June 12, 2024
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The Best Cat for your Sun Sign

The Best Cat for your Sun Sign

This article will identify the best cat for your Sun sign.  Both wild and domestic cats have been chosen. Any sign can be a cat lover and there is an ideal cat for every sign.

Cats and Astrology

One of the most fun ways to play with astrology is by connecting different ideas, experiences, and things in the world with Sun signs.  You will find numerous articles on Ask Astrology, by me and others, connecting everything from animated characters from movies to vehicles to mythical creatures with your Sun sign.

There are 37 species of cats (according to the Encyclopedia Britannica).  They are native to almost every region of the world, except for Australia and Antarctica. Spiritually speaking, cat energy is considered independent, unpredictable, and selfish, which makes them ideal pets for some people and nuisances for others. Predators by design, they are efficient and mostly solitary hunters.

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Aries – Cheetah


Source: Wikimedia

The Cheetah is the fastest cat, achieving bursts of nearly 70 mph and extended runs at 40 mph.  Not really known for distance and endurance, these cats, like Aries, go fast and hard when they see what they want.  The Cheetah build is even suitable to the sign: lean, athletic, and just a little bit showy.  The perfect cat to represent the sign of Aries.

Taurus – Cougar


Source: Wikimedia

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Taurus is a sign concerned with tradition and values and is a natural protector of the land.  The cougar or mountain lion is native to the Americas and prowls the woods and mountains.  Known as an ambush predator, these are the largest cats in the New World.  As a Taurus, they are very territorial and stick to the land they mark as their own.  Well known as a spirit animal of Native American shamanism that appears to you when you come into your power as an individual.

Gemini – Siamese

Siamese cat

Source: Wikimedia

The Siamese is the most “talkative” of cats, so a perfect avatar for the sign of Gemini.  They are also sleek and agile and known to be temple guardians and priests of knowledge. Wicked smart, these cats know how to problem solve and will keep you guessing.  They do especially well in pairs and are some of the most mischievous of cat breeds.

Cancer – Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat

Source: Wikimedia

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The Maine Coon is the largest domestic breed of cat and loving companions.  They have warm nature and easy-going temperament, making them a family favorite, just like a warm and loving Cancer individual.  They are nicknamed the “gentle giant” among domestic cats and make any home a more inviting place to live and visit.

Leo – Lion


Source: Wikimedia

Obviously, since the sign Leo is represented by the Lion, then the Lion is the only choice, especially the male lion with his big, bushy mane and commanding roar.  Along with the Tiger, this cat is the most famous and most recognizable of the cat species.  Lions represent leadership, heroism, and majesty; all the qualities Leo people should strive for in life.

Virgo – Ocelot


Source: Wikimedia

The ocelot is one of the smallest of the wild cats and is a nocturnal hunter.  They are among the quickest and most agile of the cats.  As a spirit animal, they represent instinct, creative expression, and courage.  Since they are particular about their territory, they make a very good totem for the sign of Virgo.  They resemble a small jaguar and have some of the most beautiful and intricate markings of any of the cat species.

Libra – Persian

Persian cat

Source: Wikimedia

The Persian, especially Himalayans, are known for their beauty and grace.  Often selected to be show cats, these cats can be aloof except with their main owner or household.  They do make excellent companions and are ideal indoor cats.  Like Libra, they prefer an environment that is quiet and calm, so they are an ideal totem for this sign.  They crave affection and enjoy being groomed.

Scorpio – Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Source: Wikimedia

Perhaps the most mysterious of all the cats because they are so very rarely seen.  They occupy high mountainous regions and have the most powerful leap of all the cats.  They can jump an astounding 50 feet!  Like Scorpio, you will not see them coming and you may only know they have hit you after they have “jumped on you”. They can endure extreme temperatures and are mostly solitary when adults, connecting only during the breeding season.

Sagittarius – Tiger


Source: Wikimedia

“Go big or go home” is certainly a motto for Sagittarius and the tiger, the largest of all the cats; it is the perfect totem for Sagittarius.  They can reach up to 800 pounds and be 10 feet in length.  They are also aggressive, and one of the few cats which will attack humans.  The tiger totem reflects power, independence, and determination.  They will control the largest territory of the cat species.

Capricorn – Jaguar


Source: Wikimedia

Easily the most “over-achieving” of the cats since it can both swim and climb expertly.  As a Capricorn, there is no task they are not good at among the cat species.  They will even drag their kills into trees to keep their meal away from other predators, which is both a testament of their intelligence and strength. As a spirit animal, they represent ferocity and valor, two exemplary qualities of Capricorn.

Aquarius – Lynx


Source: Wikimedia

The Lynx is perhaps the most distinctive looking of all the cats with its short or “bob” tail and it is pointed ear tufts.  As spirit animals, they represent awareness, foresight, loyalty, and independence; all positive traits for the sign Aquarius.  They teach that no secrets can remain hidden, and they can pierce the veil of the unseen. Some breeds will actually hunt together, making them more social among the cat species.

Pisces – Black Panther

Black Panther

Source: Wikimedia

The black panther is one of the spirit animal cats associated with the Moon, specifically the Dark Moon.  They embody the power of the night and all that is mysterious about darkness, thus a fitting cat to represent the sign Pisces.  They are also excellent swimmers since they are essentially a black jaguar and jaguars love the water.

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