July 25, 2024
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Instant Sexiness

Instant Sexiness: 15 Things That Make You Instantly More Attractive

You’re probably one of those people who think they can’t be attractive, that’s the only reason why you’re reading this article in the first place. But it’s totally not something to cry about because you can be attractive, anybody can look attractive. It doesn’t mean only people with pretty faces are attractive, doing regular things can make you look instantly more attractive too. To bring out your instant sexiness the essential things are being confident with your body and loving yourself just the way you are.

Attractiveness is a mix of your looks, personality, and character. Here are 16 easy steps that you can follow and will help you to put out an attracting vibe.

1-  Start by being kind to everyone

Like I said earlier before looks don’t only make you attractive, just by being nice to people can be quite attractive. Try helping out people in times of need or talk in a friendly soft tone is enough to make you look attractive to others.

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2-  Groom yourself nicely

If you want people to like you or find you attractive, you don’t want them to see you in your pajamas or with messy hair right. Start focusing on self-care that includes clean hair, well-fitted clothes, proper posture, and normal weight. These features will show how you are able to manage yourself, thus making you look attractive.

3-  Start wearing red

The color red symbolizes love and passion. This is one reason why you should wear red to look more attractive. Not only clothes but a red lipstick will also do the trick.

4-  Show off your curves

Don’t be shy to flaunt your curves as it will bring out your instant sexiness. It’s been proven that men prefer curvy women than thin figures while women think the opposite. Ladies prefer the hourglass figure that will help to feel sexy.

5-  Get a dog

Everybody likes a puppy right? If you walking your dog down the street and you pass a girl, there’s a 100 percent chance that she will turn towards you or start a conversation regarding your dog. Women tend to judge men on how they treat their pets as they are more sensitive to this matter, whereas men use their pets to attract women.

6-  Try looking taller

It has been proven that women mostly prefer taller men so sad news for the short guys. But there is a way to look taller. Start wearing clothes of the same shade that will not only make you appear taller but also classy bringing out an instant sexiness vibe.

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7-  Having a good sense of humor

People who will make you laugh will automatically look attractive. It’s a desirable trait for both men and women. Having a good sense of humor means the person has skills such as intelligence and creativity, who wouldn’t love an intelligent person?

8-  Guys… grow a beard

Some sex-specific characteristics are attractive for both genders. For women, a man’s beard is the most appealing. Different styles of facial stubbles and beards show a man’s masculinity and look more attractive to women. Having a beard also helps to protect you against skin cancer as it blocks the sun rays and also helps to keep dust coming in your nose.

9-  Start hanging out with attractive people

There is a chance of boosting your attractiveness if you start hanging out with attractive people. People tend to judge you according to your group, so if you are hanging with attractive people, it will increase the group’s average attractiveness giving you an instant sexiness feel.

10-  Wear little makeup

Women think that guys find them pretty if they apply more makeup. It makes them feel confident which is also attractive but at the same time might make others think you’re insecure. Men tend to prefer women wearing less makeup so try going for a natural look and showing off your natural features.

11-  Talk with a higher pitched voice for women and a lower pitch for men

According to research, women with a higher pitched voice are more attractive to men than a low smoky voice. Whereas its opposite for men that women find a lower pitched voice with a larger body size sexier. Start taking notes boys and girls and bring out your instant sexiness by just your voice.

12-  Wear shades

Wearing dark-colored sunglasses can actually make you look attractive. There are reasons for this; it makes your face look symmetrical and also adds to a cooler touch.

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13-  Show off your jawline

To all those guys who have trouble growing a beard, try showing off your jawline which is also a masculine feature that many women find attractive. It helps to show your genetic strength that gives out instant sexiness.

14-  Put on some heels

If guys see a girl wearing heels, they will automatically find it attractive by the way she walks. It makes women appear more feminine and sexy. You might have noticed models wearing heels all the time but don’t they look sexy by the way they walk? So ladies put on your heels and walk the streets like a runway.

15-  Stop slouching

Having a good posture will help you look more attractive to others. According to research, it increases the level of testosterone; a hormone linking to confidence. Try not to slouch while sitting or walking as it will make you look tired or lazy.


See, Simple things like your way of walking, your voice, personality, etc. all together can bring out your instant sexiness. Looks are not the only thing that can make you attractive just try considering these 15 steps guide and start to feel attractive, sexy and confident at the same time.

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