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The Fixed Quality is one of the three Quadruplicities/Modes assigned to each of the twelve zodiac signs, the other two being the Cardinal and the Mutable Quality. The Fixed signs are all located in the middle of each of the four seasons. Fixed signs are the hard workers, the laborers, and the people who put in all the required hard work to ensure a project eventually becomes a success. They are stable, reliable, and they are consistent in their thoughts and actions. Fixed signs are not unpredictable, and you generally know what to expect from them.

The Quality or the Mode represents the style of action a person has when they deal with situations in life. Fixed signs aren’t fast and furious such as the Cardinal signs, however with them, slow and steady wins the race. Fixed signs do not interact well with the pushy, aggressive type of people as they require time and patience when dealing with situations, and they do not like being pressured. They resist being dictated by others or getting told what to do.

Fixed signs need to be able to control what happens to them and around them. The Fixed Quality encompasses a dislike toward change and the unexpected. They prefer the tried and tested method of doing things, and unlike the Cardinal and Mutable signs, they do not like new enterprises and trying new things. They prefer to stick to the traditional method of completing projects and tasks as it has been known to prove results in the end. They understand that the key to success is persistence.

Fixed Quality is One of the Three Zodiac Qualities

In astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs, four elements, and three qualities. Each of the twelve signs is assigned a quality and element. However, there is only one sign of each Quality and each element in the zodiac. The elements have a specific effect on the signs, which explains the personality type and emotional nature. However, the qualities represent how they interact with their direct and indirect environment.

The Fixed signs are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. Fixed signs prefer instead to internalize their energy and use it for productive activities instead of using it on unproductive activities. They prefer to contain their power and put it to good use. They can focus on their goals for prolonged periods, and they usually do not give up until their goal is achieved. Fixed signs do not welcome change all too much, and change comes with a large amount of inner resistance

The Fixed Zodiac Signs Explained

Quality Fixed: Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Zodiac Symbol: Water Bearer
Planetary House: Eleventh
Planet: Uranus & Saturn
Element: Air

The Fixed Quality is present in Aquarius through how they remain logical and stable in any given situation they are placed in. They explore new avenues and concepts; however, they apply their inherent traditional sense to their actions. Therefore they approach every situation with a fundamental logical view and stick to this. The air element in Aquarius makes them open-minded, fast-moving, and eccentric, yet they have a stable inner nature due to the Fixed Quality.

Aquarius is the Air sign of the fixed quality, and it is symbolized by the water bearer. The air element allows them to move through life fluidly, however, while still maintaining their stable, Fixed inner emotional nature. Aquarius sits in the Eleventh House of friendships, community, and the collective on the zodiac wheel. Out of all the fixed signs, Aquarius is the most experimental and spontaneous. Aquarians are fixed in their need for originality and freedom.

Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, they have a contradictory nature as these planets represent two opposing factors. Saturn represents limitations and restrictions and Uranus promotes a liberation that is free from constraints. The “push and pull” between the two opposing planets can cause major temperament shifts with an Aquarian. A prime example is when a usually friendly and engaged Aquarian becomes detached and unpredictable. The Fixed nature is present by how Aquarians need things to play out on their terms, and they find it challenging to adapt and change to the needs of others, and this is when their unpredictable, detached nature comes out.

Aquarians can be challenging to understand, as they are both reliable, stable individuals and eccentric geniuses with many ideas in their minds, due to being ruled by the air element. They crave friendships and to be part of a team, but can, at the same time, favor independence and originality. Aquarians are generous, sometimes to a fault, whereby they sacrifice their well-being to help others. The Zodiac symbol of flowing water represents the fluidity with which Aquarians can move between being open, friendly, and generous, to being emotionally detached, a “loner” and impersonal. This fluidity contributes to the perception that Aquarians can be a “bit odd,” even disingenuous.

Quality Fixed: Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Element Symbol: The Bull
Planetary House: Second
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth

The Fixed Quality and the zodiac sign Taurus go hand in hand as Taurus is represented by the element earth, which goes well with characteristics described by the Fixed Quality. The grounding, stabilizing influences are dominant in Taurus, which makes them some of the most dependable, unbreakable people out there.

Taurus is the earth sign of the fixed quality, and Taurus is located in the Second House of values and material possessions. Ruled by the planet Venus, named for the Goddess of Love, Taurus is driven to pursue all of life’s rewards in the form of beauty, wealth, possessions, and even food as an enrichment of the human experience. The reward-based values that Taureans hold dear serve to define themselves by what they have amassed through their hard work and perseverance. It is one of their driving beliefs that they were born to enjoy life. It is their Fixed Quality that serves to keep them focused in a positive direction, and they are Fixed in their need for luxury and extravagance, and work hard to attain this.

Taurus persists headstrong through practical applications and exact calculations based on their existing resources. Ask a Taurus to change anything, on themselves or in their external world, and you will be met with high resistance. Taurus represents the Fixed Quality in its best form as the combination with the earth element makes these individuals completely unmovable and unchangeable, although extremely grounded and reliable.

A Taurus is concerned with what needs to be done to achieve results and is one of the most hardworking signs of the zodiac. They have their eye on the prize, and they want to see the positive end results no matter what needs to be done. As Venus rules them, they tend to be blessed with many material and financial awards for all their hard work and efforts, which is the driving motivator to their hard work and dedication. The pursuit of pleasure and materialism is balanced by their Earth Element, which provides persistence and determination in the quest for their materialistic goals.

Quality Fixed: Leo (July 23-August 22)

Zodiac Symbol: The Lion
Planetary House: Fifth
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire

Leo is dramatic, creative, and fun-loving and may seem the least likely of all Zodiac signs to have a Fixed Quality. The Fixed Quality is present in Leo through their endless loyalty and reliability to that which they give their heart to. The combination of the Fixed Quality and the fire element is a powerful one, as it allows these individuals to carry a deep passion for a prolonged time resulting in the majority of their focus being placed onto receiving results.

Leo is the Fixed sign of the element fire, which is in perfect harmony with the fiery Leo personality and the pursuit of finding all things pleasurable that will produce happiness. The Fixed Quality that incorporates any kind of repetition, limitations, or routine that would inhibit being free and spontaneous would be very grating to the Leo nature. However, if it were not for the steady Fixed Qualities, Leo’s flames would be in danger of burning out. The Fixed Quality shines through a Leo though how they are dedicated and committed to being the center of attention and will stop at nothing to be number one and have a good time!

Bringing happiness to children, whether theirs or others, is very satisfying to the Leo psyche. Leo strives to know who they are and to act accordingly, thus making them incredibly self-aware. Leos are ruled by the Sun, thus making them shine in any endeavor they dedicate themselves to and attracting a lot of attention toward themselves through their achievements. They work hard to be admired by others for their strengths and efforts. Leo seeks the limelight, and they may be found involved in the Arts and Cultural genres. They are essentially children at heart, and they love children themselves as it reminds them of their carefree inner nature.

Leo is extremely fixed in their needs and demands. When a Leo wants something, you bet they will likely get it, and they will stop at nothing to achieve it! Leo is located in the Fifth House of the Zodiac, which represents joy, happiness, fun, and romance. Emotional enrichment, personal fulfillment, and satisfaction are primary pursuits for the fun-loving Leo. Actions are decided upon based on whether it will provide pleasure and joy for themselves or others. Leo’s derive great pleasure from giving joy to others in the form of the creative arts and through their generosity. This also satisfies their craving for applause for their actions.

The Fire element in Leo shows through how they radiate light wherever they go. Leo’s are known to have an extremely warm nature, and they light up a room! They know what they want, and the Fixed Quality allows them the focus and dedication to work hard to get what they want. Leo possesses a passion for what they desire that cannot be compared to any other zodiac sign. Although they are fun-loving, they can also be strict on themselves and others, and they prefer to balance work and play, allowing for results to be achieved in the end. The combination of fire and the Fixed Quality gives direction to their passionate ideas, allowing them to not be lost and directionless with all these passions inside them.

Quality Fixed: Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Element Symbol: The Scorpion
Planetary House: Eighth
Planet: Pluto
Element: Water

Scorpio is a combination of the water element and the Fixed Quality. Water represents progression and adaption; therefore, Scorpio can face challenges very well, although they possess the Fixed Quality. This combination results in emotions that are unchangeable, however, this also results in an extreme lifelong dedication to a cause.

Scorpio is the Water sign of the Fixed Quality. Scorpio is positioned within the Eighth House of the Zodiac, which is both dark, mysterious and represents inner transformation, death, and rebirth. Ruled by the God of the Underworld, Scorpio engages in transformative actions for themselves and others. The Fixed Quality comes through by how Scorpios are dedicated and passionate about positive inner change. They harness the Fixed Quality by working to maintain positive, steady emotions within themselves, thus allowing them to achieve their goals in the end. The darker Scorpio elements center on their tendencies toward keeping others in the dark as to the deep feeling, thoughts, and emotions held by them. Their passion for creating transformative change gives a hint to their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

The Fixed Water combination allows them to maintain inner feelings for years, allowing them to have profound, intimate relationships. Their emotions are firmly contained and fixed inside them, remaining unchangeable for years, even for their entire lifetime. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, who is named by the Roman God, who reigned over the underworld. Of all the Fixed signs, Scorpio can handle pressure and external aggression from others the best.

Scorpios are highly focused and determined in their pursuits. The combination of the Fixed Quality with the element water allows them to be emotionally connected and passionate in their pursuits, even if it leads them into the unknown. Just like the ocean is deep and vast, the water element of Scorpio represents how they can easily explore the deep mysterious ocean that is the world without becoming too overwhelmed like other signs. They experience life intensely through their emotions. Scorpio tends to obsess about their worries and fears, and this obsession is due to their Fixed Quality, which allows them always to resolve something and complete something no matter what stands in their way.

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