July 15, 2024
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New & Full Moon Rituals: How to Create Your Own

How many of you wish to know the perfect time to have a fresh start? So, you can reevaluate your goals and think of what you want to do next in life. New & full moon rituals allow you to do so.

Like in other forms of life, Astrology has your back. Many see a full/new moon as the ideal time to set themselves goals and have a fresh start. Why is that so? For this, there needs to be an understanding of as to what they are and what is their significance in the lunar calendar and how exactly can full/new moon rituals affect your life.

New Moon

A new moon marks the first lunar phase. Its ideal definition is the first visible crescent of the moon, which is briefly visible when its low above the horizon just after the sun has gone down. The new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle; it symbolizes new beginnings. It projects positive energy in people to achieve their goals. They look back at the previous goals too, as they set new ones.

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While this whole phenomenon seems very different and difficult to understand on some levels but if you get into the history of this phenomenon is completely normal as our ancestors too planted, fished and moved by the seasons and cycles of the moon and then brought us into this world. This is nature’s rhythm, but very often this rhythm breaks down in this world. So, to help you tune yourself back, there are some rituals to be followed.

Full moon

As the full moon appears from the dark, you will come to see your next moves and results will be reaped. After the full moon, wrap up what you started and make the loose ends meet. Each new moon has a six-month astrological cycle so you can set a specific intention at a new moon, based on the energies of the zodiac sign. The simple definition of the full moon is the lunar phase when the moon appears fully illuminated from the earth perspective. This occurs when the earth is located between the sun and the moon. It appears like a circular disk.

Full moon rituals and new moon rituals are important to mark their importance in your life. And there has to be a set of rules to be followed, a significant way of doing these things right. The following paragraphs will tell you what to do exactly in a full moon and new moon ritual.

Where is the best place to do the rituals?

The first important thing for a full moon ritual is to choose a perfect place for it.

The perfect place is wherever the energy guides you then let it either be a Nevada desert or a seashore. Make sure to involve all your spiritual friends even those who have just gotten onto the road of spirituality.

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It is a life-altering point in your life so the experience of it should so also be comfortable and joyful.

Setting the place

You may want to use crystals, rocks, shells or other natural artifacts. A beautiful cloth to sit on for the full moon ritual. All of this is done to create an atmosphere, and you can take the liberty to develop an atmosphere for the full moon ritual as you may like it. If the weather permits, an outdoor ceremony it is great. You may turn some music on and use scented candles to make it a memorable event. Remember the keywords: let the energy lead you. Be ready to do anything new and don’t shy away from making your rituals. Who knows that your party can turn into a dance party or a truth and dare party.

Time to wish

At this glorious moment of new and full moon ritual, you must ask for some wishes, but the important thing is that these wishes must be kept somewhere safe. Some people say that you should sleep with your wishes under your pillow but why not put them somewhere special this time, like an altar!

How to make sure the wishes are granted?

You must have clear intentions to make full moon ritual wishes. Formulating goals is one thing and writing down your intentions is another with the latter being more useful. When you pen down your wishes, it is one way of symbolizing your seriousness for your goals, ambitions and a clear intention. Your wishes are important, and you don’t want to advertise your feelings but letting someone trustworthy know it, is worth it, in case your memory lapses.


Full moon rituals might involve purification by one of the elements. Most often it is fire. Write down what you are releasing down on a stick. Resolve and let go of all your burdens as you throw the stick into the fire. This can be done at a ceremony with all the people sitting around the fire. Similarly, water can be used for cleaning rituals.

New moon and full moon rituals are a good way of setting an intention as the moon first reveals itself from the shadows and glows the brightest, so it’s the right time to set the intentions.

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In conclusion

The shifting of the moon which may look like something insignificant but can have the power to alter your life completely. Full moon rituals and new moon rituals are a good way of acknowledging these changes in nature and going deeper into yourself to understand your life goals and ambitions and giving yourself a fresh start! This is yet another way of nature to keep an eye on you.

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