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How Other People See Your Zodiac Sign

There Is the unique make-up of each sign and of each birth chart, but there is also the way that others see you. Curious to know more? Here is a brief breakdown of how other people perceive your sun sign


Your upbeat, positive and magnetic personality pulls people toward you. You bring excitement into other people’s lives. People envy your aggressiveness in meeting a challenge. No matter what the problem may be, you always have an answer ready.

Even if you don’t know much about something, it will demonstrate that you do. People also admire you for your honesty Aries, because you don’t gloss over difficulties. What turns them off Is your tendency to be bossy. People are afraid to check you in an argument. 

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You are thought of as a serene influence. Someone to trust and depend on. Someone who will always be there. Others are intimidated by you at first glance, Taurus. You look tough and like you should not be messed with.

Not that many people realize that you are sensitive and easily wounded. You are a trusted tastemaker, and potentially a great chef. People see you as very well put together. People resent that you can be dogmatic. Even if you are right, people don’t always understand why you have to be so unyielding. 


Others like to be around you because you’re exciting, fun, interesting, and amusing. People are taken back by your gift of the gab—you can really communicate and make people laugh.

Friends trust you with emotional matters (even Gemini can have two faces), and people know that you would step in and help if you could. When pressed, you can be sarcastic and that can make people think you are arrogant.

Only your tight friends know you can be moody or frustrated, though your anxious tendencies may be more apparent.

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You are seen as the den mother. The one to solve everyone’s problems and ensure that everyone is happy. People like that you care. People admire your concern for others, but Cancer, why are people also keeping secrets from you?

People might see you as controlling, and they don’t want to be a puppet on your string. Your changing moods are also noticed by people. One second, you’re there and are caring, in another second you are moody and can’t be bothered. In your career, you can be seen as someone who can readily see an opportunity for financial gain. 


You have a way of standing out in crowds. The excitement you project, your sense of style, your way of speaking, and the sound of your laughter captivate people. People are seduced by your big thinking Leo. You feed people’s fantasies of success and power. They are attracted to your energy and your forward, charging attitude.

Others assume that you take a leadership position. Some people are not a fan of your rather large ego. They think that you hog the spotlight and like and need attention too much. Even when you totally sincere, some people will question you and maybe call you fake.

You can be seen as a showoff who takes a big game. And yet there are those who think you have the temperament of a demanding, spoiled baby.


You are seen as a real go-getter. People know that a job will be well done in your hands. You are seen as a logical person who can analyze almost any situation. You are valued for your ability to find order within the chaos.

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You are truthful and because of this people trust your judgments on a lot of things. You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve and people do perceive you as cold. Serious is also a word that comes to your mind, Virgo.

You may not smile easily, and even if you can have a good time, there is this strange sense of responsibility for you. 


People feel valued and have a sense of importance when they are with you because you always seem to understand their perspective. You are seen as someone who can deal with the public. Libra, you are bright and outgoing.

You tend to crave other people’s approval and sometimes go along with what they want without voicing your real concern. This can make you look wimpy or weak to others off the bat. To other people, you may come off as very vain and way too into your appearance. 


Your secretive nature makes others curious to know what is on your mind. You are often the guru in the group. You tend to have uncanny hunches about the future, as well as thoughtful, deep insight into other people’s motivations.

Some even think that your humor holds the barb of truth. People might be drawn to your energy Scorpio, and find you quite sexy. You are often perceived as over-controlling and too ambitious or too power-hungry—you like to be the boss.

You are seen as someone who can be trusted, your word is gold, and you rarely make false promises. 


People like your buoyant presence and sense of humor. Regardless of what goes south, you’re there with a positive explanation and prediction for the future. You’re also the first to offer help, as long as it doesn’t impose upon your own time.

People respect and expect your frankness Sagittarius, even If they do feel like you can be too frank. It can be said that you put your foot in your mouth on the regular. To some people, you appear fickle, undependable, and somewhat too detached emotionally.

You are good until people get too personal or tug on any emotional triggers. In general, people see you as an unpredictable, independent spirit. 


People can see you as an irresistible force and an immovable object. You know how to make up your mind and you work hard so people put you in charge. You fill this role naturally. You are known for having a grand sense of realism.

When people need a rational soul in a crisis, they call on you. Personally, friends will either unload on you or avoid your perspective because is on the downside. Everyone agrees it is hard to make you move an inch Capricorn, even when you’ve got your mind on a goal.

It can feel like in order to find the real you that people have to shed layers. It can be understood, however, that your aloofness comes from a great sense of personal privacy. 


People see you as just a little (or a lot) eccentric. It’s not to say that they see you as strange, but they surely mark you as an independent character. In some people’s eyes, you are a daredevil.

A daredevil who has an unusual or individual way of looking at things. You are a bit of a trailblazer, a pathfinder, and a member of the sea, avant-garde. You are admitted for your wonderful sense of humor, and ability to amuse and shock all at once.

You are open to ideas and full of them Aquarius. Your excitement and friendliness attract people to you. People do withdraw from you when you turn acid-tongued.

You need a lot of personal freedom, so you give the impression of sometimes being uncaring, insensitive, aloof, or distant. People in your company may also be irked by your stubbornness. 


Everyone thinks that their Pisces friend is their special friend. Pisces is someone who will give you all of their attention. You are seen as a concerned and thoughtful person. You tend to have a memorable, sparkling social presence.

You are witty, vivacious, and interested in new activities—as long as you feel confident. People think you are artsy and somewhat bohemian. Many are impressed with your psychic awareness and on-point insight.

People value you as a valued friend, a confidant, yet the more others lean on you, the weaker they think you are. 

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