June 24, 2024
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Our Esoteric Wishlist For A Great Start To 2024

Our Esoteric Wishlist For A Great Start To 2024

The year 2024 is yours! You’re filled with the drive to conquer, achieve your dreams, and finally succeed in ways you can’t even imagine. Forget about New Year’s resolutions; say hello to small actions and items that will enhance your daily life.

Our editorial team has crafted an esoteric and spiritual wishlist to kick off the year 2024 in the most beautiful way!


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Essential 1: In Year 2024, Take Stock

Reflecting on the Past Year

We often rush ahead without looking back at the path we’ve traveled. Before anything else, take a moment to assess the year 2023. What have you accomplished, succeeded in, failed at, spoiled, lost, or gained? Do you feel happy, sad, proud, lucky, unhappy, lonely, well-accompanied? What did you love, adore, hate, regret?

There are no rules on how to do this. Our advice is to give yourself an hour. You can play music, light a candle, prepare a drink or pastry. You can close your eyes and reflect internally or write it down. It’s up to you!


Significance of Renewal

Like any new cycle, the new year symbolizes renewal. It marks the change of seasons, the shift from December to January, and the transition to a new year.

Each of us sees the end of one cycle as the beginning of a new one. After winter comes spring, after holidays comes work, after life comes death.

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The new year represents the opportunity to start afresh. It’s often at this time that we make new resolutions to become a better version of ourselves (quit smoking, get back into sports, eat less chocolate, learn a language, change jobs). The power of the new year is potent; it makes us feel capable of anything, like a reset button has been pressed.


Setting Goals (vision board)

You’ve taken stock, and you’ve chosen what you want for the year 2024. But how do you put that into action?

Here, we introduce the vision board technique. It’s a visual representation of your desires. Want to travel? Stick the flag of the country you dream of visiting! Want to learn to cook a specific dish? Paste it on!

You can create your vision board on paper with printed or cut-out images. Display it in your room or bathroom to see it constantly and not forget your goals. You can also create a virtual version on your phone using the Canva app, which is handy and intuitive for such projects.

   Our Esoteric Wishlist For A Great Start To 2024

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Essential 2: Recharge Your Body and Mind

You can’t start the year right if you’re not in good shape. Health relies on three factors: sleep, diet, and physical activity.


It’s no secret: without sleep, progress is hindered. We might think, after a short night, that we can tackle our daily tasks and repeat the cycle the next day without catching up. But that illusion can be costly.

Take the time to sleep. If you enjoy watching a movie in the evening, start it a bit earlier (during dinner, for example) to fall asleep earlier. During lunch break, close your eyes for a few minutes instead of scrolling through your favorite social network. Unbeknownst to you, you’ll gain rest time and, consequently, energy to accomplish all your desires the next day.

For more advice, read our article on Ayurvedic Sleep Rituals: Energy Harmonization for Deep Rest and Well-being.



We all know about festive indulgences. Sugar, fat, a bit of champagne, and a lot of indulgence. The mouth loves it, but the stomach may struggle to digest it. So, give your stomach a break for a few weeks.

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Remember to hydrate with water, vegetable broths, soups, and infusions. Don’t stop eating! Eat better, and your body will thank you! Above all, maintain these new good habits in the long term. Nutrition is the foundation of health, so consider what you eat!

For more advice, read our two articles:


Physical activity

Winter is often conducive to rest. Days are sometimes shorter and colder (depending on the cities, of course, thinking of the lucky ones spending the New Year in the sun!), and the desire to exercise in the evening may be absent.

However, movement is essential. Walk during your lunch break, take the stairs instead of the elevator, carry your shopping bags instead of putting them in a cart, sign up for boxing, dance, or badminton! Treat yourself and use your body! The more you move, the easier it will become, and you won’t be able to do without it!

To find the sport that suits you the most, discover our article Your Olympic Sport Based On Your Zodiac Sign.


Essential 3: Integrate Spirituality and Esotericism into Daily Life

At AskAstrology, we’ve made astrology, spirituality, and esotericism our mission. Simple tools and practices can help us know ourselves better and get closer to our dreams for 2024.

Activities to Understand Universal Signs in year 2024

We know that spirituality exists in everyday life. It can exist through meditation, zodiac signs, witch rituals, etc. Everyone has their way of incorporating it into their life to use it to achieve their goals.

To help you continue or start an esoteric-related activity, we’ve decided to list 10 dedicated articles. We hope this helps you in the year 2024!


Astrology Worn on The Skin

For 2024, you can also integrate esotericism into your life through jewelry, makeup and even clothes.

We can mention the brand Gorjana, which offers pendants depicting your zodiac sign.

Our Esoteric Wishlist For A Great Start To 2024

Melt Cosmetics on the other hand, has produced four makeup palettes representing the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water.

Our Esoteric Wishlist For A Great Start To 2024

Finally, the clothing brand FARM RIO offers models representing the zodiac signs, including this embroidered black set.

Our Esoteric Wishlist For A Great Start To 2024


Finally, of course, reading can help you have the best year in 2024. Books help us take time for ourselves, lower our heart rate, and channel our impulses. They offer us new worlds and share hundreds of thousands of data and knowledge. They are our allies for growth, evolution, and success in our year 2024.

(Re)discover our book selections:


And much more! To explore all our articles related to books, simply type “book” in the search bar 🙂

You have all the tools at your disposal to start and continue 2024. Happy New Year and good success!

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