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How your heart will be broken based on your zodiac sign

How Your Heart Will Be Broken Based on Your Zodiac Sign

When you believe that the relationship you are in is going well, and then suddenly your partner tells you that they want to end it, that will break your heart. Perhaps they have lost interest in being your friend or lost feelings for you.

Maybe they have fallen in love with someone else which is a gut punch. The same goes for a friendship that is important to you but is no longer important to your friend – who will soon become your former friend.  

So, how your heart will be broken based on your zodiac sign?

Your heart will be broken, and that is because you were not expecting a sudden ending to a relationship, whether it is a romantic one or a friendship. Maybe they will tell you that they want to end it or find out from another source, which would be so much worse. How will your heart be broken on your relationship ends? Let’s find that out based on the zodiac 

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Aries – Hurls Profanity and Then Moves On 

Aries, you are reactive and assertive, but you also know how to move forward from any heartache and setback. If you are learning that your relationship is ending, you will be heartbroken, but you present that by hurling insults and profanity at the one who is breaking your heart.

Are you going to regret saying those things even though you were understandably upset after having some time to cool down? You might. However, you will not apologize since they are the ones that broke your heart and not the other way around. You will be momentarily upset. But you will move on pretty fast after.  

Taurus – Feed Their Insecurity and Then Cuts Them off Indefinitely 

Taurus, you are stable, steady, and loyal, and it takes a lot of time for someone to earn your trust. That is why when you go into a relationship, you are taking a big chance since you don’t trust easily. However, if the unthinkable happens and breaks your heart, this will feed into your insecurities because you will think they found someone better.

You are also not the forgiving type. Therefore, you will forever cut them off and never consider giving them a second chance. You do not move on easily either, and at the same time, you will never want to talk to them again.  

Gemini – Questioning What They Did to Cause It 

Gemini, you are indecisive, and you also don’t like to make commitments. Eventually, anyone you are in a relationship with will become fed up and want nothing to do with you. Once you find this out, whether they tell you or find out through another source, it will hit you that you haven’t been too committed to them, and you will blame yourself for this.

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You are not the type to show your feelings and even be in tune with your feelings, but you will feel both sad and guilty for that. You will wonder what you did to upset them but may not bother asking since you know that they likely won’t want to give you another chance.  

Cancer – They Are Good at Making the Heartbreaker Feel Guilty 

Cancer, you are an ocean of emotions, and you are the one to protect those you love fiercely. However, there is one thing about you. If anyone breaks your heart by ending a friendship or a relationship, you will not take it well. You will not just cry uncontrollably. However, you will play the blame game, and you will make the one who let you down feel guilty.

You will be sure to tell them that you will likely not get any sleep that night all because of them. You will also tell them that it will become of them if you get an upset stomach after dinner. You will not let them leave without them feeling guilty.  

Leo – Make the Heartbreaker Know They Are Not Good Enough for Them 

Leo, you are the one to be in the center of the spotlight, and you need constant attention. However, you are loyal and would not be the one to be unfaithful. It is also doubtful that you would be the one to end any relationship. And if your good friend or partner ended their relationship with you, you would be quite hurt even though you won’t show it.

Instead, you will mask it with arrogance and make it known that the one who let you down and broke your heart was never good enough for you in the first place. You will find a replacement, but your fixed nature will cause you to think about them too constantly.  

Virgo – Will Believe They Are Not Worthy of Love or Friendship 

Virgo, you tend to overanalyze things because you want everything in your life to be perfect. That is why you are super clean and organized. You also take a long time to allow anyone to become close to you because you don’t trust easily.

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That is also why it hurts you so much whenever someone you invested your energy and time into breaks your heart. You will end up overthinking the situation and concluding that you are not worthy of love and friendship – which is so untrue. It will take you a while to rebound from the loss as well.  

Libra – Find Another Relationship Right Away 

Libra, relationships are vital to you, and you cannot handle being alone. That is why if your best friend or partner ends up breaking your heart, you will be heartbroken, but you will not want to be alone. You will accept the reality that your friend or partner no longer wants to be with you.

However, you will not handle being alone at all. You will do something drastic such as going back to your ex, having a rebound relationship, or joining new groups to make a new friend right away. Having time to yourself is going to be out of the question for you. That is too far out of your comfort zone.  

Scorpio – Through Isolation 

Scorpio, you are distrusting by nature because you already have the belief that someone will break your heart before they give you a chance. But, on the other hand, you are mysterious and intriguing, and those who have the intention of fooling around with you will not stick with you anyway because they sense with your intense nature that you could make their lives miserable if you found out about their lies.  

However, the main reason that your friend or partner would end a relationship is that you can be too blunt without worrying about hurting their feelings. You would see it as them betraying you, and you would isolate yourself further because your trust would be that much harder to earn.  

Sagittarius – Avoidance and Will Prefer to Do Things Solo for a While 

Sagittarius, you are the happy-go-lucky type that enjoys going on some fun adventures. However, you also are the type to want to have friendships or partnerships with those who share the same interests as you. You have your travel buddies, but if they break your heart, you will not want to show it because you focus too much on showing your optimistic side. However, your actions will show that you are heartbroken.  

You have the desire to travel solo and do not want to form any friendships for a while. Or you will choose to stay single for a while and focus on your adventures and travels instead.  

Capricorn – Grows Cold 

Capricorn, you are not the one to show your feelings, and you may be the type to hide them by focusing on your work and goals. However, like everyone else, you get lonely, and you need friendships and romantic relationships.

Unfortunately, you don’t trust easily either. That is why you take a while to become close to someone. Once you do, and they end up breaking your heart in one way or another, you grow stone cold. You will either tell them to ‘get out’ immediately or even give them the silent treatment and won’t listen to their apology. You will not be open to reconciliation either.  

Aquarius – Through Condemnation and Moves Forward 

Aquarius, you are the distant type since you keep others at arm’s length. You also enjoy your freedom and alone time, but you don’t want to be free of relationships. You need some friends to hang out with and even a romantic partner.

However, if they break your heart somehow, you will pretend it does not bother you since you don’t like to work with your feelings. And before you know it, you begin to condemn and condescend to them and focus on their weaknesses. That is because you are hurt. After you get that out of your system, you will move forward.  

Pisces – Makes Them Feel Guilty by Crying 

Pisces, you are sensitive and very sensitive. You make time for your friends and your partner, and if they repay you by breaking your heart, you will cry. Do you cry deliberately? Yes, and no. Your feelings are real, and you cannot help that.

However, you also want to make it known how much they hurt you. And crying is the perfect way for them to know that. They cannot help but feel guilty for hurting you, which is how you want them to feel. You may also mope around having your heart broken for a while, but eventually, you will become bored with that and move on.  

Unless you are a Cancer or a Pisces, you prefer not to show your feelings after someone breaks your heart. Therefore, that is why you show how heartbroken you are by throwing insults, ghosting, or becoming distant – depending on your sign and your personal horoscope, more importantly. However, that also depends too on why they are breaking your heart. If it is personal, then it is understandable to be angry about it.  

However, sometimes the one breaking your heart doesn’t want to do it, but they don’t have a choice because of a difficult situation. For instance, if your best friend announces that they got a career opportunity of a lifetime and are moving across the country, you will still be sad – but that doesn’t mean they deserve any punishment either. Regardless of your sign, hopefully, you would realize that it is not a personal gut punch even though it is difficult.  

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