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Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, one we repeat over and over again, both for unique growth as an individual spirit and comprehensive growth as part of the spiritual essence of the “mind” and “soul” of the universe.  We interact with other incarnated spirits, who make up our family, friends, society, and world. But we also have access to spirits still in spiritual form, who are available to guide us if we want their help.

Most Common Types of Spirit Guides

Deceased Loved Ones

Quite often our closest and most interactive spirit guides are other incarnated souls who chose to be part of our family, a close friend, or a lover.  If a connection is particularly strong in life, there is a very good chance the connection will continue even if you are both on separate planes of existence.

I had a very close connection with my maternal grandmother, so much so that she could remember me even in her advanced stage of Alzheimer’s.  She was the quintessential grandmother and I was able to have so many wonderful years with her when I was growing up.  She constantly communicates with me and has since her passing in 2003.

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For many of us, angels offer guidance, especially Guardian Angels and Archangels.  Of the 9 Orders of the Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels are the closest to humanity and work interactively with individuals.  The Princes or Principalities also interact with humanity, but primarily with leaders of nations or powerful individuals who mostly shape the course of human affairs.

Personally, I have little connection with angelic guides, though I have been told and do not doubt their involvement in my life journey.  From time-to-time, I will see a message guided by their influence and recognize it as such, but their jurisdiction and my spiritual path only intersect infrequently.

Gods and Goddesses

The Gods and Goddesses of various cultures and past spiritual beliefs also offer guidance and will usually form a lasting attachment with an incarnated soul somehow tied to their history because of significant past lives or as a spiritual piece of the God or Goddess archetype.

For me, personally, these spirits are daily and significant guides in my life, especially the Goddesses Athena, Hathor, Isis, and Diana.  From time-to-time, the Gods of Greece and Egypt will offer guidance, but far more commonly for me, it is the Goddesses.  I have numerous past lives in Greece and Egypt, as either a priest or priestess at various times and for various regimes throughout much of the ancient period.


Animals can offer guidance specifically, as one of your pets, or generally, as an archetype that acts as your guardian and a source of that animal’s medicine or wisdom.  Most of us have an animal guide or two.  If you know your Western and Chinese astrology, you have two readily identifiable animal guides.  In my case, as an Aries, one is the Ram.  And because I was born in April of 1968, I am Monkey.  On a personal level, my consistent and persistent spirit animal is the cat.  Several who were with me in life still connect with me as spirits when I need certain guidance.

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How to Connect

Like the many different spirit guides, there are many different ways to connect.


Perhaps one of the most common ways to connect is through dreams.  This conduit may open for you naturally or you may choose to invite connection through the dream space.  Dreams are a wonderful way to connect, especially with loved ones, because the interaction can be a perfect reflection of living interactions, both past, and present.

In the dream state, you may find yourself conversing with your loved one at your ideal age for that connection, which may be a much younger self.  However, you may also find yourself conversing with your loved one at your current age.  Or, they may choose to show you a different version of themselves, a younger one if they happened to be your grandparent.


Prayer can be a bit one-sided sometimes, which is fine so long as you know you are being heard, which may be an internal knowing or through external events sometime after the prayer.  In general, prayer is a common way to connect with Angels and Gods/Goddesses.  Each spiritual guide, entity, or group has primary ways of preferred connection. 

You can see Angels in your dreams or pray to your deceased grandparent, but more often than not, using the more common tool in alignment with the spiritual energy will get you the best results.  Angels, Gods, and Goddesses receive and appreciate messages delivered “through the proper channels”.


Numbers are another source of connection.  While prayer is essentially you to them.  Numbers showing up in your field of awareness are “them to you” connections.  Angelic numbers are the mundane numbers in triplicity (111, 222, and so on).  When you spot these numbers, there is a specific Archangel sending you guidance or a message.

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It is also possible for you to see the numbers of the Angelic Orders, which are the mundane numbers in quadruplicity (1111, 2222, and so on).  You may also find numbers connected to your loved ones, especially if the number was special to them or the two of you.  If you wish to send a connection, simply write the important number on a piece of paper, make your request, and keep the paper with you for the day.  You may or may not receive and answer, but it is a way to ask for help.


I mentioned a strong connection with my maternal grandmother above.  She has a unique way of communicating with me that I have shared in other articles.  She was a generous, but frugal woman, who knew how to save money, even when there was not very much extra.  I think most of us worry about money.  If my worries become too much, she will leave a penny in my path to remind me that I am okay and will be okay with money.

Signs can appear in many different forms.  If you are open to spiritual guidance, the guides will choose the connection, which means they sometimes use signs out in life to give you a message and see if you are aware enough and clever enough to understand what they want you to know.

We are Never Alone

Spirit guides are always around, even if you do not see or “hear” much activity from them.  Making a connection with spirit guides as part of your spiritual effort in this life can give you tremendous emotional and, sometimes, practical support.  It can be especially helpful if you develop regular times to interact with your spirit guides, either by prayer, ritual practice, or just everyday conversation.  The connections are there if you choose to engage them.

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