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Inner Peace: The Spiritual Powers of Chocolate

Chocolate gets a bad rap, and, understandably, that would be the case because chocolate is known for sugar, fat, and high-caloric snacks that nutritionists and dieticians frown upon, which would be understandable. However, that is not actual chocolate, as those sugary snacks are processed chocolate containing so many additives. Chocolate is a superfood with many health and spiritual properties that would benefit you. In honor of Chocolate Day on October 28th, you will want to know the spiritual benefits this superfood can provide because it can help change your life for the better in so many ways!

Authentic Chocolate Is Not What You See In The Stores

When you think of chocolate, as mentioned, you would think of candy bars and any sugary treat that is not healthy. However, that is not what authentic chocolate is because it is medicine in its purest form, and the Aztecs and Ancient Mayans used it for ceremonial and spiritual reasons. There are so many additives in chocolate because chocolate itself that is not sweetened is exceptionally bitter, known as cacao.

However, you can make dark, healthy chocolate and sweeten it with natural sweeteners such as stevia to give it more flavor by using healthy fats such as avocado. You will want it to be at least 70 percent cacao, which would be pure enough to give you the spiritual benefits you need but tasty enough to enjoy. Now, let’s discuss the spiritual benefits of chocolate that you will want to know and utilize.

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Pure Chocolate Helps To Open The Heart Chakra

Have you heard the expression “Eat some chocolate for breakfast” said to those who are cranky and full of negativity? There is truth to that expression. The chocolate that those who say it refer to are the sugary processed store-bought candy bars. That will not provide you with any benefits! But the chocolate in the purest form will help open your heart chakra so you can begin to feel love for yourself and others.

When you open your heart chakra, you are allowing your wisdom and inner spirit to become accessible, and you will also have a much stronger connection to your Higher Self, which would be your intuition and spiritual side. And once you can do that, you will begin to follow your path intuitively. You will develop an awareness of things that have been preventing you from living the life you love, and that feel authentic to your heart, leading to you not having more love but being spiritually and physically healthier too.

Pure Chocolate Is Great For Your Creativity

If you consume dark chocolate daily (in moderation), you will find that your imagination is more robust, allowing creative ideas to flow easily. Whatever creative blocks hinder your creative side will disappear, allowing you to become inspired quickly as inspiration stirs creativity. Therefore, if you want to write articles or a book or even develop some problem-solving abilities for a dilemma you are facing, you will become creative enough to do that.

Because your creativity would become more robust, you may enjoy hobbies such as writing, music-making, painting, drawing, sculpting, or anything involving your imagination. And that can open up many opportunities if you become interested in any creative pursuit. You may even get to the point of creating fun videos that go viral if that is the direction you choose to go. Therefore, if you struggle to become creative and face many invisible obstacles, you should start enjoying some dark chocolate each day.

Pure Chocolate Can Help With Mental Clarity

If you want to improve mental clarity, cacao can help make that happen. It has a way to help you change your perspective as you can begin to see and then remove any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. If you eat a piece of dark chocolate each day, you will find that your mental clarity will improve as you can work through past traumas and old habits that are no longer serving you. Therefore, you will also be able to slow down and not allow the daily hustle to rule you and step out of it while you can connect with your Higher Self. As you can do that, you will recognize your skills, talents, and creativity and figure out your life purpose.

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Cacao Can Be A Great Energy Booster

If you are looking for a quick energy boost, you may have the temptation to grab a coffee or something sugary and get a boost from that. However, what happens when the boost runs out? You crash, and then you are tired and feel sluggish again. Suppose you want a powerful energy boost without dealing with a valley after a peak. In that case, cacao will be a perfect source for that, as you can attain that boost and retain it throughout the day without going through any crashes.

When you are energetic, you will also think more clearly and be able to accomplish a lot more, which will also be good for your psyche. When you are more energetic, you will think more optimistically, whereas if you get your energy boost from an artificial source such as an energy drink, the sluggishness you will feel after peaking will negatively affect your mindset. Therefore, if you need a good pick-me-up, eat some natural chocolate.

Chocolate Can Help With Meditation

One of the things you need to do to maintain a spiritual life is to take time out of your day and dedicate it to meditation. It does not have to be you sitting in a darkened room and saying “Ohm” repeatedly. You can meditate when walking or doing a daily task such as vacuuming. However, cacao can be beneficial for you to meditate regardless of how you do it because it provides you with the ability to help you connect with your spirit and mind, which gives it an opportunity for you to meditate in a profound state as it can help you quiet your mind and to help remove the chatter that goes on in it.

Pure Chocolate Can Help Balance Male And Female Energies

There is yin and yang, light and dark, night and day, and you need those to support any existence, so you have that within you, which are the masculine and feminine energies. You may feel imbalanced because those male and feminine energies are not balanced. Therefore, cacao can help balance those energies so you can feel more balanced, live harmoniously, and be more effective. The feminine energy allows inspiration to affect you, and the masculine energy causes you to act on it. Therefore, if you find yourself procrastinating even though you have so many ideas, or if you are the type that acts before thinking, that is a sign of an imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies within. Chocolate can help fix that issue.

When you think of chocolate, you may automatically think of an unhealthy snack, but it all boils down to the type. The chocolate in vending machines is processed and full of sugar and unhealthy fats. Therefore, you are not getting any spiritual benefits from a candy bar. You may get that initial pick-me-up from having a dopamine fix satisfied after eating it, but then you become sluggish and feel worse. The chocolate you want to pay attention to that will be so good for you is natural chocolate made of at least 70 percent cacao and sweetened with natural and healthier sweeteners with healthy fats. Even raw chocolate is calorie-dense, so you will want to eat it in moderation. Still, a piece of natural chocolate a day has so many spiritual and healing properties that will help improve your life, and you will want to do this in honor of Chocolate Day on October 28th.

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