Have The Goals You Do

Capricorn, you are a hard worker and the type to set goals. However, you may not necessarily think about why you have your goals. You just know that is what you want because you are extremely goal-oriented. However, you will want to be more philosophical during the Autumn Equinox, which is not what you find simple. That is understandable because Libra and Capricorn square one another, which means tensions exist.

However, you do want to challenge yourself right now and ask yourself why you have your goals. For example, if you are a professional writer, you want to ask yourself why you feel that this is the right field for you. Do you need to convey messages? Or, communicate something essential for others if you are a ghostwriter? If you liked to write and did not have a reason for it to be a professional goal, you could always use a private journal. Think about the why when you set your goals now.

Aquarius – Change Perspectives

Aquarius, you are the type that needs your freedom and independence, and you also march to your own drummer. However, you tend to get stuck with the kind of thoughts you have even though you are known to be progressive. You may unintentionally be judgmental and even condescending to those you judge, even if you don’t say anything to them.

What you will want to do during this Autumn Equinox is to change your perspective about so many things that you have judged. If you don’t like how someone you know is very traditional, for instance, perhaps think about how it may bring them comfort or they have their own spiritual reason to be that way even if you don’t get it. Changing perspectives can also bring out more empathy. Also, if you have been stuck at a job you dislike but cannot afford to change right now, you will want to change how you think about your job. You have an innovative way of thinking, so this should not be challenging.

Pisces – Commit To Your Goals

Pisces, you are the dreamy type, and you may have been that way all summer long. You may have had no structure, and perhaps you may have had some fun escapes. However, now that the colder months are on their way, this is the time for more structure, and you are more down-to-earth than what most people give you credit for, as you have goals too. However, you may not fulfill those goals because so many distractions can cause you to not commit to them.

When it is the Autumn Equinox, you will want to start bringing structure to your life and committing to those goals. Create an action plan and a step-by-step one, so you do not get overwhelmed. You will feel better and more accomplished too by doing that.

What The 2022 Fall Equinox Means For Your Sun Sign

As you see, how you celebrate the Autumn Equinox has to do with going with the flow with the Libra energy. You may find it easy if you have air or fire in your chart, but you may struggle with it if you have a lot of earth or water as those elements are not compatible with Libra.

However, don’t forget to make it fun too. Make your family a fall-themed dinner such as a sweet potato shepherd’s pie, or a salad made with harvested vegetables with pumpkin or apple pie for dessert. That is a great way to bring in the fall energy too! Enjoy it.

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