June 22, 2024
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spirituality of death and immortality

7 Insights into the Spirituality of Death and Immortality

The fear of our own death, aging, and loss of those we love underpins many of our life decisions and, when ignored and denied, can limit and control us subliminally. Let’s then dive into the 7 Insights into the Spirituality of Death and Immortality.

And why? Well, I believe that to have a healthy spiritual attitude, we need to acknowledge our deepest fears, desires, impulses, and life patterns without judgment.

  As the saying goes; the only certainty in life is ‘death and taxes’, so let’s embrace the inevitable and live as well as we can in the meantime!

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7 Insights into the Spirituality of Death and Immortality

1. Can You Determine Death from Your Astrological Chart?

There are actually very clear ways to determine how and when somebody will die from the astrological chart.  I will not go into these here, as a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. 

What I will say is that whilst I can look at the chart of somebody’s death and determine how they died, I cannot look at the chart of a living person and accurately predict when they will die. There are two reasons for this; the first is that we are not supposed to know. 

Those of us who choose to live spiritually cannot grow and evolve when we know too much about the parameters and experiences we will encounter as we need to feel all of the emotions and human experiences as authentically as possible.

The second reason is that we have a say in when we will die.  There are a few ‘windows’ of weakness in our lives and we can work to increase longevity, and yield to life’s changes and events to increase our vitality. 

Sometimes it is possible to ‘ask for more time’ if we still have much more we wish to do here.

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2. What about Health?

Physical and emotional weaknesses are quite easy to determine in an astrological chart.  For instance, it’s quite easy to see whether somebody may be prone to high blood pressure, or diabetes at a younger-than-average age. 

Genetics and copied habits contribute to this a great deal too of course. It’s good to consult an astrologer or a nutritionist to maintain good health and work to combat weaknesses. 

Of course, some of us are built less robust than others, but most of us can enjoy a good quality of life if we pay heed to what doesn’t suit us in terms of diet, sleep patterns, stress, and negative mental thought processes.

There are experts available for everything and a good astrologer may not be able to advise you on all areas of health, but they may be able to quickly point you in the direction of the right specialist area for you. 

3. The Death Card in Tarot

I remember being told that tarot was the ‘work of the devil’ as a child and whilst I never believed a pack of cards could be inherently evil, it did deter me a little initially. 

There are many horror movie references to the Death card in tarot, as a wonderfully mystical token of our inherent fear of dying.  In reality, the Death card relates only to changes, and the end of cycles of life.

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Tarot is used as a tool to springboard intuition, the cards are not powerful; one’s ability to interconnect with our surroundings and others is.  Anything can be used as a divination tool and may turn out to be surprisingly accurate. 

We are not supposed to be able to predict another’s death however and cannot.  The job of the tarot reader is to see potential and offer the client the best possible course of action based upon the current situation. 

Every reading is different and based purely upon chance and the energy that is present.  The cards, although incredibly accurate at times, should never be taken seriously but as a form of suggestion and insight.

4. Understanding Energy and Health

Chinese Medicine refers to health in a more personal way; viewing vitality in the sense of how much qi is flowing through the body.  The qi flows through meridians which correlate, in many cases, to the nervous system, and alongside our circulatory system. 

Any blockages in these meridians are said to cause the onset of ill health and can be the beginning of longer-term issues.  Pressure points in the feet, ears, and hands are often used to help heal any potential issues, and acupuncture works by boosting the circuits in particularly sensitive areas; helping to increase energy and rebalance. 

Causes of qi imbalance are thought to involve:

  • Elements and surrounding influences, such as wind, cold, or heat.
  • Emotional experiences, such as emotions of joy, grief, anger, or fear.
  • Life choices, such as diet, sleep, and exposure to toxins.

5. Maintaining Health

The three categories above are intrinsic to overall health.  Some find that living in the city and around electricity is detrimental to them, while others thrive in a socially complex environment.  Although many of us do need enough energetic space to regenerate. 

In terms of emotions, the most important brief guidance is to never suppress feelings, and never dwell on, or retain the same perspectives.  An emotional rut is never a good thing – even if it is seemingly positive; emotions are supposed to flow and change like water. 

Feelings are to be respected, experienced, and released.  It’s not dissimilar to diet; variety is key to good health.  There are certain foods that most of us should avoid such as dairy (most people are intolerant in adulthood), and deep-fried foods as something about the chemical changes that can cause the digestive system to receive and emit the wrong signals (particularly with chicken).

Foods high in chemicals have the same kind of effect on the body and cause the metabolism and digestive system to perceive malfunction. As a basic rule, if you avoid processed foods you will fare better.  MSG interferes with the perception of hunger; deep-frying upsets digestion and too many preservatives have a carcinogenic effect.

In much the same way, if you allow bleaches or detergents to leak into your food, from sprays or un-rinsed dishes you may well find that you suffer from digestive inflammation.  The increase in chrons likely connects to the overuse of bleach and domestic aerosols. 

I personally believe it is emotionally unhealthy and unnatural to eat flesh also and in particular, digesting the flesh of other flesh-eating animals is linked to many issues both ethically and health-wise. 

6. Immortality

Perhaps this will become possible, but due to the above factors, I have noticed that the generations born in the 1920s and 1930s seem to have achieved longevity to an extent that doesn’t appear to be continuing. 

A surprising factor is that it appears regular fasting does help the body to regenerate cells more efficiently; who would have thought that those who were undernourished would fare better than the reverse? 

It does seem to be the case though, and one should also acknowledge that rationing during WW2 continued up until around the mid-1950s.  This could be another reason for better overall health, as obesity during these years was practically unheard of.

Today’s apparently higher middle-aged death rate does seem to link to the prevalence of fast food, however.  Also, the older generations were physically active but didn’t use gyms, jog, or do the kind of exercise which increases the heart rate massively.

Although it is said that aerobic exercise is good for weight loss, it may not be so good for long-term heart health!  One thing that increases overall health for everybody is laughter and not taking life too seriously.

  Learning to view the world with a light-hearted mindset; avoiding self-pity and the sense of entitlement that seems to have become the emotional pandemic, will work miracles.  As does allow plenty of time for sleep, reflection, music, nature, and meditation. 

7. The Afterlife

Now that social media and popcorn science have replaced faith and religion, many are weighed down by life having no meaning or purpose.  Whilst one can argue that the following religion is outdated and fanciful, there is a lot to be said for having some kind of faith in something.

I personally believe in the soul and that we are all connected and all energy.  This helps me to retain a sense of purpose in an ever-restricted world, and to believe that there is still a sense of inner freedom and oneness. 

Believing in something is also a healthier way to grieve and feel that our loved ones are not completely lost and gone forever. Love truly IS the one energy that connects us all, we can observe that in nature and life, and for those of us who can perceive and feel the energy, it looks like golden threads interacting and holding together all that is beautiful. 

Faith is a deeper feeling than belief, it allows us to connect with something deep and soulful within ourselves that is linked to everything else through love. 

We can question and verify, as we have been taught by our teachers and leaders, but what helps us to feel joyful and hopeful is even more important to our life experience.  I always say to believe in what makes you happy. 

If believing that are unicorns in your garden, or leprechauns under all toadstools makes you feel uplifted, then honor that!  Your inner world is yours to create, recreate and mold into whatever magical kingdom you wish. 

Allow yourself sanctuary and for your own thoughts to be everything that believes to be beautiful and magical.  Your imagination is yours and it is eternal. 

7 Insights into the Spirituality of Death

These 7 Insights into the Spirituality of Death are meant for you to see that you do have a purpose; you are loved, and you are beautiful.  You came here for a reason, and you are a magical being of light and uniqueness. 

Wishing you all faith, happiness, excellent health, and lots of silliness.

Reiki blessings~~~

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