July 23, 2024
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Crystals for Travel

Pack Up These 9 Crystals for Your Next Travel!

They say to travel is to discover the long-lost youth and renew its quintessence. It makes us speechless and turns us into a storyteller. We sometimes get nervous when it comes to traveling and fear of any mishaps that might happen. To eradicate these fears, crystals are your best option which will enhance your active energy and make you lose the fear of anything. To promote safe and secure travel, here are the 9 crystals for travel you need to pack with yourself.

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and meditation. It governs the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. The use of amethyst can be observed in many cultures since traditionally, it has been used for traveling. Its main purpose is protection; during traveling, there is always the fear of getting robbed or losing your possessions. Therefore it is wise to take amethyst crystal with you. Amethyst has soothing and vibrant energy emerging from its core. It cures anxiety and will make you experience a more outgoing and good willing attitude within yourself. To make your journey safe and pleasant, Amethyst is the stone you want to take.

2. Black Tourmaline

This black crystal is the best crystal stone for protection out there in the lot. It governs the root chakra, and its purpose is to eliminate, eradicate, and protect you from negative energies that exist around you. Whilst traveling, you are likely to run into crowds and groups of people, there is certainly concern about getting mugged or even robbed. To be on the safe side, apart from the necessary precautions you must be in possession of the black tourmaline crystal to help you protect from unnecessary danger.

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3. Malachite

Malachite is a green crystal stone and governs the heart and throat chakra. The Malachite crystal is more about the responsibility that befalls on you. This crystal eliminates the ego within us and lets us be more rational. This is a necessary quality when dealing with people whilst you are traveling. Also, since some of us have a certain fear of flying or really get stressed in traffic, this crystal makes you feel at ease and calmer to avoid the stressful burden that we sometimes generate. To remain positive and calm in situations while traveling, this is the stone you need to pack.

4. Moonstone

If you are traveling and you are greeted with a jet lag or motion sickness, then it’s a big concern. Moonstone crystal stone is a stone that will help you deal with this horrendous ordeal. This crystal stone governs the Crown chakra and is responsible for relieving you of stress and any homesickness that you might be having. The purpose of the moonstone is to bring joy and make your adventure entertaining. It is a stone of a new beginning that will show you the pathway and guide you to have a contented journey.

5. Yellow Jasper

Yellow jasper is a stone that lifts you in your spirits and makes you more confident about your journey. Yellow jasper is a stone that will relieve you of the stresses and anxiety that come along whenever you are out of your comfort zone. When you are traveling, and you are faced with a situation that you fear or face, it can be bargaining with a shop keeper or asking for directions in a crowd. There will always exist certain anxiety that will drag you down. The yellow jasper crystal stone balances your emotions and can raise your confidence levels. The color yellow is always a source of hope and optimism; the yellow jasper can be called as the stone of happiness and will fill your life with positive energy.

6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is the best pick for traveling. It gives a blend of earth and sun energy which lets you keep your feet on the ground and your head towards the sky. Although we venture to explore new places at times, lethargy kicks in, and we sometimes put it off. The tiger eyes will let you crave for new adventures and explore out the beyond. It will create a genuine enthusiasm in you and will stir up a wave of excitement. It’s one of the best crystals to shed of negative burdens and stress from your mind.

7. Smoky Quartz

Traveling is all about new experiences, and sometimes we overthink our plan and usually develop fears of surrounding or any other ventures that we might get into. Therefore the smoky quartz comes as a peace token helping you shed off negative thoughts and clear up your mind. It also promotes safety around you and brings about a better change in your sense of awareness, improving it exponentially. Although smoky quartz helps you live your adventure physically, it also influences your journey spiritually. It can boost your intuitions for better decision-making ability during situations.

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8. Aquamarine

Aquamarine crystals are useful for people who like traveling by sea. It is the best crystal for sailors, and some believe it brings good fortune to those who wear it. In ancient folklore, the aquamarine crystal was considered to be the treasure belonging to mermaids. This stone is responsible for protection, safety, and courage. It does not make you brave enough to fight the waves but more importantly, confident to stand up to any situation. Since sea travel usually brings sea sickness aquamarine stone can be a great deal of help in that.

9. Rose Quartz

The rose quartz crystal governs the heart chakra and stands for unconditional love. We travel to the highest peak and the deepest of the oceans to know, experience, and understand the reality that we live in. In its essence, it is all a part of exploring yourself as well. This requires self-love and Rose quartz is there to enhance this feeling even more. Every crystal with its unique properties concerns with your health, safety, and enjoyment.

Each one of them promotes a safer, more content and positive experience in your life. Therefore to choose them is actually improving your travel experience with more fun and joy.

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