July 23, 2024
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Learn About Your Dog’s Personality Based on the Zodiac Sign

Many people nowadays are adopting their pooches from shelters and fewer people are buying their new furry best friends from breeders. That is a wonderful thing to do since so many dogs around need loving homes. However, the truth is whenever you adopt a dog from a shelter, it is not likely that you will know your furry boy or furry gal’s birthday.

Additionally, the personality of the dog usually has a lot to do with the breed, especially if he or she is a purebred pooch. Terriers are known to be loud and barky. The Bichon Frise is known to be the ultimate lapdog, just like the Malinois is known to be an excellent guard dog.

However, the breed of the dog is not the only thing that determines Fido’s personality! Just like people, animals align with the zodiac too! As I said, if you adopted your pooch, it is unlikely you will know his or her birthday. However, after reading these dog sun sign descriptions, you might be able to get an idea! Let’s go over that right now.

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The Aries Pooch

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is a fire sign. You know that the common traits of Aries are passion, independence, and has boundless energy. Dogs that have their sun in Aries are extremely confident, inquisitive, and will want to constantly play a game of fetch. Don’t be surprised if your Aries pooch doesn’t listen to your commands either because your fiery dog has an agenda of his or her own!

The Taurus Doggo

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it is an earth sign. The common traits of Taurus are stability, the need for routine and security, and the love of material things. A Taurus dog is a great dog because he or she will be your best friend and will want to be by your side all of the time. They definitely want affection, however, only if they feel like it. You likely are aware that one of the common Taurean traits is stubbornness and your Taurus pooch just may not listen to commands for the sake of not feeling like it.

For instance, don’t even attempt to pry the earthy Fido off of the comfortable sofa! Be careful as well with your dog’s food intake as they can put on those pounds easily. The Taurus dog will have a strong affinity to most types of food, especially table scraps!

The Gemini Furbaby

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and it is an air sign. The common Gemini traits are intense curiosity, boundless energy, and plenty of chatter. That means if your furbaby is a Gemini, then that means he or she will have that puppy-like energy for a very long time. Don’t be surprised either if your pooch is incredibly yappy and be sure to have a fenced in yard or else he or she will be roaming off somewhere due to that curiosity. This dog will be keeping you busy, and both of you will be getting a good workout since your doggo will be needing plenty of walks and will want to play a lot of games of fetch!

The Cancer Dog

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and it is a water sign. You already know that Cancer is the mother of the horoscope because of its strong maternal traits and its love for home. Other traits that are associated with the sign are moodiness and sensitivity. Your Cancer dog will be protective of your home and family. They are also very patient and loving but can be moody as well. If your Cancer pooch needs to be left alone and leaves as soon as you attempt to pet him or her, then leave the doggo be and just know that your furbaby will be back for cuddles when the time is right, for him or for her!

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The Leo Furbaby

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and it is the second fire sign. As you are aware that Leo is the King or Queen of the horoscope. That means they absolutely love staying in the spotlight, are quite playful, and are strong. In fact, a Leo pooch is a great one to have because they are not only loyal but can make excellent guard dogs even if your royal furbaby is a Yorkie or a Maltese. They still know what to do in order to keep the home and family protected. The Leo dog has many of the same traits as the Aries pooch. However, they can be also very puppy-like and will want to play even if you aren’t in the mood. Because they are so persistent, you will have to eventually give in!

The Virgo Furry Companion

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the second earth sign. The common Virgo traits are the need for routine and having a set schedule. They also have an excellent work ethic and are health conscious. Your Virgo pooch has a need for routine just like their Taurean counterparts. They expect to be walked and fed at the same time of day, but they love pleasing their owners. In fact, these dogs would make excellent service dogs.

The Libra Dog

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is the second air sign. Libra is known for their need for peace and fairness, beauty, and having a hard time making a decision. They also dislike confrontation. This means, if you and someone else in your home have a yelling match, your Libra pooch will be off hiding somewhere to get away from it. Your dog will also want to do what you do. If you want to lie around on the sofa, your dog will be right there with you. If you are having a chicken dinner, guess what your dog will want to eat! Additionally, be sure to get your Libra pooch groomed often. They will make it clear that if they haven’t been groomed in a while that they will be quite depressed.

The Scorpio Fur Friend

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and it is the second water sign. You are already aware that Scorpio represents passion, secrets, and emotional extremes. Because of this, your Scorpio pooch will be even-tempered and will be able to handle stress. But all you need to do is give your Scorpio doggo lots of love and affection even if he or she seems distant. You will get that love back in tenfold.

The Sagittarius Doggo

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is the third fire sign. Sagittarius is associated with optimism, energy, curiosity, and love for exploring. They also don’t like to be held down due to responsibility. Your Sagittarius dog will have many traits as his or her Aries and Leo counterparts. They will be very active, loyal, and independent. They also can be the clown of your home and will definitely be quite entertaining.

The Capricorn Fido

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is the third earth sign. Capricorn is associated with being industrious and hardworking, and that means your Capricorn pooch will work hard at attempting any task. That means if your earthy doggo is determined to dig a hole in the backyard to bury a bone, then your dog will make sure it is done! Bear in mind that your pooch is extremely happy when he or she feels like an important component of the home. Unfortunately, that may mean jealousy if a new baby, human or furry appears.

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The Aquarius Doggie

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the third air sign. Aquarius represents rebellion, humanitarianism, and uniqueness. This means your Aquarian furry companion will be difficult to train since he or she will most definitely march to his or her own beat. However, the commands that you or that the obedience school teaches your Aquarian Fido won’t go to waste because they will be mastered when Fido is ready. However, they make great pets because they love being around others and are very affectionate.

The Pisces Fur Friend

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac and is a water sign. Intuition, dreaminess, and sensitivity are what describes Pisces. That means your Pisces pooch will most definitely be in tune with your feelings. If you are sad or sick, your watery furbaby will be right there with you to cheer you up and help you feel better. They are very sensitive so that means if you are arguing with anyone around your doggo, then just like his or her Libra counterpart, will be ending up at the other end of the home to avoid any yelling matches.

Now you know about the traits that your pooch possesses based on his or her sun sign. If you know your dog’s birthday, does this resonate with you? Or if you adopted a rescue dog from the shelter, can you guess your dog’s sun sign?

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