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How to Make up After a Fight with Each Zodiac Sign

How to Make up After a Fight with Each Zodiac Sign

It does not matter how strong a relationship you have with your partner, parent, sibling, or friend. If you have a good connection with any of them, then you are lucky. However, even the best relationships can face challenges. That is why arguments happen in any relationship imaginable. That goes for the best ones. Everyone gets into fights or a heated debate over a disagreement. However, if you have a strong relationship, you and the one you argue with will cool down and reconcile. You may have to be the one to initiate making up. How can you do that?

There are ways you can make up with the individual who you had a falling out by doing so in a receptive mode to them, based on their zodiac sign. Let’s find out how to do that for each sign. 

Aries – Send A Direct Apology Regardless of The Circumstance

You don’t want to get into a fight with Aries because they have a heated temper and can say hurtful things. However, the thing with Aries is if they know they are in the wrong, they will be the ones to apologize to you for hurting your feelings. They will mean it. If you were in the wrong and caused the Aries to lose their temper, then the only way to make up with them is to send them a straightforward and direct apology. Do not beat around the bush because they have no patience and time for that.

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In addition to that, don’t wait for the ‘right’ time to apologize. If you want to make up with them, apologize right then and there, even if it has to be in a public setting. If you are direct with your apology, then the Aries will accept it and forgive you.

Taurus – Tell Them They Are Right (Even If They Are Not)

The last thing you want to have happened is a Taurus being upset with you because they tend to hold onto grudges. That does not mean they will not forgive you, but it will take them a long time to get there. The other reason you do not want to get into a fight with a Taurus is to make up with them; the only way they will be receptive to it is to tell them, ‘I am sorry, and you were right all along.’ That even means if they were in the wrong, they wouldn’t accept your apology if you tell them that.

Remember that Taurus is set in their ways. They are very stubborn in their thinking and will only change their mind if something causes them to do so. However, if they see for themselves that they were in the wrong, they will acknowledge that and send you an apology. Don’t expect it to happen right after getting into an argument with them, and they may realize that a year after the fight. That is because a Taurus will remember!

Gemini – Add Humor to Your Apology

Gemini’s one thing is that they are not the type to hold onto a grudge after a fight. However, that does not mean they will forget about the argument they had with you, so you want to apologize to them quickly. They don’t care how you apologize to them as long as you do it. Send them a funny email or text along with an apology, or even send them a card through express mail if you want to go through it that way.

As long as you apologize and add some humor to it, then they will forgive and forget. Then they will act as if nothing happened.

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Cancer – Send Them a Genuine and Sensitive Apology

If you are upset a Cancer, then you will know because they will not stop crying and won’t stop acting emotionally over the argument. Therefore, you are the one who will have to initiate the reconciliation with them. Sending a direct apology, the same way you would send to Aries would not work with Cancer. They will only ignore you and become more upset.

You must add sensitivity to your apology and make sure you genuinely mean it. If you say something along the lines of ‘I am very sorry for hurting your feelings, I did not intend to upset you, please know I care about you and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me’ – then your apology has a good chance of being accepted by Cancer.

Leo – Apologize Profusely and Flatter Them

The one thing that upsets Leo more than anything is if you damage their pride, they will not react well. If you unintentionally hurt their pride, you will know when you upset them, as they will make that clear. Leo is a fixed sign, so they are not likely to forgive so quickly. However, if you want to reconcile with Leo and forgive him, you have to apologize to them – profusely. Also, flatter them as you apologize to them.

You will want to say that you are so sorry for the fight, and you will not know what you will do if they stay mad at you for a long time. You look up to them and need them in your life. If they are satisfied with the apology, they will let it go. However, that does not mean Leo will forget.

Virgo – Clean up Your Act To Make Up

If you upset a Virgo, the only way they will accept your apology is if you mean it by cleaning up your act. That means a word of an apology means nothing to Virgo. They want to see that you genuinely mean it. That means Virgo will be watching you clearly after getting into a fight. You can tell them that you are sorry, but they won’t accept it until they know you mean it. The only way they will know that you mean it is if you clean up your act. Keep your language clean, be punctual, and clean up after yourself. If Virgo is satisfied, then they will let you off of the hook.

Libra – Elaborate on Your Apology and Put in the Effort

If you upset someone who is a Libra, you will know because they will act passively-aggressively. Libras do not like to get into conflicts with anyone. The only way you can snap a Libra out of that behavior is by acknowledging that you upset them and ensuring that you give them an elaborate apology, whether verbal or written. Ensure that you put in the effort into that apology as well. Thus, do not only say ‘I’m sorry.’ You must acknowledge what you did to upset them with your apology, and if they are satisfied, they will drop the passive-aggressive act.

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Scorpio – A Verbal Apology Won’t Cut it as You Must Show Them That You Are Sorry

Scorpios are intense and will not readily forgive you if you upset them. They also will not accept your verbal apology because of their non-trusting nature. You have to show them that you are sorry for something you did that upset them. For instance, you must show them that you are sorry by breaking a bad habit if that habit is why, they are upset or cutting ties with someone toxic to your relationship with the Scorpio – something along those lines. If Scorpio is satisfied with your action-based apology, then they will let the issue go.

Sagittarius – Give Them a Hug To Make Up

Sagittarius is optimistic and forgiving by nature. Therefore, it will take a lot to upset someone with the sign. However, if you do upset them, they will tell you as they are blunt. All you have to do is tell them you are sorry and give them a hug, which will be good enough for them. You can also buy them dinner or dessert, and it does not have to be expensive. It takes a small gesture on your part to let Sagittarius know that you are sorry.

Capricorn – Admit That You Messed up and Tell Them How You Will Do Better Next Time

Capricorn is a serious sign and will not go for any cutesy apologies the same way a Sagittarius does. The thing with Capricorn is that they are slow to anger, but when they are angry, they will explode. You do not want a Capricorn to get to that point. However, if you are arguing with them, it could happen unexpectedly. If they show signs that they are getting to that point, you will want to apologize before they go there. That means you will want to acknowledge where you went wrong and give them a plan on how you will change things for the future. They will expect you to follow through, so don’t expect them to warm up to you until they see you mean it.

Aquarius – Invite Them for Coffee or Dessert and Admit Where You Went Wrong

If you get into an argument with an Aquarius, then they will give you the cold shoulder if you upset them. Aquarius is not known to be emotional, so a heartfelt apology will not help them forgive you. You need to invite them over for coffee or dessert or anything and discuss the issue constructively. Then acknowledge where you went wrong. Aquarius will not resist an invitation for that purpose. There is a good chance that they will forgive you if you present an open mind over what they want to discuss with you.

Pisces – To Mak Up, Tell Them That You Are Sorry, and Cry as You Do It

Pisces is an empathetic water sign, and it is not hard to upset someone with this sign. However, they are also compassionate and will not hold a grudge for very long, especially if you show that you are emotional over how you upset them. Therefore, all you need to do is apologize to the Pisces, and then discuss why you do what you did and start crying about it. Pisces will not be able to help but to comfort you and let the argument go. Therefore, adding in some waterworks to your apology will be enough to get them to forgive you.

No one likes to get into arguments. However, they are necessary for healthy relationships because it indicates that you are communicating, which will, unfortunately, lead to disagreements. If the connection to you is essential to the other individual with who you argue, they will never want to ditch the relationship over a heated argument. That is unless you betray their trust, which is a whole other issue altogether.

However, if you were in the wrong and they have a good reason to be upset with you, then you have to be the one to apologize and acknowledge that you were wrong. You only want to present your apology in a way where they are more likely to accept it based on their zodiac sign. That will make all of the difference.

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