July 23, 2024
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COVID-19 Virus Antibody

COVID-19 – Human Virus, Planetary Antibody

Spirituality is a term for the concerns of the soul.  To be spiritual you embrace a way of thought and action beyond the material needs of physical survival. Spiritual belief, in practice, ranges broadly, but consistently represents thoughts and feelings embracing ideals connected to a purpose beyond simply staying alive.

This article will explore the idea of spirituality with regard to COVID-19 and the concept that the planet, as a living system, will find a way to protect itself if threatened.  In our biological bodies, we fight off disease threats using antibodies.  This article will consider that what humans think of as a virus, the planet may be using as an antibody.

The Planet as a Singular Organism

The planet we live on is as much alive as the animals and humans that occupy it.  It has a breathing capacity through a natural cycle of oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Its molten core is the heart that provides internal energy to its body.  And like our human body, which is filled with all kinds of “creatures”, the planet sustains multiple forms of life while being alive as well.

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Many of the activities of our body function automatically and without conscious effort, like breathing, or repairing damaged skin from a cut, or fighting off infection with white blood cells.  If our bodies get threatened by illness, our system attempts to counter measures to keep the system and our health from failing.  It is possible to conceive that the planet may also attempt to defend itself if a threat level reaches a dangerous threshold.

Humans as the Virus, the Virus as the Antibody

The idea that humans are a virus or parasite to the planet is not a new idea, nor is the idea that overpopulation could eventually destroy the planet.  It’s not simply a matter of overpopulation, but also consumption levels and waste production that play a role.  Numerous fiction stories and non-fiction thinkers have posited the idea that humans mistakenly treat the planet like an endless open system when it is, in fact, a closed one, with limits.

Mix in the idea that human consciousness is part of much larger universal consciousness and life on earth becomes something of a test, both at the individual level and global level.  Can spiritual energy, which is limitless, exist in a limited way without being self-destructive?  How do you recognize that the planet is a closed system if there has never been a time in human history when the limits of the system were reached?

Humanity needs everything from the planet, but what does the planet need from humanity?  If humanity becomes dangerous enough to threaten the entire biosphere is it possible that the biosphere might actually fight back using its white blood cells and antibodies in the form of “cleansing” weather patterns, geological upheaval, and disease?

Man-made or Natural?

There is, at the moment, no “smoking gun” to definitively prove that the virus is man-made, from a lab, but there is plenty of speculation it was.  And this speculation is not without its merits and possibilities.  Alternatively, whether a natural outcome of human behavior pushing the boundaries of interaction with other species resulting in a pathogen as yet undiscovered, the results of the virus in the ecological system are moving in a clear direction, a limiting of human growth and expansion.

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Should the virus, coupled with other diseases, along with changing social behaviors, tip the scale away from growth in the human population to a reduction in the human population, the planet, as a living being, would likely be safer and healthier.  With the forced restriction on human travel and interaction, numerous ecosystems have already started to recover and flourish.

Consider this idea.  So long as human consciousness exists there is nothing “natural” about living.  Humans are the only beings on this planet that can and do choose to be self-destructive.  Humanity operates beyond instinct … and with instinct.  All other creatures operate on instinct alone, which promotes adaptation and harmony with the environment, as well as self-preservation.  Because the environment provides “natural limitations” the act of self-preservation for pretty much every other species does not result in the possibility of destroying the environment for all species.

Spiritual Test

Living consciously is a spiritual test.  Delaying gratification is a spiritual test.  Living within limits by choice, rather than external force is a spiritual test.  Having fossil fuel to help humanity bridge the space between a natural and very limiting world to one run on renewable resources with technological comforts is a spiritual test.  Using all the limited resources up before getting unlimited resources in place would be considered failing the test.

Living in a world that borrows from the future to make the present more than it should be through ever-increasing debt is failing a test.  Humanity, thus, is facing consequences on a global scale that is no longer just affecting pockets of individuals in seemingly random locations but starting to reach all of humanity across the entire system.

The virus has spread to every country in the world and still only achieved less than one percent saturation.  Data remains limited and the death rate is concerning, but more problematic is emerging data that suggest exposure to the virus may be weakening the human body so that it will be more likely to fail against future illnesses that it would have been able to overcome with contracting the virus.

Many, many choices lie ahead, both at the individual level and the communal level (and not just our local community).  On a spiritual level, climate change may have been the planet’s first significant attempt to give a warning to humanity, but it was too ambiguous for the overall human population to believe that human actions could actually influence something as massive as climate towards a self-destructive outcome.

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If the virus continues to spread and touch lives in a much more personal way across the breadth of humanity, it could shift global consciousness about human interaction within humanity and in relation to the planet towards a more balanced and harmonious direction, resulting in a healthier dynamic for humanity and the planet.

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