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All You Need To Know About Kundalini Power

Chakras are vortices of etheric matter in the human energy field into which astral forces rush. The astral forces moving through these whirling discs bring a particular logoidal influence or aspect of the Divine Mind into the physical body via the etheric body. We can think of each chakra as a portal to one kind of higher consciousness.

Chakras are activated by raising Kundalini through the central column of the body. According to Hindu myth, Kundalini—the goddess of the serpent fire—descends into man through the umbilical cord at the navel, but when the umbilical cord is cut, this serpentine power coils itself in the sacral plexus, where it rests upon the triangular bone at the end of the sacrum. Here Kundalini remains coiled in slumber.

When Kundalini resides in the base chakra, she rests. In this form she is the inherent potential in matter, the primordial feminine force of creation, and the evolutionary force in human consciousness. In most people she remains dormant, peacefully sleeping in her coiled abode at the base of the spine.

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When awakened, this Goddess unfolds from her coils and climbs upward, chakra by chakra, reaching for the Crown chakra at the top of the head. Occult exercises and yogic discipline rouse the Kundalini and send it through the central column of the body into the Third Eye chakra and pineal gland.



The Rising Serpent

The Heart chakra and the Root center are connected to the vagus nerve. When these centers are brought under the control of the soul through the Third Eye center, they produce the raising of the Kundalini fire. This swings the entire nervous system into a special form of rhythmic activity and responsiveness, and it is through the stimulation and the control of the vagus nerve that this is accomplished.

When the Third Eye, Heart and the Root chakra at the base of the spine are in magnetic and dynamic rapport, producing a radiatory effect, then they affect the vagus nerve and the fires of the body are unified and raised, producing purification and the “opening of all doors.” As the Third Eye is activated, known as Kundalini awakening, one rises more fully into his spiritual nature. The passage of Kundalini upward towards the Crown is marked by a gentle warmth. As it rises, the lower part of the body becomes cold, until only the head remains warm.

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The deliberate raising of Kundalini happens when all the chakras of the energy body are awakened and the channels up the spine are unimpeded. Through the science and art of Yoga, we can learn to develop, cultivate and control our energy centers, preparing the way for the serpent energy. Activated chakras can burn up all the obstructing forces that might clog up the central channels of the body. Thus the Kundalini fire can be raised seamlessly and without friction or turbulence.

A master yogi or adept focuses the Kundalini Fire in the Root chakra by an act of the enlightened will under the impulse of love. As the divine soul is united with the human personality, this unified fire is then raised by the use of a Word of Power. Only an adept can raise this fire in full consciousness from the base of the spine to the head centre. In this state, illumination, revelation, rapture, ecstasy and increased magical potency are experienced.

However, the raising of Kundalini can be quite unpleasant and indeed harmful when it happens accidentally or without adequate preparation. When the untrained practitioner manages to arouse the lowest Kundalini fire through the sushumna, this produces a premature burning and destroys the etheric web in the etheric body. The result is often schizophrenic episodes and long-lasting mental disturbance. The sting of the fiery serpent is most deadly, as those well know who have seen the results of her premature raising. She will burn her way to the brain and destroy the reasoning qualities of the mind. Sometimes these episodes are accompanied by violent symptoms like tremors, out-of-body experiences, hallucination, etc.


The Cosmic Ladder

As Kundalini moves through each center she produces an extension of consciousness. Each of the five lower centers distributes one of the five forms of Prana, or the broken up energy of the sun. Each of the seven chakras also has a corresponding tattva, or breath—a motion or condition of spiritual air. These centers are known not only in the East; the story of Kundalini traveling through these centers is clearly set forth in the Book of Revelation, where the seven seals, the seven trumpets, the seven vials, and the seven voices all refer to the spinal centers and the various mysteries concerning them.

Beginning at the bottom of the spine and working upward, the centers are as follows:

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  • First, Muladhara, or the Root Chakra. The tattvic power of smell is associated with this chakra.
  • Second, Svadhishthana, the Sacral Chakra. Its tattvic correspondent governs the sense of taste.
  • Third, Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is associated with the tattva of sight.
  • Fourth, Anahata, the Heart Chakra. Its tattvic power is the sense of touch.
  • Fifth, Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra. Its tattvic correspondent gives the sense of hearing.
  • Sixth, Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra. Its tattvic power is to give the quality of thought.
  • Seventh, Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra. Its tattvic power is purely spiritual. When Kundalini reaches this point, divine consciousness is attained.

Kundalini is very powerful and enlightening force. It is also a very tricky and unpredictable force to play around with; one which may be loaded with intense pain, confusion and frequently may be interpreted by the world as insanity. It opens the chakras, but like opening each cell in a jail, Kundalini may release whatever is lodged within the chakras. This may be expanded insights or experiences, or it may be old traumas or abuses that caused the chakra to shut down originally.

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