July 15, 2024
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Full Moon and Babies

The Full Moon and Babies: Pregnancy and Childbirth Astrology

As the full moon begins to approach, full-term pregnant women all around gradually grow hopeful of a new life. They begin to prepare for labor.

It is well believed that the moon influences several things, including high tides to immense mood swings.

Are all these merely myths or something truly greater than our perceptions? Is the Full Moon and babies truly related to each other to convince many people?

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Leaning on the facts – birth count and the moon

When many other birth workers and midwives are questioned, they reply that the number of births grows gradually during the full moon time each month.

For centuries, it has been believed that the moon has many physical effects on the body. It may even affect the menstrual cycle, conception, and active fertility.

The lunar effect

The Moon’s Astrology influence is well known as the lunar effect. It is considered that during a full-term pregnancy at the time of the full moon, the gravitation pull of the moon can influence her to go into labor more easily.

Just like the effect on the waters of the earth, it is believed to influence the amniotic fluid as well. If the amniotic sac is under pressure, it can rapture, and contractions can begin. This is the most basic aspect of how the full moon and babies are thought to be related to each other.

Do people really believe in the lunar effect?

People’s perceptions and assumptions have been contradictive to one another from the very beginning. Where one might believe in one thing, the other may not necessarily have the same opinion of it.

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Similarly, people are divided into beliefs when it comes to the influence of the lunar effect on pregnancy. Many midwives claim to have maternity wards overflowing with a pregnant women during the time of the full moon.

There are plenty of stories circulating regarding this particular subject. However, a handful of people doubt the lack of evidence about this matter. This has caused them to contradict whether the full moon and babies are related to one another or not.

Active Lunar effect

The belief that the full moon affects childbirth has been around for a long time and people have various stories that support the condition. Many cultures around the world have an extremely strong belief in the link between childbirth and the cycles of the moon.

Even the folklore regarding the subject has such a strong ring of truth to it that it is nearly astonishing. With this cognitive bias developed around the belief, many people claim that everything in the known universe is connected to one another.

Like calls to like and reality is knotted together for a universal balance where the existence of one thing supports the existence of another. The relationship between childbirth and the moon is very much similar to this. This is how people believe that the full moon and babies are related to one another.

Full moon and babies – the interconnectivity

The moon and the beginning of a new life are said to be as connected as two distant masses can be. The bridge between them is the gravitational pull and how it affects the life of the mother and her child.

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With the tides rising high with a higher gravitational pull, many believe that this force of attraction works on other things as well. The basic link of interconnectivity develops between the full moon and babies.

Same Nature

This belief is stemmed from the aspect of nature that if one liquid matter is being influenced then so is another matter of the same nature.

The moon is believed to have a significant influence on the amniotic fluid (Amniotic fluid is the liquid that cushions child development in the womb. It is a biological term), blood pressure of the mother, and other bodily fluids.

Some consider these things mere myths while the rest believe in them firmly. It is their belief in the connection between the full moon and babies.

Barometric pressure – is it truly safe for the baby?

People have always been asking questions, and they seek the answers to them more fervently than anything else. They try to reason if the effect of the moon on the child is safe. The gravitational pull of the moon affects the amniotic fluid with great pressure.

This pressure causes the amniotic sac that holds the baby to rupture. Many people raise the question of whether it is safe. Some of them even ask if it could cause premature birth.

But, so far, there had not been such reported cases where the birth of the child became more difficult, or the newborn baby suffered due to this.

Moon influence

The moon influences the sea and people turn towards the sky for wisdom. They seek the knowledge of the stars and try to find ways in which they may be influencing the lives on earth.

This belief further strengthens the fact that people have always yearned to find ways in which all things in the universe are connected. They may have been searching for ways in which the great celestial bodies influence the miracle of childbirth as well.

The moon alters and affects many things on earth. It is the same gravitational pull that aids it to remain in its orbit that starts to influence the beginning of a new life.


Scientists are trying to find ways in which they can cement this belief, so fewer people contradict it (or how the full moon and babies are related), but it cannot be denied that men always yearn for things greater than their own existence.

Perhaps the very aspect of the moon influencing childbirth is as fascinating for them as the celestial bodies out in space.

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