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Feng Shui Gem Trees

Feng Shui Gem Trees

Feng Shui gem trees are not only useful, but they are also fun and just a little funky. They’re also highly attractive and can fit into almost any decor. Generally speaking, the more gems they contain, the more powerful a Feng Shui cure they become!

What Is a Feng Shui Gem Tree?

A Feng Shui gem tree looks like a bonsai tree in shape and form, only it is not a living tree. In fact, sometimes Feng Shui gem trees are called a bonsai gem tree or a bonsai crystal tree. The trunk and branches are sometimes constructed from twisted wire or another form of metal, especially if they are handmade. They can also be composed of resin or wood. Gems are hung from the branches like leaves on a tree.

Feng Shui gem trees are highly versatile Feng Shui cures because you can put any type of gem you want (or buy one already made with a certain gem). Different gems are thought to give off different energetic powers in Feng Shui, and therefore, each type of Feng Shui gem tree can serve as a different Feng Shui cure. In some cases, one particular gem can give several Feng Shui cures rolled into one.

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Several Types of Feng Shui Gem Trees

The diversity of Feng Shui gem trees is almost endless but the following are some of the more popular options:

Jade Feng Shui Gem Tree

Genuine jade is often used as a health cure. It has a gentle rejuvenating quality that will boost your energy without overdoing it to the point you come crashing down again or become too energized to think clearly and carefully. A jade Feng Shui gem tree is a great option if you have chronic energy-zapping diseases such as diabetes or lupus. It’s also a good option if you’re just working so hard you’re constantly worn out and need a constant gentle infusion of energy.

Citrine Feng Shui Gem Tree

Citrine is the classic Feng Shui cure for money, wealth, and overall abundance. Be careful though because much of the “citrine” gems on the market are not genuine. Rather, fake citrine is made from amethyst heated to extreme temperatures, so it alters the structure and color. If you see citrine that is deep orange to burnt orange, that is probably the altered amethyst. You don’t want to use altered amethyst, regardless of how pretty it is, or any other altered gem, because the more natural your gems, the more powerful the Feng Shui energy you’ll receive from your gem tree.

Rose Quartz Feng Shui Gem Tree

This type of Feng Shui tree is used to strengthen a relationship, attract love, or open one’s heart to new possibilities. Rose quartz is thought to bring out the better angels in people, allowing their sweet and gentle side to blossom. For people with self-esteem issues, rose quartz can also help boost your confidence by helping you love and respect yourself more. Rose quartz Feng Shui gem trees are popular as a gift from a budding romantic partner, but it can be equally well received by a mother on Mother’s Day.

Amethyst Feng Shui Gem Tree

Amethyst is thought to have both physical and emotional healing properties. It absorbs the negative energy in the universe and exudes positive energy. It can bring peace and harmony to a household (or dormitory, business, etc.) where there is strife. It can help put emotions on a more stable footing. Physically, amethyst can improve your memory and help relieve stress. Some Feng Shui consultants consider amethyst to be a general health “cure-all.” It’s also good for meditation and improving sleep.

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Tigers Eye Feng Shui Gem Tree

Tigers eye is known for its protective qualities. If you are feeling in any way vulnerable in your home and or you want to protect your family with a Feng Shui cure, a tiger’s eye Feng Shui gem tree would be a good choice. Tiger eye gems are also beautiful stones to display and each one seems to have a unique pattern, so you’ll have something truly one of a kind!

Creativity Feng Shui Gem Tree

Most Feng Shui gem trees have only one type of gem or crystal. However, you can find Feng Shui gem trees adorned with a variety of gems and crystals all on one tree. These are said to enhance creativity. They are popular to place in children’s bedrooms to spark imagination and creativity in a developing child. These types of Feng Shui trees are also perfect for artists, musicians, photographers, designers, and others who are engaged in creative careers or creative hobbies.

Making Your Own Feng Shui Gem Tree

While you can always buy your Feng Shui gem tree, it’s actually quite easy to make your own. One method would be to go hunting for the perfect “branchy template” from any woody plant (doesn’t have to be a tree). You can then attach your gems with glue and glue the tree to a rock or another piece of flat wood for the base. You could also insert the “trunk” into a flowerpot with dirt. Some people also fashion their own branches and trunk by twisting the wire together into various branch-like patterns, leaving a loop at the end of each branch where you want to glue a gem. You can look online for various tutorials for creating a Feng Shui gem tree or simply get creative and make it up as you go. This a fun project to do with the kids. You could even throw a Feng Shui gem tree-making party for your friends! These make very special homemade Feng Shui gifts.

If you decide to make your own Feng Shui gem tree, you should avoid using man-made crystals, gems, or rocks because they often contain impurities like lead that will weaken the Feng Shui energy derived from the Earth in natural gems. Likewise, you should avoid using sea glass, as pretty as it is, for the same reasons. If you like to beach comb, look for natural rocks, polished and shaped by the powerful action of the sea. Choose gems that speak to you as you discover them. Hold them in your hand and roll them over. Feel their texture and weight. Smell them too! Creating a Feng Shui gem tree from natural rocks and crystals you find yourself can bring powerful energy into your life and enhance your personal strength.

Unusual Feng Shui Gem Trees

You can replace the gems in your Feng Shui gem trees with other hard objects from nature. For example, you could make a Feng Shui shell tree from any of a variety of shells you purchase or find yourself on the beach. Shells are said to give luck and protection, especially when traveling. Conch shells and cowrie shells are said to give a feeling of general well-being. Other beach treasures, such as pieces of coral or tropical seedpods, could also be used to make Feng Shui trees. Any treasure from the sea that travels a long distance is considered lucky in Feng Shui, especially if it speaks to you personally.

You could make a Feng Shui “gem” tree from fossils too. Amber, a fossilized tree sap is a good example. In Feng Shui, amber is said to be the “courage stone.” It also helps to balance out emotions, draw out negative energy, and serve as a stress reliever. The spiral chambered patterns of ammonite fossils are thought to draw in and store the energy and knowledge of the universe. So, a Feng Shui ammonite tree might help you if you’re working on an academic project or trying to invent something! A Feng Shui tree made with chiseled spearheads you dig up on an archeology dig might help you derive wisdom from your ancestors.

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Final Note

Feng Shui gem trees are quite the conversation starter. You’ll find your guests are immediately drawn to them, even if they have no idea about Feng Shui.

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