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How Old is Your Soul According to Your Zodiac Sign

How Old is Your Soul According to Your Zodiac Sign?

How old is your soul according to your zodiac sign? Better, what is the meaning of an old soul first of all? It means that if you have lived through many many lives, you have a lot of knowledge. You will not feel like you fit in unless you are with those who are just like you.

Older souls are the ones who live through more challenging lives because they are more evolved than younger souls. If you suspect you are an old soul and have been through many more challenges than your siblings, perhaps they are newer souls than you are.

How old is your soul according to your zodiac sign? Let’s see…

However, mature souls have a challenging time, even more than old souls. That is because mature souls have the mentality of an old soul but still have the same values as younger souls. Therefore, it can cause a lot of inner friction.

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And one way to have an idea of how your zodiac sign indicates your souls find out how old your soul is based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – You Are Young

There is a reason that Aries is quite energetic and ready to take on new things. They are ready to learn about what is out there, and they do so with a lot of enthusiasm. That is also why they get excited over the silliest things around as well.

That is also why you become impatient with others as you wish they shared the same enthusiasm as you do over the simplest things. However, since you are the youngest soul, other signs have moved past where you currently are. 

Taurus – Adolescent Soul

You are more advanced than Aries, but you are not an old soul as you are looking to create beauty. You are also learning how to be a leader as you are discovering new things through your sensual nature. You also know you can make anything you wish, Taurus.

Therefore, the adolescent is making discoveries; you are doing the same as you just finding your independence. This is also why you are quite set in your ways.

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Gemini – Energetic Adolescent Soul

Where Taurus is stoic and stable, you. Gemini is also an adolescent that is angsty and energetic. You want to keep learning, which is why you need that intellectual stimulation as a social circle. There is also a rebellious side to you as you are always testing things out.

One moment you want to do one thing, and the next moment you want to move on to something else. That is precisely why you so versatile and moving from one thing to the next quickly.

Cancer – Older and Mature Adolescent

You are evolved enough to be past the discovering phases like the previous three signs, Cancer. And you know that being with your family and friends is the most important thing in addition to having your home. You care about their comfort more than you care about your own.

You are quite protective of all of what matters to you. However, you are also known to have emotional meltdowns that fit the mature adolescent soul.

Leo – Defiant Young Adult Soul

You know who you are, and you also know what you want. You are at a phase when you are starting your ‘work’ as you have already discovered your independence.

And you intend to stay this way and keep getting what you want because you definitely know what it is. It is not that you don’t want to evolve further, but you are looking for that sweet spot for where you currently are, Leo.

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You will only move forward if you are fully ready to do so. However, that can only happen on your terms.

Virgo – Young Adult Soul That Found Meaning to Life

You are at a phase that you have found the most significant meaning in life, and you don’t need your ego stroked, Virgo. You are at a stage where you want to become who you truly are meant to become while helping others achieve the same in the process.

You realize that you can only be the best version of yourself if you can help others. However, you tend to forget what you want, and needs are since you are at a phase where the focus is on making sure that others attain them.

You are not nurturing the same way as Cancer; however, you aim to please and serve.

Libra – Sophisticated Adult Soul

You are slightly more evolved than Virgo, and you are proud of your accomplishments, Libra. You are now at a point where you are enjoying the good things in life and appreciating them. Relationships mean a lot to you, which is also why that is your primary focus.

You do tend to forget your needs the same way as Virgo, but at the same time, you do want to make sure that your friends and those who you are partnered with are happy. And you will want to lavish them with good things, so they become that way.

Scorpio – Mature Soul – Equivalent to Midlife Crisis

There is a reason that you are so intense. Think about those who are going through a midlife crisis. You are very much experiencing plenty of inner turmoil. Scorpios are known to be jealous, suspicious, secretive, and rash.

You have spent many lifetimes pleasing others, and now you have that ‘I don’t care’ attitude as you need to please yourself.

If keeping a secret that could benefit others benefits you the most, you will observe that secret anyway.

Sagittarius – Older Soul but Not the Oldest

You have done a lot of work during your lifetimes, Sagittarius. You are an older soul so you will be facing some challenges. However, you are at a place in your ‘soul’s life’ where you want to keep learning more about what else the spiritual side of life has to offer.

That is why you are quite adventurous and have a knack for higher learning, and spirituality.

You may be seen as not wanting to be tied down by responsibilities; however, it is not that you are purposely being rebellious. You have been tied down, you have served others, and now is the time to serve your spiritual and adventurous side.

Capricorn – An Old Soul That Understands the Value of Hard Work

You’ve experienced so much over many previous incarnations. You have made your discoveries. You had found your life’s meaning, and you have gained the knowledge that you needed, Capricorn. What your focus is on are your ambitions.

You are at a point where you know that working hard to achieve what you need to achieve is what you must do. You also are there to teach others the importance of hard work. You want others to realize that rewards just never fall out of thin air.

Aquarius – An Old Soul That Has Lived Many Lifetimes

There is a reason that you are detached and don’t want to conform. You have experienced many things over previous incarnations to the point that you appreciate your uniqueness and what you have to offer. You see the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff, Aquarius.

You care about others’ wellbeing, but you do it at a distance while you are preserving yourself and your uniqueness.

Pisces – The Oldest Soul Around

You have been through it all, and this is why you know that there is more to life than what is known, Pisces. You are in tune with the spirit world, and you may be a dreamer but you also are connecting with the Other Side. You know how to connect with your creativity, intuition, and psychic ability.

That is the reason you appear not to be in touch with reality. The fact is you know what is real and what is not. But you also know that there is so much out there that others do not see, feel, hear, and sense.

The Answer to: How old is your soul according to your zodiac sign

Now you have an idea of how old is your soul according to your zodiac sign. We could say that your soul is based on your sun and your moon and rising sign. For instance, if you are an Aries but you feel like you have been around the block more often than you can imagine, look at your moon and rising sign.

If they are in a sign after Libra, you are likely a much older soul than you realize. Many factors go with the age of your soul, your karma, and your lessons as well as gifts that go into your personal horoscope.

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