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Goose Totem

The Goose Totem in the Native American Zodiac

Those people that have the goose totem are known to give other people the opportunities to take a step forward in life. This bird steps back when it grows tired and allows others to have the opportunity to shine. This is the reason why many admire the people who have the goose totem. If it appears to you, this is the way of reality asking you to protect what matters the most to you. But, on top of everything, you should make sure what you are investing yourself in protecting is worth your protection in the first place. In the Native American zodiac, the goose totem corresponds to people born between December 22nd and January 19th

Well known Goose Spirit Animal Meanings

One learns a great deal from the goose spirit animal. This particular animal is known for its bravery and loyalty. It takes care of any bird that is left behind which shows that for a goose, what matters the most in life is to make sure that others are there along the way as well. It ensures that no one gets left behind.

This valiant bird demonstrates devotion and loyalty, which is specifically something one could use in their life, even though people no longer truly value these traits. Being a gifted navigator that this bird is, its appearance shows that it is time you direct your life back to its true pathway. It is time you start to analyze what matters to you the most and see if your priorities steer you back towards your true-life goals.

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The goose totem is known to be lucky for some…

The goose totem in Native American Zodiac symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and how it opens the doors of opportunities in all aspects of life – personal and professional. The goose spirit animal has a different approach to things which helps them in decision making. Sometimes, the things that mattered in the past no longer seem to be of the value anymore. In actuality, this totem actually wants to create beauty in all aspects of life. And, sometimes, it likes to extend this quality in others as well.

Goose spirit animal brings about change

The goose totem plays an active role in ensuring that you do not forget where you actually come from. It makes sure you know of the roots where you come from and that you never forget the people who have always helped you from the beginning. It makes sure you are always grateful of the faces that have stayed by your side through the thick and thin of life. This way you realize the value and worth of the people that truly matter and your circle of true and loyal friends grows less.

Positive Traits of the Goose Spirit Animal

When one has the goose totem, they know how and when to delegate authority. Even though they are not bad at taking the leadership roles, they can easily give someone else the mantel of responsibility so their talent can shine through as well. The goose spirit animal can otherwise be conveniently counted on to give any major project some direction and shape. Such people do not balk at the opportunity where they have to speak out.

This is the reason why the people with the goose totem in Native American zodiac are good communicators and defenders. They use these abilities to fight for those specific individuals who cannot truly fight for themselves. They are fierce at protecting what matters to them or those that matter to them. The goose spirit animal is kind, loyal, generous and brave. There is nothing that would not give to see the people that matter happy.

Negative Traits of the Goose Spirit Animal

Even though the goose spirit animal has the ability to strive hard for their goals, they can often become too preoccupied with their pursuits that they lose track of time. Sometimes they are not able to pay proper attention to their loved ones. This is why they often end up taking the little joys of life for granted. They are so focused on their goals that they feel like everything else is a distraction.

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2 Unusual aspects of the Goose totem

In order to understand the symbolism of the goose totem, one needs to see the facts connected to the goose spirit animal in Native American zodiac.

1. A real display of loyalty

A goose is known to stay back from the flock and tend to the injured goose when migrating. Those with the goose totem need to understand the essence of this act and effectively apply this to their own life. Being the loyal creature that a goose is, this means that others will put their trust in you, and eventually, you shall be considered a significant member of the society.

However, this is something that needs to stay constant, not only for whenever the respective individual feels like it. Therefore, it is important for such a person to analyze which relationships in life are the closest.

2. You need to learn how to get direction in your life

Being the wonderful navigator that a goose is, the symbolism of the goose totem suggests that when the time arrives to investigate the direction of your own life, it is important you focus properly on it to find the true benefitting pathway that is needed. Find and take the decisions in life that matter the most while you also avoid all the obstacles that may come your way.


Crossroads in life will become a lot easier and your vision a lot more precise since you would know that the next true move should be to stay on the right path. The goose totem is there to ensure that your life’s path stays clear while you help others along the way as well.

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