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Favorite Fall Activity According to Your Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Favorite Fall Activity According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Summer is a long time over which means it is time to take off the swimsuits and tank tops and to put on the sweaters. That is unless you don’t mind going for a swim or wearing tank tops without any jackets when the weather is just really too cold for that. However, outdoor swimming pools are closed, and splash pads in parks are cold because it is fall. And those are examples of activities done in the summer. So now that it is fall, what are the best activities to do?

If you are unsure of what type of thing you should do for fun and stimulation during the fall, then you are in the right place, right here. That is because you are about to find out what the best fall activity is based on your zodiac sign! This way, you will have something fun to do that is the right fit for you!

Aries – Checking Out the Corn Maze

The first fire sign of the zodiac is all for adventure and trying out new things. Aries is also the best initiator as well. This fearless sign would enjoy going to the corn maze, Because Arians are excellent leaders, they would not hesitate to lead the way as they walk down the corn maze and allow the others to follow them.

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Those who don’t like to take on new challenges would not go for this fall activity. However, Aries is always ready to take on a brand-new challenge which is why this is the perfect thing do to during autumn.

Taurus – Pumpkin Carving

Taurus is like a 180 from Aries as those who have this sign would not take well to a corn maze since they need to be in their comfort zones. And Taurus has a creative side as well. Nothing more thrilling to a Taurus than staying in the comfort of their own home carving out Jack-O-Lanterns.

They can either go to the grocery store or the pumpkin patch to find the best pumpkin to work on. And since Taureans enjoy having a good meal or smack, they can use the pumpkin pieces for making pie, and they can heat up pumpkin seeds in the oven as those make excellent snacks.

Gemini – Taking the Train to Enjoy the View of the Leaves

The one strong association with the autumn season is the beautiful colors that the leaves turn as the weather gets colder. They are red, orange, brown, and yellow, and it is a neat variety of colors. Gemini loves any type of variety since it is a sign that represents movement and versatility. Therefore, hopping on a train to look at the leaves that are changing colors is the perfect activity for Gemini.

Alternatively, they can drive to a park and do the same thing if they don’t want to take the train for that. They can just drive to a park and then walk around the park to admire the beautiful fall leaves.

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Cancer – Kicking Back at Home and Watching a Good Fall Movie While Enjoying a Snack

Cancer is the sign that rules home and emotions. That is why those who have this water sign will simply kick back at home, relax under their covers, drink tea or hot cocoa, enjoy some munchies, and watch a good fall movie. They will want to do this with their friends or family.

Fall movies such as When Harry Met Sally, Remember The Titans, or Dan In Real Life are perfect movie choices for getting cozy at home. And they will want to do this with those who they are close to and consider to be family.

Leo – Going to a Haunted House

Leo is the royalty of the zodiac and they love to be in the spotlight whenever they can. But they also find strange activities to be fun such as going to a haunted house. They will want to go to a haunted house with their friends so they can either purposely get scared and scream the loudest since the attention will be on them. Or they can do the opposite and act brave and not bothered if creepy hands begin to touch them.

If the latter happens, they will definitely make that known as well. Most importantly, Leo would get such a big kick out of getting scared at the haunted house.

Virgo – Going Apple Picking

Virgos are all about health and perfection. Therefore, apples are healthy fruit and, in the orchards, they are free of pesticides. Therefore, they are pure. And Virgos would not want to pass up an opportunity to grab some pure apples. That is why apple picking is the go-to activity for the Virgo.

In addition to that, going apple picking is a great fall activity as it gives the Virgo an opportunity to burn some calories. That is a bonus for them since they are all about health. And they can also use the apples they picked to make their perfect and healthy, natural apple pies. They won’t hesitate to hand out their own pie slices to their friends and family either and talk about how desserts can be healthy too!

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Libra – Hanging Out with Their Friends and Sipping on Hot Beverages

It is somewhat ironic how Libra and Cancer square one another, but at the same time, they have plenty in common such as laying low when it comes to enjoyment. That is why Libra’s favorite activity would be to hang out with a friend or two at home to watch some TV and to sip on hot beverages.

They would go and sip on hot cocoa, lattes, or cider on those chilly nights. They would be able to fully focus on the enjoyment of sipping on comforting, tasty, and warm drinks as they hang out with those who they like very much.

Scorpio – Intimate Picnics

Picnics are not just for the summer even though they are associated with warm weather. They can be enjoyed very much during the cooler fall months as well. And nothing makes a passionate Scorpio happier than going off to the middle of a park with falling colored leaves and enjoying an intimate picnic with their lovers.

They would love having picnics in remote parks as well where only they and their partners can have the entire area to themselves while they are away from civilization.

Sagittarius – Going to a Pumpkin Patch

Sagittarius is always looking for a fun adventure, and that is why one of the best fall activities for Sagittarius is heading over to the pumpkin patch. There is so much fun at the pumpkin patch that goes beyond picking the best pumpkin.

You can enjoy candy apples, and there are so many other adventures that the Sagittarius can enjoy. That includes going to the corn maze with their Arian friends since those two signs naturally get along so amazingly well.

Capricorn – Roasting Marshmallows and Enjoying S’Mores

Roasting marshmallows and enjoying s’mores sounds like the perfect activity for the summer. However, this is also one that can be enjoyed during the fall as well. The Capricorn is not one to have ‘fun’ as they are all about serious business and work. However, this does not mean they don’t want to have moments of R&R and enjoyment.

This is why the Capricorn wants to kick back, have a bonfire as they sit with some friends, and roast some marshmallows – and then enjoy some s’mores. No one can go wrong with that activity.

Aquarius – Baking Some Pies

You would not associate an innovative and unique sign such as Aquarius with pie baking as that is a very Cancerian thing to do. And Cancer and Aquarius do not understand one another. However, remember that Aquarius prefers to do things on their own, and create things on their own.

That is why pie baking is an activity that is a good fit for the Aquarius. They can make their own pies whether it is pecan or pumpkin and spice it and flavor it in any way they choose. Then they can enjoy their own creation. The only thing that would be different is that their pies would match their uniqueness since they would flavor those pies in any way they choose. If you try a piece of pie baked by an Aquarius, you will either have to have an acquired taste for it or you will love it!

Pisces – Hiking in Parks

Pisces is the sign that rules dreams, imagination, and arts. And the one activity that the Pisces will enjoy is taking a hike in a park that has beautiful fall-colored leaves. They not only would enjoy the beauty but as they are in such a beautiful environment will stimulate their imaginations.

In fact, they may grab a few fallen leaves and then take them home. They would use those leaves for art pieces that they will make during their alone time.

If you are looking for activities to do in the fall, you have some ideas. However, you may find some of these activities appealing which may not fit your sign at all. Always remember that you have plenty of factors influencing your preferences and likes, as well as dislikes in your personal horoscope! Therefore, you have so many options to choose from to make the most of this fall! Go have fun, it is a wonderful season!

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