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How to Read the Energy of Crystals

Often when we buy a crystal it comes with a description of its properties; however, wouldn’t it be great if you developed the ability to read a crystals gifts at sight? Once you understand a few key principles of magical philosophy, you will be able to deduce the energy of a crystal by reading the hints in its shape, angles, facets, size, diaphaneity, color and other traits. 


Synchronistic Magic of Crystals

As crystals are exposed to wind, rain, sunlight, and mining equipment, they break off from the earth, sometimes into recognizable shapes and more often into apparently random pieces.

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While these formations may seem like “accidental” products of chance, they are in fact meaningful indicators of the energy that the crystal holds. No matter what physical circumstance led to a crystal taking the shape of a heart, a square, a lightning flash, or an abstract shape, on the energetic plane, it was the crystal that deliberately attracted and manifested itself into this shape.

This is the principle of synchronicity which lies at the heart of shamanistic or animistic magic. The appearance of the crystal is in some way resonant with the “soul” or energy of the crystal. This is true even of those crystals which human hands have fashioned into certain shapes, but it is especially significant when these forms appear organically in nature of their own accord.

There is a reason that a particular crystal has entered your life, so familiarize yourself with the qualities listed below so that you might gain insight into what it wants to tell you. As you search for answers, leave no stone unturned!

Faces of Crystals

Crystals are formed out of seven geometric forms: triangles, rectangles, squares, hexagons, rhomboids, parallelograms, and trapeziums.

These geometric forms lock together into a number of potential crystal shapes. The outer structure of a crystal subtly affects how energy flows through.

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Let’s explore some of the crystal shapes:

  • Amorphous: These crystals lack a coherent structure, as they were formed so quickly that no crystal structure had a chance to develop. Amorphous crystals allow energy to pass through freely and act rapidly as they have no rigid internal organization. They are strong-acting and instantaneous in their effect. Example: Obsidian
  • Hexagonal: Formed out of interlocking hexagons, these crystals are highly energetic and particularly useful for energy balancing. Example: Rhodochrosite
  • Isometric or Cubic: Formed out of squares, Cubic crystals stabilize and ground, providing excellent structure and reorganization support. This is the only crystal form that does not bend light rays as they pass through it. Example: Fluorite
  • Monoclinic: Formed out of parallelograms, monoclinic crystals enhance perception and provide protection. Example: Azurite
  • Orthorhombic: Formed from rhomboids, Othorhombic crystals cleanse, clear, and remove blockages. Example: Peridot
  • Tetragonal: Formed from rectangles, Tetragonal crystals resolve and absolve energy. Example: Idocrase
  • Triclinic: Formed from trapeziums, Triclinic crystals are helpful for exploring dimensions beyond our time/space continuum. Example: Astrophyllite
  • Trigonal: Formed from triangles, Trigonal crystals are invigorating, stimulating, and rebalancing. Example: Quartz

Diaphaneity of Crystals

  • Transparent crystals affect the spiritual and intellectual faculties. These stones aid us in illumination, meditation, opening awareness, inner sight, and widening the gates of perception. They are boundary-dissolvers, helping us feel at one with everyone and everything around us. Examples of these include: Diamond, Topaz, or Amethyst.
  • Opaque stones, which appear solid and let no light pass through, affect the physical body and material conditions of our lives. The effects of these stones are blunt, solid, practical, and earthly, often having to do with our physical routine, behavior, habits, schedule, or day-to-day activities. Examples of these include: Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli or Red Jasper.
  • Translucent crystals, which let light partially pass through, act upon our emotions. These stones help boost our mood and keep our emotions constructive. Examples of these include: Rose Quartz or Moonstone.
  • The Art of Crystal Gazing: A Beginner’s Guide to Scrying with Crystal Balls

Shapes of Crystals


A crystal point has a single tip or termination point at one end and a flat base at the other, which either occurs naturally or has been cut so that the crystal may stand and point up. These freestanding crystals are also sometimes called Towers, especially when they are larger.

Crystal points are naturally projective, directing and focusing energies out the termination point. Crystal points focus and beam energy upwards, making them ideal Focus Stones in Crystal Grids.

Directing the terminated end of a crystal point away from the body will draw off energy while facing the point inward will draw energy into the body, cleansing and energizing the aura.


A Generator is a natural or cut crystal point with six equally sized triangular faces around the tip or termination. The termination, when viewed from above, is perfectly centered. A generator is freestanding with a flat base.

Large or small, this powerful crystal is the optimum shape for generating energy and directing healing energy. It aids in precise focus and clarity of intention.

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These crystals are terminated on both ends. They radiate or absorb energy at both ends simultaneously, channeling it in two directions at once.

Because double-terminated crystals can send and receive energy simultaneously, they can be used to transmute energy. These crystals absorb negative energy while breaking up old patterns, which can be very useful in treating addiction.

Double-terminated crystals can be used to work on multiple planes simultaneously, integrating spirit and matter. They can also be used to unearth and invigorate blockages and facilitate information flow from other planes of reality.


A cluster has many points embedded into a base. Clusters radiate energy in all directions equally and are thus often used to cleanse, stabilize or energize the atmosphere of an entire room or sacred space.

Because clusters have an open face, they absorb and emanate energy in a broader, more diffuse way than points or generators.

Clusters also enhance harmony and peace in groups and are beneficial when kept in family homes, social settings, and even office spaces where many different kinds of people need to work together. Clusters draw people together and facilitate collaboration toward a common goal.


A geode has a cave-like appearance, with a rough rock outer shell containing crystals within. A geode is hollow when opened, with many crystals pointing inward.

Geodes hold and amplify energy within themselves like a womb holds the creative power of life, or a clamshell holds the gently forming pearl.

The round shape of the geodes slows down, diffuses, and softens the flow of energy. The energy is conserved, nurtured, and amplified within the geode and gradually released in a gentle and subdued way.


A Tabular crystal is a thin, flat crystal with two wide sides, with notches on one or both sides. Tabular crystals are known as “Communicators” since they enhance the flow of energy between people and between aspects of the self.

Tabular crystals clear up confusion, eliminate misunderstanding and even enhance telepathy. Tabular crystals may be used as support stones since they facilitate communication even between crystals.


Round stones are receptive stones associated with magnetism, the feminine, Goddesses, and Mother Earth. They are helpful aids to the female reproductive system and facilitate the amplification of feminine or receptive energy generally. Egg-shaped stones may be used for creativity, “hatching new ideas,”, fertility or fresh beginnings.

Round stones aid in contemplative, meditative work where a gradual unfolding or blossoming awareness is needed. These stones emanate powerfully but gently in all directions at once, filling in gaps in auric fields, purifying spaces, promoting harmony and communication.

The most famous round stones are Crystal Balls, into which gazers peer, searching for answers and illuminating the paths ahead. Crystal spheres, being boundary-less, allow us to step outside of linear time and see the future or the past more clearly.

Round stones, being innately magnetic, can be used for any attraction or manifestation work. They make powerful Focus Stones in crystal grids, so long as you have a stand to place them on. You may place green jade stones in a square around a round stone to attract wealth, for instance, or you may place rose quartz in a heart around a round sphere to attract love.

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