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Higher Chakras Series Galactic Chakra

Higher Chakras Series: Exploring the Galactic Chakra

The Galactic Chakra, one of the Higher Chakras, helps you tap into Divine Knowledge that transcends your everyday consciousness. Psychics and energy healers know that the human experience is far vaster than the memories of each individual person. It’s far vaster that the stories our elders share with us too. We read about history in books, even ancient history, but still, this does not enlighten us. We watch historical dramatizations, but these only unlock a drop in the bucket to what the Galactic Chakra can reveal.

Where Is the Galactic Chakra?

The Galactic Chakra is one of the major chakras that exist outside the confines of the physical body. Instead, this important chakra is found in the aura of a person, i.e. in the radiant energy field that extends beyond the physical body. Every vortex within the aura, like the Galactic Chakra, connects the physical body to the greater energy field of the universe. The Galactic Chakra is located 2 to 15 feet above the crown of the head, on a vertical pathway between the Universal Chakra and the Divine Gateway Chakra. The wide variation in this width is indicative of how expansive and elastic the Galactic Chakra can be. The Galactic Chakra is the 11th Chakra in a 12 Chakra System when the Earth Star Chakra is numbered as “0” or the 13 Chakra System when it is not.

Why Is the Galactic Chakra Important and What Does It Do For You?

The Galactic Chakra is sometimes called the “Prophecy Chakra” and it is used for both divination and prophecy. Psychics regularly use the Galactic Chakra and other Higher Chakras. For example, if you’ve sought the help of a psychic for a soul reading or to determine your true purpose in life, then there’s no doubt she will invoke the power of her Galactic Chakra to seek an answer from the celestial universe and translate that answer for you in more grounded Gaia constructs. Psychic teachers will show you how to do the same for yourself.

By tapping into your Galactic Chakra, you can become so enlightened that you expand your mind beyond Mother Gaia and gain access to all the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe. In fact, if you work on learning how to tune into your Galactic Chakra more, you can become one with the entire universe. Keep in mind too that the Galactic Chakra works in conjunction with the other Higher Chakras to give you an ethereal perspective.

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Is the Galactic Chakra an Anti-Particle Chakra?

Some people describe the Higher Chakras, including the Galactic Chakra, as “Anti-particle Chakras”  because they exist outside the physical body. The reasoning here is that in this zone, the zone of the aura, there exists only energy but no particles. However, it’s important to remember that Albert Einstein ushered in a new paradigm in physics by proving that energy and matter are really one and the same.

Mass, i.e. particles, are simply really slow-moving energy. Likewise, physicists have proven that energy has the properties of the mass because energy is really mass and vice versa. Understanding this is the first step in expanding our minds to grasp the basic concepts of the Galactic Chakra and the other Higher Chakras. This knowledge also makes accepting the truths of the Galactic Chakra easier. When you break things down to a scientific phenomenon, it can sometimes be easier to wrap your mind around. However, it’s also important at the moment to just let things flow and accept what flows in.

What Are Morphogenetic Chakras?

Some people prefer to call the Galactic Chakra and other Higher Chakras “Morphogenetic Chakras” instead of “Anti-particle chakras.” This is an interesting way of thinking about the Higher Chakras. Morphogenesis is a term used in the life disciplines to mean the processes involved during the embryonic stages to develop a certain shape and physical characteristics (morphology).

Those who favor the concept of Morphogenetic Chakras view the Galactic Chakra and other Higher Chakras as taking the energy of the universe, applying a certain pattern, and then forming the physical and spiritual beings we become. Of course, it’s important to remember that the morphogenetic process can always be altered, even as adults, although children are more malleable than adults to alteration unless there is an intense reconditioning process in adults. This is also why scars from childhood may be more difficult to heal than trauma experienced during adulthood. However, it’s not impossible to alter the pattern of an adult, especially with an energy guide, preferably one with psychic abilities and a well-honed Galactic Chakra.

What Are the Minor Galactic Chakra Vortexes?

Minor Galactic Chakra Vortexes are minor chakras closely associated with the Galactic Chakra, a major chakra located in the aura. If you think of  the Galactic region of the aura as a respiratory center, the Galactic Chakra would be the “inhaler” of all knowledge of the Universe while the Minor Galactic Chakra would be the “exhalers.” To learn how to zero in on what’s important and filter out the extraneous energy, you’ll need to learn how to activate your Minor Galactic Chakra Vortexes too. This, in fact, is the way well-disciplined psychics control the vast energy that is incoming in the Galactic region of the aura. This energy can be overwhelming unless you learn how to trim it down and filter it to find the wisdom and information you really need. In other words, you can use the energy exhaling qualities of the Minor Galactic Chakras to cut through the clutter to get at the truth!

Final Thoughts

It is hard to put into words what a person experiences when they learn how to access the Galactic Chakra and realize its full potential. This is because the knowledge that is gained transcends mere words. The best way to learn about the Galactic Chakra isn’t actually reading about it but by experiencing it. However, doing so on your own can be daunting. It’s much easier to seek the help of a good psychic who specializes in this type of energy readings. Remember, you’ll be traveling between dimensions from Mother Gaia with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your spirit soaring with the Light Beings. This can be a rather bumpy ride if you don’t have the right captain to help steer the ship.

The Galactic Chakra will carry you (or your psychic) beyond the physical realm. You’ll communicate with Deities and feel nurtured by the Angels. What you feel and want will manifest into something tangible in the world, something that people can see and believe, although the origin is from something that may be so expansive and abstract, it just can’t be described with words. Laozi, a Chinese philosopher and the founder of Taoism, is famous for saying, “The truth cannot be said in words and if anything is said in words, it is not the truth.” This is certainly true of one’s ascension to the Galactic Chakra and the other Higher Chakras.

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