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How to Break a Curse with the Help of an Angel

How to Break a Curse with the Help of an Angel

To most people, a curse sounds like an extremely horror situation. It sounds like one of the most negative things that could happen to you. However, if you know the right way to break a curse then it is not really a problem. Although there are many ways one can break a curse such as making a prayer or getting help from a professional, one of the most common and easiest ways is to use the help of angels. This article contains information on how to break a curse with the help of angels and protection against curses.

Learn the meaning of curse

Curses are more commonly occurring then we think. To an individual, a curse can be defined as a supernatural power to cause harm to a person or a thing. This definition is true, however, we don’t realize how often does this happen. Cursing someone is basically holding negative energy towards them intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, if any individual is trying to hold a negative intention towards you, you might be cursed. A curse can occur due to a distorted energy pattern. There are other forms of curses as well. Such as one may curse you by mouth. Whatever, type of curse it is, it won’t affect you much if you know how to protect your energy.

Different methods of breaking a curse

There are many traditional methods that one can use when it comes to breaking a curse. The use of magic mirrors is very common. You can use a mirror immersed in black salt so that all the negative energy is bounced back.  Other people may use protective decoy poppets. These poppets are very helpful to offer protection. Taking a purifying bath may also work as a good way to get rid of a curse. You can take a bath in protective herbs that will help you get rid of any negative energy. You can also create a talisman that will repel any sort of negative energy. However, one of the safest and effective ways is to call an angel for help.

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How to call an angel before you make prayer

If you wish to pray to an angel to break the curse, you can make your prayer more effective by reaching out to the angel and connecting with them. You can call the angel very easily and you don’t need to be a mystic for this task. Meditation opens the individual’s brain and is the most effective way to develop spiritually and reach out to any entity. Therefore, before you make your prayer you can consider meditating for 15 minutes. You can do so by choosing a safe and silent place. then close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You can create an altar so that you can connect with angels easily. Similarly, you can use candles.

How to make a prayer to an angel to break the curse

You can make a prayer to the angel once you are connected to them. Making a prayer is not difficult at all. You must be fully relaxed and calm before making the prayer. Similarly, you must be focused and you should acknowledge that the angel is there ready to listen to your prayer. Being in the right mindset is very important. Then focus your attention on your heart and make the prayer. In the prayer, address the angel directly and you must greet them well. You can then explain to them how you are cursed and request them to remove all negative energy that has been around you with the help of the higher authorities.

What happens after the prayer?

Once, you have made the prayer, you should believe that the angels you have asked for help from will help you in all the ways possible once they receive divine instruction. Ensure that you are only thinking positively. You will gradually begin to feel a lighter sensation almost instantly. This prayer is known to be very popular. You will feel that you are free from the curse. You must also keep in mind that feeling joyful and positive helps your energy resonate at a higher frequency which prevents it from being affected by any negative energy that is coming in your way. Angels also use this phenomenon, they help you feel powerful.

What to do if you are cursed

You may start to feel you are cursed when a series of bad events follow. You must try to get to know the cause of this curse. Ask yourself questions such as, “Did you hurt anyone?”, “Is a curse the only explanation to these events?”. After you have realized the cause, you must avoid it from repeating it again. You can also confront the person who has caused the curse and ask them to take it back. However, at times it may not be possible. Therefore, in this case, the best option is to remain positive. If you remain positive and happy through the hard times you will repel the negative energy that is coming your way and the curse will no longer affect you.

How to protect yourself from a curse

There are many ways one can protect them from a curse. Some people use dolls and other lucky charms to protect themselves from a curse. Crystals are often used to absorb negative energy from the surrounding. However, if you are happy or joyful you can overcome any negative energy that comes in your way. This positivity makes you aura energy vibrate at a higher phase which acts as a shield to any negative energy that is coming your way because of a curse. However, if you lose this energy, then you are prone to be affected by the negative energy. You can also ask your guardian angel to protect you from any negative energy.

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