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Cleromancy – All You Need to Know

Cleromancy literary means “Divination by casting lots”. It is an ancient practice which has been able to serve a unique purpose of foretelling the future through divine intervention. Since the inception of time and the advent of life, Humankind has always been intrigued by the questions of tomorrow. The future is of immense importance, and therefore, the concept of Cleromancy was introduced. By casting lots, it means the throwing of small objects which can be bones, pebbles, sticks, and even colored crystals. Cleromancy today has been evolved to the art of divination by dices.

History of Cleromancy

Since the art of divination is an ancient practice, it has been developed and experienced by many civilizations. The first proof of Cleromancy can be dated back to ancient Egypt and China. In the time of Rome, it was associated with the God Mercury. Which is also considered to be the patron of Cleromancy.

The Chinese system of Cleromancy

In ancient China, the system for Cleromancy was called Chiao-pai. It is still practiced today. The process is simple and can be done by any person. It involves the tossing of two curved bamboo sticks. When they are tossed the bamboo sticks if turned their flat sides up, then the answer to be considered is negative. Similarly, if the tossing results in the turning up of curved sides of both the bamboo sticks, then the answer is positive.

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Pessomancy: Tossing small stones for Cleromancy

Pessomancy is Cleary Cleromancy, but in it, small pebbles or stones are used. The use of pebbles indicates the ancient origin of the Cleromancy. It has been practiced all over the world with many forms. In Africa, the doctors still to this date keep a set of stones called “wise stones” which are used to foretell the future for a particular situation. Similarly, in Arabic culture, Pessomancy has also been practiced. The Arabs would turn the pebbles/small stones into heaps and then read omens from them when one stone was drawn out at random.

The selection criterion for pebbles and stones is pretty simple. The stones must be of considerable size and equal approximately to one another. They should be smooth and not too rough.

Practicing Pessomancy

This form of Cleromancy is still practiced today, and one can surely use it to foretell the future and reveal the will of God in their decisions. Firstly, you are to gather thirteen stones of light color, preferably white. Another thirteen black stones or any dark-colored stone.  Then the stones should be sorted out and must be of the same size, shape, and have a smooth surface. The next step to follow is to place all the stone in a bowl or open jar. The bowl must be shaken thoroughly, so the stones are mixed, and the probability of randomness increases. Now is the time to compose your questions. The questions should not be generic but specific.

Open-ended Questions

Also, open-ended questions cannot be asked; the question should have a yes/no answer to it. You will have to repeat the question two to three times and then when the time is right close your eyes, reach into the bowl, and grab a handful of stones. After having your hand full of small stones, you need to place them on a surface. When the stones are placed, you need to open your eyes and observe the number of black and white stones. If the white stones outnumber the black stones, then the answer to the question you have asked is favorable and a yes. While in the opposite case, when the black stones outnumber the white stones, the answer to your question is an astounding no.

The Working of Cleromancy

To practice    Cleromancy is not a perplexing task; here are some of the steps you need to take to experience this art of divination. Modern Cleromancy is based on dice, and therefore, you will need dice to have this process done. Here are some of the steps to follow:

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Energizing the Dice

Before consulting a dice, the art of Cleromancy believes in divine power and energizing the dice to make the results more accurate and involving the will of God in it. Therefore, the dice which is to be used shall be left under the sun for the day and under the moon for the night. It must also be washed with lots of water to eliminate any extra energy lingering on it.

Focusing on the Question

This is a key step and should be carefully considered. Since the answer is what we are going through this entire process, therefore, the question must be well thought.

Shaking the Dice and Rolling in the Answers

After completing the above two steps the next thing to do, I shake the dice seven times and throw it on the surface or table. The outcome of any number on the face of the dice can be interpreted as the following:


One is for victory and success. Your plans will work out, and you will be hopeful of greater success.


This is a good sign if you are having a business-related issue. You will have all the support you need for your next financial venture, and your investment will go well


This is a sign for professional success, you have reached a new high, and your journey to a better economic state starts now.

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Number four is all about opening new doors when opportunities will rush into your door, and you will have to choose wisely for a better future.


Five stands for respect, integrity, and recognition in your field. People will now count on you and will look up to you.


Do not fret, your investments will bring you good profit with big margins giving you the best of your business project.

It is obvious to notice how Cleromancy can be so effective in our daily life and can also be a sign and revelation from the divine. The art of divination is all about making the right choices by the practice of Cleromancy we can achieve it all and have a safe and happy future to live.

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