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The Best Vehicle for Your Sun Sign

The Best Vehicle for Your Sun Sign

This article will match the archetype of a vehicle to the signs of the Zodiac.  Vehicles in this article will include everything that uses an engine to travel overland, water, and through the air. Earth and Fire signs get land vehicles, Water signs get water vehicles, and Air signs get vehicles for flight. Find out which vehicle is best for your Sun sign!

Engine Powered Vehicles

Ever since the development of an engine powered by steam, coal, or gas, vehicle types have grown to address every imaginable way to travel and to be useful.  Just like each sign of the Zodiac has a particular energetic role that applies to individuals based on their date, time, and location of birth, vehicles also serve archetypical functions.

Within each archetype, there are many variations, just as Sun sign resides at 1 of 30 degrees of a Zodiac sign.  This article is not going to take one vehicle type and look at each Sun sign, which might be the subject of another article, but rather look at the vehicle archetype that best matches a Zodiac archetype.

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Aries – Motorcycle


Source: Wikimedia

Aries is an impulsive sign; often leaping before looking. No vehicle better suits a strong Aries energy than a motorcycle.  Most are designed for one user and they have tremendous acceleration due in large part to the ratio between the power of the engine and the amount of weight it has to move.  They easily get out in front of other vehicles if they are at the head of traffic at a stoplight.  Also, they can weave in and out of traffic with ease.  They are the most obvious replacement for the horse as the symbol of the maverick cowboy and “lone rider”, ideal for Aries.

Taurus – Tractor


Source: Wikimedia

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Taurus is a sign concerned with tradition and values and is the sign most connected to the land, so the obvious choice for this Sun sign is the tractor.  Another fine example of an engine-powered vehicle replacing the animal symbol related to Taurus, the bull, and the animal that would pull the plow to till the fields before the tractor came along.  Durable, long-lasting and one of the most iconic symbols of the farm, every Taurus should have one, or at least ride one, at some time in their life.

Gemini – Helicopter


Source: Wikimedia

Gemini is active air energy.  The helicopter is the best example of air travel for the Gemini archetype because it is incredibly maneuverable, able to go forward, backward, hard left and right, hover and fly fast or slow.  A truly skilled pilot can even fly it upside down in a loop.  This flying machine can get to places no other can, which makes it the perfect vehicle for mutable air energy like Gemini.

Cancer – A Yacht


Source: Wikimedia

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Cancer energy is most associated with the home and family, so what better vehicle for a Cancer than a home that can travel over water, luxuriously.  A houseboat would do, but really it’s any boat that allows the owner to “live on the ocean” or at the docks so long as they keep the galley stocked. A first-rate kitchen would be must on any Cancer owned yacht.

Leo – Limousine


Source: Wikimedia

Leo is the sign associated with creativity, leadership, and performance.  Nothing says, “I am important” better than a limousine.  A powerful Leo needs room for himself or herself and his or her “minions”, or support staff, or retinue.  The bigger the limo, and the more people in it, the more clearly the Leo inside has “arrived”!

Virgo – Sedan


Source: Wikimedia

Virgo energy is practical, budget-conscious, and critical.  Any vehicle they own must be useful, dependable, and very good value.  In the domestic vehicle line, the sedan is the best example of a Virgo vehicle. The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) would work here as well, but not on gas mileage, which would certainly be a concern for a strong Virgo.

Libra – Jet Airliner

Jet Airliner

Source: Wikimedia

Libra is the air sign concerned with relationships, decision making, and fairness. When flying in the skies, the commercial jet airliner can be the great equalizer even if you do have a first-class ticket.  You are still on the same plane with everyone else; you go up together and you come down together.  Also, one of the most recognized Libra planes in all the world is Air Force One, which carries the President of the United States (the key decision-maker of the country).

Scorpio – Submarine


Source: Wikimedia

Scorpio is the archetype for transformation, secrets, and the truths that are hidden.  Without a doubt, the submarine is the ideal Scorpio vehicle.  It can be seen on the surface, but it does its best work underwater, in the depths of the ocean, sneaking around and exploring.  Lost treasures and sunken history are found using this Scorpio vehicle.  And if there was an archetype that would “torpedo” you, it would be Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Tank


Source: Wikimedia

Sagittarius rules authority, which comes from power and knowledge.  The tank is a perfect blend of authority and technology.  Ideal for showing off power as well as practical for invading “other lands” to spread your philosophy. It is a perfect vehicle to show the power a Sagittarius has amassed that can pretty much “go anywhere”, brazenly and fearlessly.

Capricorn – Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer

Source: Wikimedia

Capricorn achieves goals and strives to accomplish as much as possible.  Almost any construction vehicle would do, but the concrete mixer is probably the best because it brings the materials used to pave roads and build buildings; it is the fundamental vehicle for city and civilization building in the modern era.  Capricorn would use this vehicle often in his or her efforts to provide people with the roads they need to get to the businesses that would make their lives better.

Aquarius – Spaceship


Source: Wikimedia

Aquarius is the sign for vision and idealism; it would prefer the vehicle that takes it off-world and into space.  The space shuttle, SpaceX, and the rocket ship would all be the preferred mode of transportation for an Aquarius archetype.  Anything “cutting the edge” would be the vehicle aligned with Aquarian energy.  Sure, the electric car works, on a small scale, but that does not really get the Aquarian out there the way space travel would.

Pisces – Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

Source: Wikimedia

Pisces is the sign of global consciousness; we are one.  If you want to get the largest number of people in a single-vehicle, then the ocean cruise ship will fit the bill, making it the perfect mode of transportation for the Pisces archetype. Bonus, it is traveling across the Ocean, a Pisces archetype as well.  And people gather on this ship to party, relax, and escape!

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