June 17, 2024
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Control Your Chakras

How to Control Your Chakras in Real Life?

Chakras are energy centers which reside in various parts of our body. We have a system that includes seven Chakras. Each Chakra symbolizes a specific ability, trait in a special region of our body. Since Chakras also affect our health and mental state alike, we should be aware of it and know how to control them as well. This article focuses on the methods through which we can control our Chakras.

The Different Methods to Control Chakras

Although there can be many methods through which you can control Chakra in real life, we have compiled a few and described its procedure and have a better look at it. They are given as follows.


Meditation is the first method through which you can easily control your Chakra. It must be done according to these steps:

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Step 1

Free yourself from distractions and unnecessary thoughts. Find yourself a free and private space where there is no interference at all. With your legs crossed, sit comfortably allowing yourself to breathe calmly with pauses.

Step 2

First, picture your Chakra and try to pinpoint it from where it originates. Focus on your root chakra; it comes from the base of your spine. Hence, you need to breathe with full attention to the visualization of this Chakra. Similarly, focus next on your second Chakra, which resides in the naval region. Moving on to the chest region focus more on will power, and you will see the solar plexus chakra.

Step 3

After exploring the base root chakra, you need to shift focus on the heart chakra and try to breathe confidently. Try to think about love and forgiveness, compassion, and patience. This will allow you to meditate between your mind and heart. After that, you will move upward, which means to open your mouth and breathe. All this through the help of throat chakra.

Step 4

The throat Chakra opens when you focus on knowledge and wisdom, the ability to share information. Then move towards the forehead where you need to focus on learning, intuition, and perception mainly. This will allow you to see the third eye that is right above you.

Step 5

This last step is critical. You have to imagine the last Chakra in the chain, which is the crown chakra above your head. After being able to visualize it, you need to focus on the connection and visualize a ray of light in connection with all these Chakras in a line of contact with each other spinning brightly.

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Crystal Meditation

The next big meditation technique which too can control your real-life through Chakras. This type of meditation includes chakra crystals to aid in the process. Here is the procedure to do it:


Firstly, try to find a calm place and lie down relaxed. It will be favorable if the place has a soothing element nearby. For instance, flowing water or the sound of the ocean, etc. the idea is to feel relaxed and eliminate all distractions. Now focus on your breathing and imagine exhaling all the negative energy.

Step 2

The next step is to put stones on each chakra point carefully. The Chakras crystal stones have distinctive colors; therefore, it corresponds to a specific chakra point. For instance, carnelian on the Second Chakra or acral. The crystal Chakras color must be placed accordingly.

Step 3

This step is the practical approach where you use your visualization to see how Chakras correspond to the stones. Feel the presence of energy while doing so and then focus on them either in the descending or ascending order. Whichever path you take it will only result in the restructuring and building of harmony and balance in your life.


The last one is Yoga; it is also a spiritual practice dated back for centuries. It is indeed one of the most practical and beneficial ways to control your Chakras in life. Here are some of the Chakras poses.

Root chakra

Root Chakra lies in the base of our spine; it is considered the first Chakra an in meditation the first one to focus all your senses on. The Yoga poses for root chakra include a multitude of poses like Corpse pose, Side angle pose, and bridge pose. These are very basic and simple poses to focus on your root chakra.

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Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is located near the belly button or the naval area. It represents feelings of compassion and emotions. The poses for sacra Chakra are Cobra pose, twisting triangle pose, and Dancer’s pose, etc.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra resides in the lower chest region. This Chakra mostly concerns with will power and determination. The poses for this charka include Stretch pose, Bow pose, and lion’s pose, etc.

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra, as its name suggests, resides in the heart, and it encompasses the feeling of love and forgiveness. The main poses for a heart chakra include Camel pose, Cobra Pose and eagle pose, etc.

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra speaks of wisdom and knowledge. It concerns the spreading of information for the right causes. The Yoga poses for this Chakra is Fish pose, plow pose and bridge pose, etc.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is located between your eyebrows. It concerns with intuition and thinking. The poses for this Chakra include the Child’s pose, Thunderbolt pose, and Guru Pranam, etc.

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the last one of the Chakras. It is situated on the top of your head. It has an aspect of spirituality and enlightenment associated with it. The poses for ti are Tree pose, Eagle pose, Corpse Pose.


The idea of meditation is about controlling your Chakras. Chakras control is not an arduous task, but it also brings more stability and tranquility to our life. This practice of controlling chakras will not only help in recovering yourself from any negativity in life but also enhance your sense and abilities to move forward in life.

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