July 15, 2024
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How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Regret and Guilt

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Regret and Guilt

When you do something in the heat of the moment because of dealing with intense emotions without thinking things through, you will quickly regret it because that is what happens when you do something without thinking about it beforehand. It could be turning down a great opportunity because of fear, saying something terrible to someone when you were upset (for which you would later give them an apology), or deliberately not doing something else that you knew you had to do. All of those things will bring on feelings of shame, guilt, and regret.

Everyone experiences that at one time or another. However, everyone deals with it differently. How do you deal with regret and guilt based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – You Keep it to Yourself

Aries, you are one of the most honest ones who will say anything, no matter how blunt. However, the one thing you do not want anyone to see is your vulnerable side. Therefore, anything you regret or feel shameful about you will be kept to yourself. You will carry that with you no matter what.

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One way to know that you feel shameful about something is by your lack of eye contact when you speak to someone. You usually have no problems with making eye contact when you are talking to someone. However, if you are full of regret, you cannot look anyone in the eye when you talk about the very thing you regret to anyone.

Taurus – You Become Ill

Taurus, you are stable, and you want stability. That also means you do not have any regrets or feelings of guilt which is, unfortunately, part of life. When you feel guilty or if you are full of regret for doing (or not doing) something, it makes you sick. You struggle to sleep, are highly anxious, and you end up with poor complexion, and you have a poor appetite that is not like you at all! What is the only way to get yourself better? You have to confront the very thing that is stressing you out, which is regret. After you do, then you will be back to your stable self!

Gemini – You Are Silent

Gemini, you are usually very chatty. The one thing that everyone associates with you is how much you love having conversations. However, if you are full of regret over something, your chatty side comes to a halt. Not only do you keep your regret in the same way as Aries, but you just don’t feel like talking at all. If anyone tries to bring up the one thing that keeps you silent or the one thing you regret, you will not hesitate to change the subject and only engage in meaningless small talk. That is out of character for you.

Cancer – You Will Not Stop Apologizing

Cancer, you are overly emotional, and you cannot help yourself. However, you are also quite nurturing, and if you regret something you did (or did not do), you will be paralyzed with guilt. You cannot handle that, so you will immediately apologize profusely for your actions that you are feeling shameful about because it is the right thing to do. You will even go out of your way to bake cookies or a pie for someone who you inadvertently upset if that is where your source of regret lies. Either way, you will be extremely apologetic.

Leo – You Are Nervous and You Beat Yourself Up

Leo, you are the confident one, and you love being in the spotlight. However, if you regret something, you suddenly don’t feel so sure, and you want to hide. The last thing you want is the spotlight to be on you, and you also are incredibly nervous. You are jumpy and anxious and keep thinking self-deprecating thoughts. You don’t want to talk about the one thing that makes you guilty until you cannot control that anymore. And then when you talk about the one thing you regret, the waterworks will go. However, you will feel like your old self again after the fact.

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Virgo – You Want to Hide

Virgo, you are very open and honest, and the last thing you ever want to do is anything that can make you feel guilty or full of regret. However, that is not reality, and that also goes against your desire for perfection. Perfection is not reality, and deep down, you know that, but it is hard to accept.

If you are regretting something, you do not want anyone to see you. You will want to hide until you can process it. If that means sleeping all day, you will take that opportunity to do that. The only way to get past it is to apologize to the one you may have hurt in the process (if that is why you are feeling guilty). That takes courage for you because admitting to any mistakes you make is very hard.

Libra – You Process It

Libra, you are all about balance. When you are not feeling balanced within, you know that you have to reflect, look within, and process the issue that is causing your inner imbalance. Therefore, when you feel regretful about something, you find yourself guilt-ridden and anxious, and then you become angry with yourself (and anyone who happens to be around you at the time). You do take your anger out unfairly.

However, you quickly realize how imbalanced you are because of the regret. That is when you know it is time to deal with it in the best way you can to feel balanced within. You will also apologize to those who you unfairly took your anger out on, so you don’t have anything else to add to your list of regrets.

Scorpio – You Figure Out How to Stop Feeling Regretful on Your Own

Scorpio, you are not the one to open up as you keep your feelings bottled up. You don’t want anyone to see you as vulnerable. Therefore, you will not tell anyone any regrets you have. You have many, but no one will know because the last thing you want is anyone to talk about the things you regret with you. You would rather bottle those feelings up without letting anyone know how you really feel. Because eventually, you can find a way to deal with them and work with those emotions.

Sagittarius – You Avoid Others

Sagittarius, you are blunt and honest like Aries. However, when you feel guilty or regretful about something, you behave the same way as Aries. That means your honest side disappears. You refuse to talk to anyone about it, and if you do see someone who made you feel guilty, you will avoid all contact at all costs. You will also avoid taking calls or texts because you only want to be alone when you are filled with regret. It may come to a point where you will spill the beans and talk to someone who you trust about your regrets, but it will only happen when you cannot handle facing the heavy emotion anymore.

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Capricorn – You Either Own up to it or Hide It

Capricorn, you are highly ambitious, and you also have plenty of morals. Therefore, if you make a mistake that you regret after, you may do the right thing and attempt to own up to it because your guilt will not otherwise allow you to do the wrong thing. However, that also depends on your ego. At the same time, you never want to admit to failure, and if the mistake that you regret is too much of an embarrassment for you, you will hide it.

Pride, in this case, will not let you own up to a significant mistake that embarrasses you. Therefore, you will only live with feeling this way, and if anyone were to bring something up around you that reminds you of the mistake you made, it would trigger your temper!

Aquarius – You Become Very Anxious

Aquarius, you are known to be aloof and excellent at hiding your feelings. It is not that you don’t have feelings. On the contrary, you struggle to become in tune with them. However, when you feel regretful and guilty, you won’t be able to hide your feelings then. You will be quite anxious and won’t be able to think straight when you are racked with guilt.

And you have a lot of fear and worry, and you won’t have a choice other than to become in tune with your feelings. You are good at hiding your feelings when it does not cause you to feel imbalanced within. However, guilt and regret cause massive imbalances, which will cause you to reveal and be in tune with how you feel. That will also lead you to confess!

Pisces – You Can’t Sleep

Pisces, you are not only empathetic but overly emotional. When you feel regretful or guilty, you will not show that side to you when you are with other people. However, when you are alone, you will struggle to keep it together to the point that it will keep you up at night. Your regrets can cause you to have insomnia. The only way to fix this is to tell someone you trust what is going on, so you have it out of your system. Even so, you may toss and turn at night, but you may eventually fall asleep since you did tell someone. Only time will help you feel less guilty.

The matter is that everyone in life does things that they regret, and everyone makes some serious mistakes. When you have made yours, how do you handle the regret from making them? Do these ways of dealing with guilt resonate with your sign? Remember that other factors in your horoscope will also affect how you handle regret. The ideal thing to do is to own up to them immediately, so guilt does not take over, or find other techniques to work with feelings of regret. However, that is idealistic to say since it is easier said than done. There is enough stress in the world and taking on extra because of guilt and regret adds to it even more.

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