July 23, 2024
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As I began to tap into the energy of our new calendar month, I received a pertinent download from my guides regarding the origin within the sacred meaning of numbers.   

I was shown that the ancient meaning of numbers often coincides directly with our seasons, astrology, and the natural world we live in. As a Numerologist, I have become increasingly sensitive to the signs, symbols, and synchronicities of the Universe. When a random message downloads into my stream of thought, I listen.   


Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier from Egyptian Numerology. I am the author of Egyptian Numerology; emergence into the Fifth Dimension” and “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.” 

As I started working on this article, it made perfect sense how the meaning and vibrations of numbers correlate strongly from our human interactions with the Universe. I wondered if the meaning of numbers could be influenced by several natural occurring factors.  Have you ever wondered where the definition of numbers originally came from? I am only speculating from what resonates with what I have learned and observed through being an Egyptian Numerologist. I am going to share with you what I found.  

Sacred Meaning of Numbers, Number 1

For example, January is the number 1 month in our calendar year. In traditional or classic numerology, the number one is referenced as meaning new beginnings, opportunity, and welcoming prosperous changes into our lives. It is a motivator energy, sign of power, and conviction that can lead to a better life. This is also the energy that is associated with the celebration of beginning the New Year. It makes perfect sense that the New Year in January, which is a number 1 calendar month and the numeric version of the meaning of number one both have qualities that reflect each other. Is this a coincidence?  

Or do they have the same meaning because the origin came from our projections often associated with the New Year?  It makes me wonder if the ancient philosophers and numerologists used the natural world to resonate their beliefs around numbers.  

Sacred Meaning of Numbers and Egyptian Numerology

Egyptian numerology taps into the higher vibrations of numbers and although the classic meaning of numbers will always stand true for those that are on that level of consciousness, there is always going to be ongoing interpretations that move with the new energy of higher awareness. 

Egyptian Numerology refers to the number one as a symbol of unity with the higher realms. Due to its shape, it resembles a straight line or antenna giving it the power to serve as a spiritual conduit and direct link to the spirit realm.  

It is a symbol of alignment to our true and original nature.  

Number 2, Love Number

Number 2 has many meanings but the classic numeric definition of this energy centers around love, balance, friendship, peace, and relationships. February is the number 2 calendar month which coincides with Valentines Day. Although there are many stories around the origin of this holiday, we know that it was somewhere in the 15th century that it was officially celebrated.  

In the higher octaves of energy, the number 2 represents the balance of polarities. It symbolizes the marriage of opposites where we understand that one cannot exist without the other. Here we are encouraged to seek true balance with the yin/ yang, negative/ positive, and dark/ light aspects of our personality.    

Sacred Meaning of Numbers, Number 3

The number 3 characteristic principles are aligned with the astrological sign of Pisces. This entails unparalleled access to the element of water and the collective unconscious through the psychic gift of clairvoyance. This is the energy of creativity, self-expression, and is the artist archetype.  

The number three in Egyptian Numerology refers to the alignment with the sacred trinity of body, mind, and heart. The divine current that runs through the spiritual channels of intuition, creativity, and expression. Do you see where I am going with this information?  

It makes sense that ancient philosophers and numerologists relied on the natural wisdom surrounding their environment. By doing this, they displayed the concept that everything is connected.  

Dynamic Power: Unleashing the Energy of Number 4

Let’s keep going. The number 4 in traditional numerology is represented as a methodical energy, foundational stability, solid, and from prehistoric times, the number four was employed to signify what was solid, what could be touched and felt in the physical world. Additionally, the number 4 embodies practicality, structure, and hard work. 

In Egyptian Numerology the number 4 represents the importance of sacred order and universal laws.  It symbolizes the four major elements of our planet air, fire, water, and earth. It refers to the 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 weeks in a month, and 4 times of the day.  

Number 4 is seen as spiritual structure and the foundational energy of our universe.  

Spiritual Power of Number 5

May is the Universal number 5 month, bringing change, adaptation, and adventure but it also reflects our season of springtime where nature is in full bloom, creating the colorful symphony of rebirth in the many shades of the prism found in a rainbow.  

Many people take advantage of this season by traveling, spring cleaning, and tapping into their natural motivation to grow into a bigger and better version of themselves.  In Egyptian Numerology, we use the Phoenix symbol to demonstrate the transformation of our spiritual power, growth, and personal freedom embedded in the 5 energies.  

Number 6: Universal Love!

The number 6 gets its reputation of love, marriage, and domestic characteristics from the month of June when many people plan their weddings.  

Not being a person tied to society traditions, I looked further into this energy. And so, I found that the number 6 lays its foundation in the heart chakra where we discover the 3 chakras’ below and 3 chakras’ above. It is from this energy body that we connect with the spirit realm, ascended masters, and healing powers.  

The number 6 embodies its wisdom from love but not just human love. In addition, it is the energy of Universal love as well.  

Keep on reading about sacred meaning of numbers…

Sacred Meaning of Number 7

Onto the mystical and magical number 7. This energy is closely associated with the astrological sign and characteristics of Cancer.  This number seven is believed to carry the characteristics of insight, intuition, truth, introspective, intellectual, and wisdom.  Cancer is a cardinal water sign and is represented by the crab. This oceanic creature flawlessly weaves between the sea and shore. This points to the ability to exist in both emotional and material realms simultaneously.  

This organic feature displays the magical and mystical powers of the number 7. It reflects the union of intellectual and intuitive marriage.  This energy also coincides with our life cycles. Our first physical natural cycle represents the first 7 years of our lives.  

Nature exhibits the intriguing cycles of the number 7, from the seven colors in a rainbow, 7 major chakras, seven wonders of the natural world, and the 7 Hermetic principles of our lives.  

Karmic Number 8

Number 8 is widely known as the abundance number. 8 is found in the calendar month of August when the beginning of harvesting the annual crops begins.  

It is the symbol of “plenty.” People relied on the harvest to carry them through the winter months.  In addition, it is the infinity number when laid on its side representing the life cycle absent of beginnings and endings. Number 8 is the representation of reincarnation, karmic cycles, and our link from earth to the heavens.  

Number 9: the Higher Consciousness

Our last single digit number is number 9. In traditional numerology, this energy refers to completion. Not only the completion of a numeric cycle, but the completion of the agricultural cycle as well. September is the number 9 calendar month, and the last harvest of the year is celebrated.   

In terms of spiritual significance, we find many attributes associated with the number 9.  

It refers to endings or death, as one might transpose this even further to describe the end of one’s life. Many cultures attach spiritual significance to the number nine qualities such as forgiveness, enlightenment, completion, compassion, and higher consciousness representing the self-discovery that comes at the end of each cycle of life.   

This energy is often associated to an advanced state of consciousness where we find higher wisdom, humanitarian services, and a deep connection to nature. The sacred meaning of the number nine is very similar to the number seven. They are both important life cycles that hold the universal intelligence of personal growth and ascension. It is an altruistic energy representing the attributes of a master, shaman, priest, or healer.  

Master Numbers

Master numbers are literally the higher manifestation of the single digit numbers. If we were to go further in this investigation, we would correlate that October number 1 calendar month doubled is the master number 11/2. November numeric calendar month doubled is 22/4, and December calendar month of the number 12 doubled is the master number 33/6.  

So, there you have it. If you are inspired to understand the meaning of numbers, it is important to observe the connection we have to our planet and the universe as One. There are always great mysteries around numbers. For instance, the energy found in the numeric system is closely linked to the Universe we live in. The secret to Egyptian Numerology is to open your mind and heart to the sacred evolution of our human desire to ascend higher into the dimensions that are opening for us.  


To fully embody the greater mysteries and magic of life, go beyond the physical world and touch the hand of Spirit.  

I hope you resonated with this article. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe to Egyptian Numerology to get our Newsletters @ www.egyptiannumerology.org. And if you want to learn more about your personal journey, schedule a private reading. I would love to connect with you.  

Thank you, and Namaste!


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