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Best Fall Fragrances for Each Zodiac Sign

Best Fall Fragrances for Each Zodiac Sign

Fall has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, which means the leaves are changing colors and are falling off the trees. The temperature is becoming crisp and cool, and this is also a time when you transition from wearing light-colored clothing to dark-colored clothing. In addition to that, you will be ready to switch from wearing the fragrances that you wore during the summertime to the perfumes you will wear during the fall. What are the recommended fragrances you should wear?

The perfumes to use depend on your zodiac sign. Therefore, let’s now go over which fragrance is ideal for each zodiac sign!

Aries – Passionate Perfume

Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, and this is a highly passionate, go-getting, and fiery sign. This sign is ruled by dynamic and powerful Mars, which is why this is a highly energetic sign. The ideal choice for Aries is a perfume that features a floral fragrance with a strong hint of spice and fruit to it. Recommended options of scents include Michael Kors Sexy Ruby, Tom Ford Metallique, and Bottega Veneta Illusione.

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Taurus – Luxurious Fragrances

Taurus is an earthy sign that is known to be quite stubborn but is tenacious and hard-working. This sign is known for sticking to its comfort zone and living in luxury, given that the ruler is beautiful Venus. Therefore, a fragrance that is both luxurious and earthy is what would be most appealing to Taurus.

Therefore, the recommend fragrances for Taurus are Frederic Malle’s Vetiver Extraordinaire, which has a woody scent that will make you feel like a multi-millionaire. Another ideal perfume type is Lake And Skye 1111 for Taurus, which possesses these traits as well.

Gemini – A Variety of Fall Fragrances

Gemini is an air sign and is the most communicative sign of the zodiac as talkative and thoughtful Mercury is the ruler. Those with this sign are also highly versatile and friendly. The issue with those who have this sign is that they are known to be very indecisive. That is why Gemini must go for a variety of fragrances. They cannot stick to one type.

For instance, one of Gemini’s best fragrances is Kilian’s In the Garden of Good and Evil- Playing with the Devil Travel Set as it features a scent that is described in a variety of ways. It is known as either passionate or flirty. Gemini cannot stick to one type of anything.

Cancer – Soft and Sensitive

Cancers are an emotional water sign that is highly sensitive as it is ruled by the nurturing and emotional Moon. They also do not like moving out of their comfort zones. Therefore, they would do best with fragrances that match who they are, soft and sensitive. They would not be the right fit for something too bold and passionate, such as the type of fragrance for Aries, for example.

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The best type of perfume for Cancer would be Glossier’s You or Boyfriend Eau de Parfum Spray. These are highly sensitive, with a hint of floral and woodsy scents.

Leo – Spirited Scents

Leos are a spirited fire sign that is all about royalty as the Sun, that is all about them as a whole rule this fiery sign. This bold and passionate sign must go for a dynamic and robust scent such as Tom Ford’s F–king Fabulous or Floral Street Chypre Subline Eau De Parfum. They feature a strong floral fragrance, which they can show off wearing with a lot of pride. That is what Leo does, after all.

Virgo – The Perfect Representation of Autumn

Virgo is the practical earth sign that takes a lot of pride in their environment around them. Therefore, basking in the autumn-like surroundings such as burning fallen leaves and chestnuts falling to the ground, and the scent of burning wood – a fragrance that matches those features is perfect for the practical Virgo.

Therefore, there are two powerful fall-like perfumes for Virgo. They are either Diptyque Tempo Eau De Parfum with a woody fragrance and Maison Margiela’s REPLICA By The Fireplace.

Libra – A Scent That Is Balanced

Libra is all about balance, as well as beauty. Therefore, those who have this sun sign must have balance within and on the outside. This fashionable sign would also be the only for a scent that is trending. Libra is also a highly social sign, so they would only go for attractive aromas.

One perfect fragrance for Libra is the Goutal Paris Petite Cherie Eau de Toilette Spray. It features a soft fruity aroma that will keep the Libra feeling balanced and calm. The second one is The Neu Co’s Functional Fragrance, which contains a woody and spicy fragrance that is both calming and romantic.

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Scorpio – Seductive

Scorpio is the most seductive and passionate water sign of the zodiac. They are downright intense. That is why the best fall perfume for Scorpio must have a desirable feature. One perfect example of the best scent is the Enter Marc Jacobs’s Divine Decadence Eau de Parfum that features white flowers, orange blossoms, and bergamot.

That gives off a passionate and woody scent that is irresistible. Scorpio’s perfect scent is the fragrance Heretic Poltergeist Eau De Parfum, which is just as captivating.

Sagittarius – Adventurous

Sagittarius is all about adventure, and those who have the sign are most definitely motivated by wanderlust. They need a fragrance that will give them a mental vacation now and then easily daydream about going on their next adventure. That is why scents such as ALLSAINTS Metal Wave Eau de Parfum is a great fit.

Ouai’s North Bondi is another perfect fit for Sagittarius as it features a floral and fruity fragrance that will promote those wanderlust daydreams.

Capricorn – Sensual and Grounding

Capricorn is the most grounded earth sign of the zodiac as it is ruled by stern and hard-working Saturn. As ambitious as Capricorn is, they are also quite sensual. Therefore, the fall fragrance that is the perfect fit for Capricorn must have those features.

A perfect example of the right fragrance for Capricorn is Le Labo Santal 33, as it features earthy components such as Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, and cardamom. This scent is all about autumn, and Capricorns are all about living in the here and now.

Aquarius – Innovative and Bold

Aquarius takes on traits from its polar opposite sign, Leo – as this fixed air sign is quite bold, independent, original, and innovative. They are the zodiac’s intellectual ones and would do best with a fragrance that matches their unique style. That is why the best perfume for Aquarius is the Pinrose Secret Genius.

Pinrose Secret Genius features a scent that consists of vanilla and caramel and has an elegant touch to it. That allows Aquarius to walk around, feeling proud of their perfect fall scent.

Pisces – Mystical and Romantic

Pisces is the mystical water sign of the zodiac, and there is the love and fascination of art and fantasy. Dreamy Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, and this is precisely why they have a passion for the spiritual side of life. They need a fragrance that fits their mystical traits. The ideal perfume for Pisces is AERIN Aegea Blossom, as it contains a mix of floral scents such as jasmine, orange flower, and neroli.

That scent will positively promote Pisces’ dreamy side, and they can imagine themselves by the sea – which is the place they call home.

Therefore, if you wonder what your perfect fall scent happens to be, this should take all of the guesswork out! Go and grab the fragrance that is the best fit for you and rock it this fall. That has been a problematic year saying the least, and you want to make the most of the best aspects of it. Go and flaunt it, wearing the best scent for your zodiac sign.

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