June 13, 2024
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January 2024 is Celebration of Life Month

January is the first month of the year, representing fresh starts. It is a time to remind you to appreciate the lives you lead and to cherish the daily blessings coming your way. It is easy to develop the post-holiday blues in January, but you want to focus on the good things to come, which is why January is called the Celebration of Life Month. It is the ideal time to unwind from the holidays and prepare for the new year. Food for Health International established Celebration of Life for January. The company produces and distributes dry foods, whole foods, and portable solar technology for emergencies and established the Celebration of Life Month for you to celebrate each day while nurturing your bodies and, in turn, feeding your souls. Let’s discuss how to celebrate your life so you can help minimize the effects of the post-holiday blues.

Remember That Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed

It sounds dark, but the truth is, you always have to remember that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Therefore, if you keep that in mind, each morning you wake up, be thankful for what lies ahead of you, and whatever task you have to do, even if that means having to take that long and tedious commute to work, do it with any degree of enthusiasm. If you have a mundane chore to do your grocery shopping, be thankful that you can do that. The point is you want to not take your time here for granted while you are able and healthy, which will change your perspective regarding your need to fulfill your responsibilities and duties that you groan about daily.

Gratitude Makes A Difference for Celebration of Life Month

When you develop an attitude of gratitude, it does help you shift your perspective immensely in a positive way. You want to be authentic about what you express gratitude for, which means if it feels wrong to be grateful for some hardships you have encountered, then look for the things that you consider blessings. Take a journal and a pen and express the people, places, and things you are grateful for in your life, bringing you great joy. Journal the things you are thankful for each day, and if something positive happens to you, be sure to journal that. If you are consistent, you will notice how your responses will evolve as you read what you have written before.

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Unwind Somewhere Comfortable And Reflect Each Day

When it is the end of your day, find somewhere comfortable to sit, brew some tea, and reflect on the day. If you have not had the best day, feel the emotions based on that and acknowledge that every day may not be positive. However, you will also want to focus on the positive things that happened during that day and think about what you learned from the day that you could improve. After you reflect, unwind from the day by reading your favorite book, watching a television show, or doing something relaxing. Taking the time to unwind and reflect at the end of the day is another way to make your day count.

Talk To Your Inner Self

During Celebration of Life Month, you can make the most of your day by conversing with your inner self about something you need to analyze or reflect on or by weighing the pros and cons when deciding. Whatever you do, do not make it heavy, as you want to make this a calming experience instead of making you anxious. All you need to do is have a quick conversation with you and your inner self. By doing this, you may develop ideas for goals you want to achieve. If you do this, it will also encourage you to reflect more and hone your analytical skills.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Delving into the unfamiliar can be scary, so you may prefer sticking to anything familiar. For example, you stay working at a job you dislike and feel undervalued because you can’t even think of venturing out to look for another job that may better fit you. However, you stick around there because that is what is comfortable, even though you are unhappy.

You also may not be the one who has ever traveled outside of the country, and you use lack of affordability as an excuse even though there is so much information out there about how to travel abroad on a shoestring budget. However, when you stick to the familiar, you are stagnating, and stagnation will cause you to be tired of life and become apathetic. Therefore, one of the ways to celebrate life is to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. Do something you have never done before! Or, if you are unhappy with a situation, such as working at a job that makes you feel like you are stagnating, start looking for other jobs! It is daunting, but it is a sure way to celebrate life.

Define Your Purpose And Make a Statement

Many people mutter through life without knowing their purpose, and you may not even know. However, there is one thing that you need to learn about having a purpose. You can have various purposes in your life, as you don’t have to have one purpose that defines your life. Your purpose can define a goal you want to accomplish or a change you want to make. For example, if you realize that you are too much of a people-pleaser and want to create a goal to begin setting boundaries, then your purpose for this time will be to be a great boundary-setter because you are not there to please the world.

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Stop Doom Scrolling! Stick To Happy News

It is important to stay informed about what is happening worldwide and in your community; otherwise, avoid the news. If you constantly read about several wars occurring right now, virus outbreaks, and other devastating stories, that will harm your mind, body, and spirit. Instead, focus on positive news such as stories of shelter animals getting adopted, a story about an act of kindness, or something that can provide some hope. If you surround yourself with stories and news that will uplift you, that will do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit. And not to mention, you will find those stories inspiring, too.

Do Something Kind For Someone during Celebration of Life Month

When you are kind to someone, it makes you feel good. However, you want to ensure that you are genuine about your intentions to do something kind. You don’t want to go out of your way to help anyone who may not appreciate what you do, or else that will stir up resentment and cause you to be less likely to do something kind in the future.

You have to want to do it truly; when it is genuine, it will make you feel great. For example, if you are at a coffee shop waiting in line to get a coffee, surprise the stranger behind you by buying them a coffee. That may have been the best thing that could have happened to them, especially if they experienced something disappointing or devastating.

Hang Around Those Who Make You Happy

Sometimes, you will have to face people you are not fond of, such as at family get-togethers or work. You don’t always have a choice of who you will be around in situations like that. But all you can do is minimize their presence by shielding your energy by envisioning a protective bubble around you.

Otherwise, choose to be around those who make you happy, such as your friends who support, validate, uplift, and motivate you, family members you get on well with, and work colleagues you enjoy being around. If you choose to be with those you enjoy more often than not, you will find it easier to celebrate life! How others treat you and their demeanor will impact you, whether you realize it or not.

Get Active Daily

One of the ways you can nurture your mind, body, and soul and celebrate life during Celebration of Life Month is by being active. Square a half-hour a day to do that if you are at a sedentary desk job. Take a brisk walk outdoors if possible, or if you cannot do that because the weather is unpredictable for that day, you can always go to a mall or walk on your treadmill if you have one.

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Or, if you have a community indoor pool nearby, go for a swim, do some aerobics, or sign up for a Zumba class! Or, do some stretching exercises or yoga. Either way, get active! Exercise releases endorphins that will make you feel good, as it is a natural antidepressant. Being active for a half-hour or even 20 minutes a day will help brighten your mood, which is a great way to celebrate life.

Spend Time Outdoors If the Weather Permits

If you live in a colder climate, spending too much time outdoors may be tricky at this time of year in the middle of winter. However, unless it is a blizzard or a polar vortex, bundle up and stroll outdoors, as spending time outdoors is one of the most nurturing things you can do. It does not matter if you take a walk on your street or you go to a park; the outdoor energy and air are good for your mind, body, and soul, and that is why you will want to spend enough time outside as being indoors too much will make you feel stuffy, lethargic, and gloomy.

When dealing with the post-holiday blues, you feel gloomy and in a slump, especially now that the part of winter you are in is long, dark, and cold. However, one of the best ways to get your vibe up and your mind away from that is to celebrate life. That is why January is the Celebration of Life month, as Food for Health International established Celebration of Life for January a while ago. Instead of focusing on the long winter ahead after the excitement of the holidays ends, focus on gratitude, spending time with those you love and enjoy, unwinding after a stressful day, getting out of your comfort zone, and defining your purpose. Most of all, tomorrow is not guaranteed, so make the most of your life!!

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