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Celtic Zodiac and its Spirit Animals

Celtic are known to be very observant and keen towards nature. They had a deep-rooted connection with their environment which allowed them to experience and feel all the positive and negative energies around them. The Celts have honored animals as a creature with a soul and instinct just like ours and how that could affect our lives. Like the Native American Zodiac, the Celtic Zodiac also have spirit animals associated with each month’s full moon. They are given as follows.

The Stag/Deer (Dec 24-Jan 21)

Undeterred and with hopeful eyes, Stag shows its resilience and its pride with its horns. If your spirit animal is a stag, you belong to one, confident lot who is ready to take risks. The Stag in Celtic zodiac have a certain royalty in their nature, their noble and believe in Integrity of their hard work. They always stand firm against the face of the storm and remember to get up no matter how much they fall. They like to push boundaries. These are some traits a person with their spirit animal as stag possess.

The Cat (Jan 21-Feb 17)

A cat might have that innocent look but is even more quick-witted than you can imagine. She is very observant of her nature. Her psychic insight is something to look for. The Celtic zodiac for cat symbolizes intellect and independence in a person. These are some traits of a person whose spirit animal is a cat.

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The Snake/Adder (Feb18 – Mar 17)

Like a whisper, it seeps into life, and with no noise, it lets success ring the bells. A person whose spirit animal in the Celtic zodiac is a snake is emotional and caring, they are compassionate toward others which makes them excel at healing arts. They go through transitions in life and always renew themselves easing as their new self with much better ambitions and goals. They nearly have a photographic memory and remember almost everything they notice.

The Fox (Mar 18 – Apr 14)

Their sexual prowess is admired by everyone. The Celtic zodiac sign of a fox symbolizes sincerity and faith, they aren’t arrogant and have a cool nature. A person with a spirit animal as the fox can be selfish sometimes and usually strive for their desire. Still, they can be true to you when you gain the trust of a fox person.

The Bull/Cow (Apr 15 – May 12)

Bulls are stubborn and usually do what they decide on. According to Celtic zodiac people with spirit animal Bull, are very persuasive, and dishonesty infuriates them. They cannot accept any false word and expect only the truth. Gender plays a pivotal role, for female(bull) they have strong lunar connections and signifies fertility and nurturing while Male(bull) are more determined and earnest.

The Seahorse (May 13 -Jun 9)

In Celtic Zodiac, a person with spirit animal seahorse is sharp, intuitive and imaginative. They are practically supercomputers of the human world. Their memory skills have no match. Male sea horses are good nurtures, and that also implies a person whose spirit animal is a seahorse. Female(seahorse) is usually calm, patient and gentle.

The Wren (Jun 10-Jul 7)

They are party house power. According to Celtic Zodiac, Wren spirit animal portrays the life of an adventurer who likes good music, good food and likes to travel. This means in their life they are always ready to explore something new and keep themselves busy. They are busy with aspiring for their goals and working for it.

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The Horse (Jul 8 – Aug 4)

The Celtic zodiac with spirit animal horse is the part of winner circle in life. They tend to reach the top of their game. They are big dreamers and achievers. They are passionate about everything. Usually ending up in high places and taking the role of leaders in their respective professionals.

The Salmon/Fish (Aug 5 – Sept 1)

Celtic zodiac salmon are the most fun-loving and nice people of all. They have intriguing personalities that strike everyone and are known to be very wise. They usually have too much to talk about, so they slip information into their conversations secretly making you ask for more. They are very centered on their family life and provide the utmost care to them.

The Swan (Sep 2 – Sep 29)

With its elegant beauty swan is stunning by personality. They have a positive yet spiritual aura around them. They are very noble and honorable. They behave with utmost sincerity and have faith in their work and others too. The way they are submerged in water signifies a swan person to be submerged in emotions with too much on their heart to care about and give their best to.

The Butterfly (Sep 30 – Oct 27)

People with spirit animal butterfly, are the literal definition of wanderlust. Like a butterfly flies from one flower to another, similarly, its people will always be in search of prosperity and beauty in life. A colorful and vivid aura shines through their personality. They behave in a very gentle manner and are respectable.

The Wolf/hound (Oct 28 – Nov 24)

Wolf might be a fierce animal, but they are the most devoted, determined and loyal animal. They value honor over everything, but more importantly, they give honor to those who they love. A wolf is wise, and people with spirit animal wolf usually take a considerable amount of time before taking any step further. They protect their loved ones and are ready to sacrifice themselves for it.

The Hawk/Falcon (Nov 25 – Dec 23)

Since hawks have an eye for everything, their exceptional vision entails every single detail. This makes them highly aware of their environment. People with spirit animal Hawk are proud and always look forward to better things in life. They never miss an opportunity and are always open to risks and excitement. This is due to their keen interest in knowing and the curiosity that drives them.

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The Celtic Zodiac as mentioned and shown above is known for its connection with the immediate environment and the natural efforts of it to mold us. The spirit animals are spiritual images of our consciousness and show our inner desires and quality that drives us to strive in life.

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