July 15, 2024
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Dreams That Lie Within

Dreams That Lie Within

I have not met one person who did not have an unfulfilled dream. Do you know why? Because without our dreams we die. Even if you tell me that you do not have any active dreams, I know you do. I have a gift of being able to see people’s dreams even when they are buried under layers of the pretty little lies, we tell ourselves.

Egyptian Numerology Has a Way

Of course, I use Egyptian Numerology to help confirm my intuitive findings, but I have always been able to see the naked true potential within individuals. My job is not to tell you what these dreams are but to visit with your numerology and help you to find it for yourself. Most people would not believe me anyway unless they saw it for themselves first. Egyptian Numerology has a way of digging beneath the surface and touching the areas of our lives that need excavating. It all comes out in the numbers and through the interpretation of our higher selves. Most people tell me that my readings are life confirming and this tells me that the truth was revealed.

What Would You Do if You Knew?

I have found that people have a difficult time answering the question, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail”? This tells me one of two things. Either people are living their ultimate dreams at the present moment or for some reason their dreams have been pushed under the radar of becoming a possibility.

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This concerns me because I know all too well what happens to people when we stop believing in our dreams.

When I was in my early 20s, my father decided to fulfill his ultimate dream by designing and building his own cabin in the wilderness.

I watched his life flourish as he pursued construction. I would go up on my days off and help him and it became a project that we did together.

But before he could finish the cabin, he had a heart attack that led to surgery and the recovery time would take months. This was a financial burden on the family and reluctantly he chose to sell it.

I was devastated because I knew that if he gave up his dream, a part of him would die.

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Sure enough, he went into an alcoholic depression that lasted longer than I care to remember. He was slowly trying to kill himself. But he climbed his way out, survived, and eventually replaced it with another dream.

Fostering Imagination and Passion

Dreams make us hopeful. They foster our imagination and passion. Everything we can imagine is a reality on some level or else we would never be able to tap into it.

I love working with individuals to discover, develop, and execute the reality of their dreams. Sometimes people forget they have dreams or worse, don’t allow themselves the privilege to dream.

Sandy, a client of mine, originally came to me because she was unhappy working for her employer who didn’t respect her creativity and hard work ethic. Her dream was to not necessarily own the store she worked at but to have complete reign over the management. She didn’t believe that this would ever happen but was willing to do the inner work necessary to unlock what was blocking her from seeing this as a reality. She cleared the Karmic lesson keeping her a prisoner in her present situation and eventually quit this job to work for someone who appreciated her abilities.

Her new employer respected, paid, and honored her by buying the previous store she worked at and made her manager.

Everyone needs a good dream to believe in. When one dream comes true or is aborted, we take the lessons learned and choose another. Life is a series of unfulfilled dreams waiting to be explored and conquered.

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Making Our Dreams Come True

The secret about making our dreams come true is appreciating the life we are currently living.

Dreams come from the spark of light in our hearts called passion and passion thrives in the present moment along with intuition, creativity, and miracles. It is a conversation between our higher self and our inner vision.

It’s perfectly natural to fear failure. It shows us where our obstacles are. When planning out our route to fulfill our dreams, our fears are meant to navigate us towards the solutions to any blocks we may have. We should all have at least 3 dreams in waiting. Once we fulfill our dreams, it builds new confidence around our skill set, increases our intuition, and allows us to be a participant with Source as a co-creator.

Dreams are free, activate our creativity, give us hope, and appreciation towards Manifestation.

It’s okay to be complacent with life as it is but we are not here to be comfortable or satisfactory… We are here to dream, take risks, and live an adventurous life.

Everyone has a dream even if it is to eat our next meal.

If we are not in pursuit of our dreams it is because there is a fear bigger than our faith blocking the way. Healthy fear shows us what we need to overcome. Unhealthy fear blocks us from believing in our personal power.

Nothing stops warriors from achieving their aim. We might miss the target a few times but what we learn in the process is priceless.

Fears dissipate but dreams grow wings.

The Initial Question

So, when I ask, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Do you focus on the word “Do” or the word “Fail”? Does the word fail bring up all the times you got your hopes up for something and walked away disappointed? Or does it bring out the inner warrior inside of you that is bursting for an opportunity?

When I think of failure, I think of fear. When I think of fear, I ask myself, “What needs to change”? Who or What decides if we fail or succeed?

Sandy could have walked away from her first occupation feeling like she failed to keep her job and change her circumstances with her employer. Originally that is what she wanted when she came to work with me but after doing the inner work including self-love, believing in her worth, and realizing that she couldn’t change another person, she intuitively surrendered. By surrendering her old self, she was led to the very opportunity of fulfilling her dream.

My father could have died after aborting the dream of building his cabin but instead, he used the planning skills it took to build his cabin to expand his current business. Did they fail or did they succeed?

Oftentimes what we remember about our past disappointments are clouded by the emotions of not getting what we wanted rather than understanding that we always get what we need. Once we choose this perception as our belief system, failure is just another finger pointing to success.

Daydreaming and night dreaming help us tap into our true potential… it comes from our higher mind and heart.

I hope all of you take part in the connection of dreaming your best version of reality. Have a blessed week!!!

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