June 15, 2024
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star sign’s archangel blessing for 2022

Your Star Sign’s Archangel Blessing for 2022

Your Star Sign’s Archangel Blessing for 2022?

After two very difficult years, the most important intention we can set for 2022 is to start to reconnect and be more loving and kinder to one another. When fear is present it’s easy to feel vulnerable, defensive, and angry. However, the opposite of fear is love and by re-aligning our energy back to a place of love, we can find peace, sanctuary, and contentment once more. Allowing fear to motivate and control us simply creates; division, conflict, unhappiness, and after a while dis-ease (manifesting from blocks in one’s energy field). By choosing to focus on love, gratitude, and compassion we automatically open ourselves up for healing, joy, and the possibility for increased fulfillment and happiness.

I am by no means suggesting that we suppress our fears, we do need to acknowledge and feel our true emotions in order to process them and let them go.  I do, however, suggest surrounding yourself with positive affirmations, laughter, nature, and animals. 

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The angels are always there ready to help us when we ask.  They can help us to have faith in our darker times and they will hold us up when we need strength and love. 

You are never alone. 

Your channeled angel message for 2022 is brought to you by astrological sign.  May you all have a blessed, healthy, and happier year ahead. 

Aries – Archangel Orion

Named after one of the brightest stars, Archangel Orion is here to inspire and support your deepest desire and dreams here on earth. 

This angel is fairly new in the listing of Archangels, and this correlates perfectly to a world in which our opportunities and areas of possibility are broader than they have ever been in past times.  You can be and do anything you wish, you can study, work abroad and even travel; all from the confines of your own home.

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Your message for 2022 is to set aside some time to work on, develop, enjoy or study something new.  Just for you, Aries.

Call in the vibration of Archangel Orion to support your new ventures, ideas and manifestations.  Follow your dreams. Only you can step onto your soul path and find your bliss.

Taurus – Archangel Zadkiel

The energy of Archangel Zadkiel calls for you to let go of the past and renew your approach to your life, Taurus

Perhaps you hold yourself back through fear of failure, or because you have been told at some time you are not good enough.  You ARE. 

Maybe you are bound by the pains that have gone before you and scared to be hurt and risk love.  It could be that we needed to feel loss in order to understand the preciousness of true love. 

Call on Zadkiel’s energy to uplift your heart and view the world as one of possibility and emotional connectivity. 

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When we forgive others, we liberate our own hearts and allow the possibility for love and connection once more.  Let go of the past for 2022 and believe that you deserve all that you desire. 

Gemini – Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel speaks to us of love and harmony in relationships and guides us to joyful, loving soulmate bonds.  

The first step on this journey lies in reflection and looking within at our relationship with ourselves.  Do you respect and love who you really are, Gemini?  

Are you able to see the beauty in yourself and shine this out brightly, so that others can be dazzled by your kind, generous and empathic vibration?

Call on Chamuel to help you see yourself in your highest potential and then act as this is who you are right NOW!  You are everything you can ever be in this moment. 

Learn to embrace your own true and magical soul vibration, to connect more deeply with those you love and who already value the amazing person that you are. 

Cancer – Archangel Haniel

With Archangel Haniel as your angel guide for 2022, your thoughts, inspiration, intuition, and intentions will be very powerful for the year ahead.  You can really make waves in your and others’ lives right now, Cancer.

Haniel helps us to connect; not only to our own higher self but also helps our loving intentions to be felt more strongly throughout the spiritual realms.  Your ability to focus and manifest all that you wish for is very strong this year. 

Call upon Haniel to support your thoughts and guide you to create your best reality and future.  Your good intentions towards others will emanate peace and healing, so do look at where your kindness can ‘pay it forwards’ and be sure to help others to find their own joy and solace with your support.


The Archangel guiding you this year is Jeremiel, and this angel actually thrives by working behind the scenes which is quite a different style from your usual spotlight position.

For you, 2022 will be a year where you look more deeply at your life and reflection upon recent changes, and what has come to matter the most to you, Leo.  Sometimes we all need a period of reflection to ascertain what our priorities have become and whether our day-to-day lives reflect our goals and journeys. 

Call upon the wisdom and protection of Jeremiel this year to assist you when you delve into your spiritual desires and hopes and to feel protected and supported.  This year can be the making of you, Leo as you develop conscientious habits and thoughtful ways to reach out to those who mean the most to you.  “What would love do now?”

Virgo – Archangel Michael

This year you will have the wonderful Archangel Michael at your side, and you will be able to bask in the eminent light of one of the most powerful, otherworldly beings. 

2022 will be a very major year for you, Virgo; one where you are more assertive, expressive, and sure of who you are and what you wish to achieve.  Your ability to shine your own light upon others and help to guide and protect them is stronger than usual also. 

Call upon Michael when you wish to emanate love and support for others and at any times where you need more guidance to make important decisions in your own life.  Your thoughts will be drawn towards the good of humanity; that it may sway back towards a more harmonious and connected vibration.  Know that your thoughts are powerful, and your soul’s essence is love. 

Libra – Archangel Metatron

This year is a year of change for you Libra, as the Archangel Metatron brings you the magic of entropy and helps you to be a visionary. 

For 2022 your psychic abilities will be at their best and you will be more in tune with the beauty and vibration of the animals and plants around you. 

Call upon Metatron to help you to know your path ahead, as this will be a soulful and creative year for you.  It is important that you don’t get caught up in the mundane at a time when you are very inspired, influential, and able to see the paths ahead for others. 

Share the knowledge and wisdom you have amassed in this life, with others and know that you are worthy of love and being loved, you are beautiful energy, and you are ready to be seen. 

Scorpio – Archangel Raphael

The Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing and for the year ahead you have this vibration in your energy field, Scorpio.

For 2022 you will find that you are drawn to those who are vulnerable and in need, and others will automatically sense that your presence alone can help heal and uplift their inner burdens.

Call upon Raphael and ask for this amazing healing energy to surround and protect you.  You will find that by channeling this for a few moments each day, you feel more vibrant, hopeful, energized, and powerful. 

During these times we can all benefit from Raphael and you, as a healer, can emanate this wonderful energy out to all those around you, just by believing in the power and gravitas of your own loving thoughts.  Believe in your own path Scorpio, you are here for a reason and your heart can touch many. 

Sagittarius – Archangel Gabriel

There are many messages for you from the Archangel Gabriel this year Sagittarius and you, in turn, have much wisdom and knowledge to share with the world. 

In 2022 you will have a greater sense of your impact upon those around you and being very aware of your thoughts, words and deeds will become of greater importance to you at this time.

Call upon Gabriel to help to guide your path and provide a purer form of wisdom to convey to others.  Remember that the most evolved leaders teach by example and are sparing with their words. 

By tuning in to this guidance you will recognize that you are looked after and loved and your knowledge of this will help to inspire and reassure others in their more fearful moments.  Trust in your inner wisdom and that the messages you receive are from a higher realm. 

Capricorn – Archangel Raziel

You will feel more drawn to your soulful nature with the guidance of Archangel Raziel this year.  This angel calls us to be gentle and thoughtful in our actions and to think before we speak to or about others. 

In 2022, you will find that you are able to have a deeper connection with your own intuition and soul and that those on the other side (whether or not you have lost loved ones) will be closer to you, inspiring your work here on earth.

Call in Raziel and ask for guidance for your inner world, Capricorn.  Try to spend a little time each day to think about how you can impact and uplift other people’s lives.  You will feel joy and a sense of soulfulness as a result.  The material world may seem compelling, but our loving relationships and soul evolution are where we experience true happiness and success. 

AquariusArchangel Sandalphon

This year the Archangel Sandalphon is by your side, encouraging your soul to bask in creative expression and celebrate nature, music, the arts, and anything which most emphasizes your expressiveness.

Your creative projects will thrive and garner more attention and interest during 2022, make sure you set aside time each week to ensure you develop and work on that which inspires you the most.  Success is within your grasp, Aquarius

Call upon Sandalphon to guide you towards your most powerful manifesting energy expression.  Your work can inspire and uplift others at this time and this angel will help you to share your ideas and unique imprint with a broader audience. 

Remember that plants and animals are your sanctuaries, and you will get inspiration when the music of your soul can dance in the beauty of the elements of the earth. 

PiscesArchangel Uriel

The Archangel Uriel is surrounding you with wisdom and higher knowledge at this time Pisces, gone is your usual confusion, as clarity and the light of your soul shine the way ahead brightly for you. 

In 2022 you will attain a sense of awareness and comfort in your own nature that will attract all for you, into your space. 

As for Uriel to show you the vibrations of those around you, both in human form and in nature.  You will be able to see where and what best suits you and for those who wish to attract love, this is your year! 

You will end this year feeling part of a bigger sense of who you really are and closer to those around you.  Believe in love and reach out to all that emanates in your own frequency. 

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