July 14, 2024
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10 Tips to Elevate Your Meditation Practice

10 Tips to Elevate Your Meditation Practice

Discovered in the ancient world, this technique of reaching out and touching the soul is something that has stayed for quite long and little has it been used. At first, it was thought of as a time pass for the hippies. But once the real power of Meditation was unveiled, people cannot help but stay away from it.

For most of the people, they try out Meditation but unfortunately cannot connect the dots, as they should. They may shy away from it the next time they try it out. This article gives you tips on how to elevate your meditation experience.

1. Do not Stress it

Like everything else, Meditation is not meant to make things difficult rather; it gives you the way out. Like it is said with everything, hard work is the key to success. The key to success with Meditation is to let go of hard work. Stop confusing your mind with excess stress. Let it roam freely and wildly. As it is only then that you can achieve the success you desire with Meditation.

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The way to stop hard work is to lift your mind from unnecessary details and sit down in a quiet, comfortable space where it is easy for your body to relax rather than being disturbed from time to time.

2. Thinking is Normal

There is a common misconception about Meditation in which the complete removal of thoughts is considered to be beneficial. This is not the goal of Meditation at all. Its true goal is ‘to harmonize.’ So, the creation of thoughts in your head must be considered as a bonus. The reason being, it is the negative energy that is being released from the body and the detoxification that it allows.

Accept your thoughts, learn to harmonize them as this would give you control over your body and thus help you relax.

3. Fix the timings

The one thing that the human body loves to do is to schedule itself according to a certain timetable. The real power of Meditation can be unlocked if and only if you have fixed time, to which you can look up to. In this way, your thoughts would eventually try to schedule themselves according to your tailored timetable.

4. Use the Mantras

Meditation is not a difficult process, yet it requires a certain degree of attention to attract cosmic energies into the body. The best way to connect to these cosmic energies is by reciting certain words or sentences in a constant repetition manner. This harmonizes the mind in itself. Whereas, mantras are special words that are developed by saints and gurus of ancient times.

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It is probably the best way of connecting to spiritual self and thus utilizing the cosmic energies to deal with the problems of mind and soul.

5. Find a GURU

One might come across a state in which whatever is done; it may lead to a mental block. The heart and mind become so perplexed that they can no longer function properly. At times of these, the need for a Guru arises.

Guru is a Sanskrit word that is not to be confused with a normal teacher. The reason being that a teacher teaches you new information from books and data. While a Guru is someone who peels away our masks one by one revealing the light within us. This is the best way of performing Meditation. As this is the time when people tend to become what they want to.

6. Happiness is the key

The beautiful thing about Meditation is that it is connected to the heart a soul of the body. When a person meditates during these times. He or she may experience a sense of inner peace as the positive energy is being channeled inside the human body.

It is the hard times that make things worse and make it harder for the people to concentrate as their minds constantly remind them of the bad times.

7. Concentrate

The most important lesson to be learned from Meditation is that the person becomes aware of his or her body. This leads to a very pragmatic experience of body and soul. The process of concentration is the one that holds the key to everything.

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8. Sit Properly

Posture is very important when it comes to Meditation. It does not matter where you sit, but how you sit is what matters. Push your chest out and let breathe openly so that your body is immersed in a void of relaxation. Also, try to keep your back straight with the rear of your neck extended.

9. Develop Eating Habits

According to a known saying, “you are what you eat.” Eat light meals to prepare for the Meditation. Try to eat light to prepare your body for a practice run. Digestion turns out to be the issue for many of the people. If not properly fed or overly fed, it can negatively affect your Meditation.

10. Identify the Problems

Meditation is a helping process try to make it so by charting out a plan and finding the right issues to deal with. This is very simple as it helps the people to recognize and focus on their problems leading to a point in their Meditation that leads to a solution for solving that problem.


Meditation is a continuous process that can only be perfected through practice and reading such improvement tips and tricks. Meditation teaches us how to control our body by channeling the outer positive energy into our hearts and souls. This is a great therapy for most of the problems, and one must be encouraged to perform its daily basis.

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