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Developing Intuition for Working with Crystals

A gemstone is a living, vibrating being just as a person is, with its own mode and sphere of influence, and its own way of relating. The mineral kingdom as an evolving entity has an affinity for humankind, for we after all are made of earth and its mineral particles of matter. In this way, the more highly evolved gemstones that are at our disposal are just as much our responsibility as are the members of the plant and animal kingdoms. Developing Intuition for Working with Crystals…

Language of Light

Crystals communicate with humanity on their own level of reality. They speak their own special language that can be interpreted if the listener possesses a clear mind and an open heart. Each crystal has its own special individual influence, function, and vibration; each sings its own note, which can be heard by those with ears to hear.

The “language” with which crystals communicate is frequency. Some crystals constellate at vibratory rates that heal, energize, attune and uplift the spirit of our inner beings. Some frequencies are conducive toward meditation, inspiration, reflection, and philosophical insight. Still, others affect the body’s physical health as stabilizers, balancers, and purifiers.

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We may experience the transmission of information from crystals as changes in mood, epiphanies, intuitions or subtle changes in the physical body. Oftentimes we are carrying on a dialogue with these creatures without even being aware of it. We may experience the messages from the crystal as the thoughts of our own minds or happenings of our own bodies.

However, a much greater force of crystals can be unleashed if we constantly participate in the exchange and actively engage with our mineral companions. A gem does hold an intrinsic potential, but how this potential is fulfilled depends to some extent on how you, as the steward of the elemental kingdom, direct it. Simply holding a crystal will not heal an affliction all by itself— and, on the other hand, naive tampering with the more powerful crystal tools can result in severe dissociation, psychic vulnerability, and congestion of energy.

When used properly, the power of crystals can be harnessed, and their energies used for healing and upliftment— and this is the service our mineral friends wish to offer humanity while we share the home of planet earth.

Crystal working is therefore primarily a matter of becoming ever more refined at the art of attunement. One must develop the sensitivity necessary to communicate on these much more subtle levels of reality with these quite different life forms.

The Auric Bridge

The crystal is a quantum converter that is able to transmit energy in a way that has subtle biological effects due to its resonance or correspondence with the human energy field. You, like a crystal, are made of light— and it is upon this quantum level of light that you and the crystal interact.

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This level is known as the etheric body or aura. This energetic layer lies closest to the physical particles of matter and serves as a bridge or link between the higher bodies and the physical level. It picks up the wavelengths or frequencies of the stone and pulls these vibrations into energy vortices of the aura, known as chakras.

The seven chakras are like radio stations, receiving and transmitting energy. These force centers, which act as buffers and sensitizers, affect everything that comes into and goes out of each individual person, while also reflecting the state of personal soul development and experience.

At any given moment, we may find ourselves in need of a certain vibration. We may be “nutritionally deficient” in certain energy, or the amplification of certain energy may benefit or accelerate our growth. This vibrational additive may be supplied by the presence of a gem or crystal.

No gemstone works directly on the physical body. A crystal affects the human body by way of the etheric organs of the mind— that is, the chakras. When one tunes into a crystal, the crystal becomes a mirror that will reflect the light within back into the consciousness.

Any open chakra may serve as an entrance-point from where the crystalline qualities may make their way up the vibrational scale into the mental, intuitive, and soul levels, or down into the dense physical matter. The light of a crystal may only find entrance through one chakra if a person is particularly closed off or blocked. Yet if this influence is sustained and properly supported for long enough, the influence will proceed throughout the entire energy field.

Healing Reflections

When this energy interaction with a crystal takes place the deepest essence of a person can be accessed in its purest aspect. As the vibrational frequency of the aura raises, whatever mental emotional or subconscious energies are vibrating at a lower frequency will surface into the mind and heart to be cleansed, healed, and transformed

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Frequency healings of this kind create energetic shifts that often lead to new awarenesses or perspectives; topics that were unapproachable for the conscious mind become available for inquiry as stagnant energy is freed.

When the aura is infused with light reflected off the stones, a lagging organ may resume normal function, an injury may accelerate in recovery and the elimination processes may quicken. Mental awareness is elevated, the emotional body becomes hyper-sensitive, and spiritual energy can be integrated into the physical body.

Those who are sensitive or highly attuned can feel changes in body activity immediately upon wearing certain stones. Others gradually observe a strengthening back to normal.

The inner structure of the crystal exhibits a state of perfection and balance. A healer working only with the emanations of his or her hands or bioenergy field does not have the high level of coherence that belongs to a crystal. A crystal takes scattered rays of energy and makes the energy field so coherent and unidirectional that a tremendous force is generated.

When the human mind enters into a relationship with its structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration that extends and amplifies the power of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.

In this case the crystal functions as a bio-energetic template, transducer, and transmitter. For this reason, we must be careful what thoughts we are thinking when we hold these powerful tools!

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