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What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?

Just like the western zodiac, there is also an Egyptian horoscope. In the past, Egyptians used to look at the stars for guidance and predictions. They trusted that our identity, life, and fate were influenced by the sign we were brought into the world under. Here are the 12 Egyptian zodiac signs and see which one you fall under.

Egyptian zodiac signs: What is your sign?

The God or Goddess which is linked to your Egyptian zodiac sign holds fundamental facts about your character, your qualities, and your weaknesses. Here are the 12 signs:


Dates: 8th –21st January & 1st –11th February

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Amun is the God of development. The individuals who have a place with this sign are strong, firm, athletic and dedicated. Their qualities are solid will power, courage, and fearlessness. They are likewise superb pioneers and coordinators. Their realized shortcoming is narrow mindedness and outrage. They can exceed expectations in fund-related callings.


Dates: 9th –27th May & 29th June–13th July

Anubis is the divinity of underworld. It is most likely the most decided and tolerant of all things considered. Individuals who are brought into the world under this sign are independent, fearless and have the capacity to complete any tasks. Their shortcoming could be that individuals may take them to a ride on occasion. Anubis individuals are liberal and innovative.


Dates: 14th -28th July, 23rd –27th September & 3rd–17th October

The Egyptian zodiac Bastet is known to offer assurance to kids, moms and ladies all in all. She likewise fills in as a lady of healers, alchemists, and conjurers. You are searching for concordance, harmony, and equalization in your life and abhorrence any sort of confrontations, chaos, and unpleasant situations. It is simple for you to put other’s needs over your own and loan some assistance and loan some assistance at whatever point you see the need. You are faithful in sentimental connections as well as with family and companions. Bastets can be helpless, touchy and enthusiastic and yet defensive over those they adore.

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Dates: 12th –29th February and 20th –31st August

Individuals brought into the world under Geb are solid, legitimate and minding with their families and companions. Their identity is inviting, charming and genuine which makes them very much preferred. Geb individuals are natural and sentiments and have a solid sense about things. They can be shy, sensitive and thoughtful.


Dates: 20th April–8th May & 12th –19th August

Horus is the God of the sky and the Shining Sun. The general population who are brought into the world under this sign are fearless, daring and forceful. Horus individuals are optimistic, social and amazingly inspired to accomplish objectives. Be that as it may, they could be unreasonable, difficult and incredibly hesitant to confront others.


Dates: 11th-31st March, 18th–29th October & 19th –31st December

The Egyptian zodiac Isis is the Goddess of Pharaohs and of parenthood, she is the gatekeeper of kids, poor people and the expired. Isis pays special mind to and secures ladies right now of conceiving an offspring. Isis individuals are clear and like to come to the heart of the matter, they are exceptionally lively and fun-loving characters with an extraordinary feeling of humor.

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Dates: 1st–7th January, 19th–28th June, 1st –7th September & 18th –26th November

Hapi is the old God of the Nile and is in charge of treating the land. The title Hapi originates from the previous name for the Nile River. Hapi includes as a man, he is described by ladies’ bosoms and a huge, very much nourished stomach; attributes which speak to fruitfulness. Hapi individuals are commonly delicate and minding characters.


Dates: 22nd –31st January & 8th –22nd September

Mut is the Goddess in charge of securing humanity, if Mut is your Egyptian zodiac sign, you’ll likely be an engaged and objective orientated individual, you recognize what you need and how you plan on getting it. Mut individuals are regularly delicate and held. However, they turn out to be progressively fearless with time, they are additionally extremely liberal, quiet and beguiling.


Dates: 1st –10th March & 27th November–18th December

Osiris is the God of death and unceasing life. He symbolizes resurrection after death and revival. Those brought into the world with the Osiris sign regularly emerge for their insight and venturesome nature. Osiris individuals are characteristic conceived pioneers and love taking on duties in the workplace.


Dates: 29th July–11th August & 30th October–7th November

Sekhmet is the Goddess of War and Vengeance. They are rationally splendid, innovative and hopeful. They are incredibly joyful and garrulous with individuals. They are clever and pleasing, and their qualities lie in their affable character. Their weaknesses are outrage, impatience, argumentative and are described by their absence of liberality.


Dates: 28th May–18th June & 28th September–2nd October

On the off chance that you are brought into the world under this sign, you are a free soul that dislikes being kept down. You are looking for a change and new experiences that offer you new difficulties throughout everyday life. You disdain any sort of standard and like to attempt new things and go to new places. You are resolved and persistent in pursuing your objectives and dreams.


Dates: 1st –19th April & 8th –17th November

Thoth is the God of the great beyond, astuteness and information. They are extraordinary at taking care of issues, sorting out things and regularly have a genuine talent for composing since Thoth created composition. Thoth individuals like to take control and lead gatherings of individuals, they are commonly loveable and deferential characters. Then again, Thoth soothsaying individuals can on occasion be anxious to complete tasks.

Now as you know about the 12 Egyptian zodiac signs according to Egyptian astrology, you know which sign you belong to. You can relate to their attributes too and if you want to learn more, go ahead and search for more information.

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