June 22, 2024
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Crown Chakra Healing

Crown Chakra Usage

The human body is not as simple as it may seem. It is made up of different parts that complement each other into getting a unique blend of love and affection. These include spiritual and physical features. Of the spiritual features, chakra acts as human blood. It regulates the different aspects of the human body. Crown Chakra is one of the chakra points that is represented by the ‘Lotus.’ It is taken from the Sanskrit word meaning “thousand-petaled.”

The article below gives you a detailed description of the healing power of Crown Chakra healing even if you are a beginner.

1. Be Aware

Crown Chakra is the sacred energy center of the human body whose location is at the top of the head. It is defined as the power to connect to the eternal self. It regulates the energy in such a way that it causes consciousness. Crown Chakra acts as the union between both the present and the infinite being. It is defined by the seat of our soul and the point where light enters the body.

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Be aware of this fact and then try to meditate. As the first step of unlocking the healing power of Crown Chakra is simply by letting your body realize the purpose for which it is sitting down. Then and only then would it channel the energy accordingly.

2. Practice!

There is a common misconception about meditation that it does not work. The unlocking of the Crown Chakra itself is impossible. These are all myths and are not true. Though you would not feel an actual gate opening up, instead you would feel at peace and would remain calm.

The basic idea behind enabling the healing powers of the Crown Chakra is simply by letting your mind experience an altogether new world. Through practice, you can achieve a connection. But this requires patience and perseverance. The use of aids such as books and other helping material is recommended to help you enter that state of awareness.

3. Stop Thinking

The very notion seems wrong, as the very existence of a particular person is due to this particular trait. But what this topic suggests is that the healing power of the Crown Chakra can be unlocked if you are concentrated on the problem at hand.

The human mind is a mixture of different ideas. Thousands are created, and millions are destroyed in the blink of an eye. Come to think of it you are not the master of your thoughts unless you learn to leash them back to their spot. Until then, they would not let you unlock the power of Crown Chakra healing. Such is the beauty of thoughts. You must concentrate them on your problem and not on other less critical facts. That is the time when real healing starts.

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4. Start Learning

The Crown Chakra cannot be unlocked simply by the use of simple verbal instructions from an instructor. You need to go out and venture the fields of knowledge to get an understanding of what you are hoping for. That is the beauty of knowledge, the more you read, the less you realize that you know.

One might ask how is this related to my Crown Chakra healing? Well, the answer is simple. You can work it up easily by only letting your brain know what needs to be thought of in the process of healing to make the whole process way smoother. Not only this, reading enhances our vision and improves our insights. It broadens our perspective regarding a certain topic, and that is the use of Crown Chakra healing. To make you connected to the infinite self by merely connecting the dots.

5. Be your Spiritual Light

The whole spiritual experience is responsible for healing the human body through the help of Crown Chakra. That is the beauty of your spirit; it is unique and is meant only for you. You are its master, and you decide how to mold it accordingly. Simply by letting your body realize the true potential of the Crown Chakra healing can you become much easier.

The journey of spiritual practice starts by using the Crown Chakra. It lets the user fashion his or her experience according to their liking. This gives the best of the best solutions as forcing anyone to follow a certain timetable is useless unless they are not comfortable with it. The teachers suggest using different mantras or creating a purpose-built spot for meditation and other such spiritual activity.

6. Be Open to Advice

The journey of healing is not easy. The introduction of different people and ideas into our lives has made us blunt to signs and guidance. The healing process is based on a somewhat similar basis meaning that at different time slots, we are given certain examples. Meaning that people are asked to follow something, although not openly, but in the form of signs. One must be open to such ideas and must be ready to pick them up when they have a chance as these kinds of opportunities do not arise every other day, and thus one must be mindful of their lives.

This guidance comes in the form of dreams, daydreams, strange coincidences, and many other things. All of such are responsible and play a part.

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7. Outsource the Herbs

It is sometimes necessary to introduce a little help from the outside simply by giving a small push forward. The fact about Crown Chakra healing is that it can be used to unlock all the negative energies and then diffuse it accordingly. For this purpose, it is sometimes advised to use herbs such as lavender, lotus, or Gotu Kola. The use of these herbs helps us channel our energy accordingly. They can be burned as incense or consumed. While the best way to use them is by simply drinking them up as a tea.

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