July 13, 2024
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High 555 Portal Awareness

High 555 Portal Awareness

How are the triple fives influencing your life, and what can you do to enhance this opportunity?

555 Meaning

In Numerology, there are several ways we calculate number equations to decipher their meaning. We look at the individual number, the numbers beside each other, the total of all the numbers in the equation, the corresponding astrology, and the vibration it emits in and of itself.

When the triple 5’s is added together and reduced to a single-digit number, it adds up to the number six (555-5+5+5=15) and (15-1+5=6). The number six is the energy that impacts us individually, universally, and collectively.

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It influences our Christ consciousness by offering us the quality of higher love. It cracks open the mold of human love, takes down the walls around our heart, and dissolves the polarity of the egoic mind.

Angel number 555 transmits enormous shafts of positive energy. Aligning ourselves with this vortex of transformative light currents will take a conscious intention on our part to release any resistance.

We want to be open to receive and trust the Universe to be in control.

I practice a breathing exercise that helps me loosen up and surrender any built-up tension. 

It challenges me to say “yes” to opportunities that benefit my highest good.

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I breathe in the light and as I exhale, I say “yes” allowing the current of energy to run through my body and out the bottom of my feet into Mother Earth.

It feels good to inhale the light and exhale permission to accept grace … I do this several times a day to regulate the potent current of 555 energy that we are all experiencing.

This brings our intuitive suggestive mind into synergy with our reactive nature and when this happens, the power of the manifestation from our 555 portal is activated.

At this time in our spiritual journey, we can utilize this higher love to our advantage. Because with all the change, transformation, and adaptation that the triple five brings to us it may appear at times that we have lost so much, and this is normal and to be expected.

People hear the word change and dig their heels in. Not everyone deals with change gracefully. But instead of digging in, we learn to dance. 

Growth is a two-step dance. Sometimes it’s one step forward and two steps back while other times, it is two steps forward and one step back.

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Those steps back can be related to the grieving process because change is not easy for many people and the rate that we are being asked to evolve can sometimes be overwhelming.

Areas of Change

The most common areas of change that challenges the equilibrium for most of us are in relationships, occupation, re-location, beliefs, and learning new concepts. Even the most positive change can be stressful.

Honoring our process is about being aware of how we are feeling and supporting ourselves with a higher love. The 5 stages of grief to watch for is:

  • denial.
  • anger.
  • bargaining.
  • depression.
  • acceptance.

and of course, if you have ever grieved before, you know that it does not always follow in this order.

This whole process is teaching us to let go of attachments and every time we experience change, we alter our identity with self. 

When we place ourselves in a safety zone where we feel comfortable and secure and become firmly entrenched in the “this is who I am” mindset, the worst thing imaginable is that it will all go away. And yet this happens multiple times in various degrees throughout our lives.

When I believe something must stay in its rightful place, exactly as it is, in order for me to feel and be OK, I have become attached to it, and I have confused this external thing with who I am. If that external thing changes, and eventually everything does, we need to let go of the attachment we have created, or else we have to defend it or even argue for it because we have placed our sense of self in it. 

I know that I have put an attachment to something outside of myself when the fear of change takes hold of me. In change, the world I know can disappear, forcing me to go into the uncomfortable darkness of not knowing. But change is inevitable, and it arises time and time again throughout our lives. A relationship ends, we lose a job, leave a home, get a new wrinkle, a gray hair, or experience the death of a loved one.

Definition of Self

If I look at all the things I have placed my sense of self in, I will find that my identity is placed in it. Fear comes when these things are threatened because through my attachment I have interpreted these things as being a part of myself and the attachment is created to resist the possibility of that loss. When we look closely, we can notice how we are always defending the object of our attachment in one way or another. In essence, we are defending our definition of self.

I personally have been through many identity crises in my lifetime but letting go of our human need to label ourselves is part of the ascension process into the 5th dimension.

You could say that the 555 portal is the fire acceleration in the rising of the Phoenix.

Preparing us to burn free of everything we no longer stand for, the shedding of old skin and become a higher and brighter version of ourselves.

The 555-portal energy serves to transport us into the vibration of the Universal number 1 month of May. Because this is where we find the new beginnings, opportunities, creative insights, and a chance to invite our warrior spirit to protect us as we enter into new dimensions and higher levels of awareness bathed in the unleashed number 6 quality of higher love.

I hope this leaves you with a positive perspective of what is happening to us individually, collectively, and the true magic available in the cosmos.

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