July 23, 2024
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A Guide to Channeling

Channeling, like mediumship, is a psychic art of the transference of energy through a medium. It also primarily concerns communicating with what we are not able to see or observe in this reality. Channeling, however, is different in many aspects. It is the guidance that you receive from higher realms. Its purpose is to convey love and healing. The spiritual world is full of spirit guides, and beings of supernatural energies which can communicate with you. Channeling is a way to do that to bring prosperity into relationships and life. Channeling can also be defined as bringing the truth or conveying what is right from the higher realms of wisdom. Let us take a look at what Channeling is.

Channeling and its types

Since Channeling has so much to offer as a psychic healing art, and it has a significant effect on people; therefore, the basics of Channeling are distinguished as three types. They are described as follows:

Clairvoyant Channeling

Clairvoyant Channeling is the basis of all Channeling types. It involves using your third eye or psychic sight to communicate with the spirits. Clairvoyant Channeling usually consists of deciphering images, symbols, and the messages given through angels. These visual stimuli allow them to interpret the message and present it forward. The issue, however, is in relaying the message in which you will be using your own words which depend on you solely. Therefore, it must be done with care, and the meaning could be swayed in any direction based on the choice of your words. Therefore, it must be handled with care.

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Conscious Channeling

Conscious Channeling is a more modified and refined version of Channeling which usually comes up after Clairvoyant Channeling. It is done by raising one’s vibration and frequency of mental energy.  This will make it easier to communicate with higher vibrational guides, angels, and spirits. It is important since the vibrational mental energy when its frequency is of higher range it will synchronize itself with a much higher dimension. Conscious healing concerns with opening your heart to the divine messages and the energy that flows through us as spiritual beings. Conscious Channeling is done when one is in a relaxed state and can easily allow his/her consciousness to be in a state where it also has control over its physical body, but its frequency to is elevated to interact with a higher dimension.

When the mind is conscious enough to that level streams of energy passes alongside your consciousness and allows itself to reveal. You receive a message directly from the source, which is encoded in the vocabulary you understand, but it depends on how you interpret it.

Trance Channeling

Trance Channeling is the next type of Channeling, which is way more advanced than Conscious Channeling. It slows the beings of higher dimension i.e., spirit guides, angels, etc. to take over your body and lifestream. The person who is performing trance Channeling leaves their body and enters an alternate dimension. The angel or spirit from the higher realms enters the body of the channeler and can speak through the body directly.

The process of trance is not only difficult but challenging as well. It should never be done without any supervision and extensive training, although it is wise to perform conscious Channeling instead of trace because the idea of your body in possession of another being is scary and risky too. You can choose either one depending on what type of Channeling is more comfortable for you.

Who can Channel?

Channeling is not just a gift bestowed only to the special ones although those who channel are special people. Even when everyone can channel, we all have a conscious mind, and we believe in a spirit or something that controls this material body. We live in a multidimensional world, and it is a fact that there exist beings which belong from other dimensions. Similarly, the flow of energy in nature allows us to interact and communicate with higher dimensions. Therefore, it is obvious why every one of us is eligible to be a channeler.

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Everyone has a unique skill some are actors, singers, doctors while some become engineers. There is a special, ambition and passion for one’s goals in life, and if we put our heart in it, we can achieve it. Same is with Channeling it requires your heart to open to love and the forces of life that pass through us. If we put in a considerable amount of effort into Channeling, we too can become a channeler. It all depends on how far you can take it if you are enthusiastic and willing to learn and can act with great persistence than you are ready to be a channeler.

Mediumship vs. Channeling

Mediumship and Channeling share a quite common definition, which is the flow of energy through us or the manifestation of one’s consciousness. However, they are two different and unique concepts when it comes to communication with what we cannot see. The similarity, however, lies in using a medium to conduct all the process and the transmission of love, joy, and guidance from the higher realms to ours. Channeling is about receiving the divine messages from spirits and angels while mediumship concerns with the communication of spirits, sending and receiving information. Both differ in purpose and sense of operation as well.

Why Learn to Channel?

Channeling can be an experience of your life. You will not only be able to heal yourself spiritually but also improve your life as well. Channeling involves mediation and calming your consciousness; it is to open your eyes to the true reality that exists and clearing your mind of all the doubts. It eliminates your egoistic and negative feeling this is all due to the divine connection you have made.

Channeling is a direct connection with powerful, wise, and loving spirits from the other world and can help you, motivate you, and inspire your life for a better outcome.

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