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Life Path Number 5

Numerology Compatibility of Life Path Number 5

Things come and go. Relationships start and end but what stays are the feelings. It is basically a treasure that can be a curse at the same time, being fuel for thought at the same time is a joy. Life path number 5 may be considered as those people who are always determined to be on the move. These sorts of people should read this article as it holds the key to one of the most important question as to whom to choose for a life partner. However, careful consideration regarding your own personality must be kept in mind.

Life path 5 Strength

They have an exciting aura; they like to have fun and are always kind.

Life Path 5 weakness

They go with the flow; they don’t like to plan things or even organize. They are just in for the big picture.

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This article would give you a brief overview of the people who can join numerology path 5 in their life:

1. Following through with Number 1

Between the loving nature of life path 1 and the adventurous soul of life path 5 things can be a bit difficult to sort out as the life of numerology 5 is centered around the prospect of wondering without any cause. In contrast with the planned and sophisticated life of life path 1. If this relationship does start, it would help in complementing each other in the process as they both would help each other in the areas where life is difficult. So, it only depends on the way they act, and work and an initial spark are needed.

2. Working with a relationship with Number 2

Unless life path 5 decides to go for a long and serious relationship. Their relation with number 2 can lead to a very sour taste in their mouth. The reason being that is, numerology 5 would consider as shackling them into a point where it would become a “too much too soon” kind of situation which can be very troublesome. For number 5 to commit it must be a very serious situation as they are not easily held back from their free nature. But this is possible if number 5 gives time to their partner.

3. Thinking of going out with Number 3

It is considered a double-edged blade for those who try to pursue this relationship as a goal because both are very flirtatious and moving yet they are not disciplined and self-absorbed. This can be a problem in terms of the relationship. As they would go for the lack of interest in the path 3 and in retaliation, they would go out for a new partner. This hurts the life path 5, and they would move on leaving them in the open. For the relationship to work, they both must talk about what is happening in their life. Including the process of being truly open and honest with their partner.

4. Kicking it off with Number 4

This is not considered a type of relationship that never goes to a fruitful relationship. As both of them belong to different temperament and expectations. While numerology 5 goes for a party type of relationship while number 4 goes for a long-lasting relationship. Number 4 tries to control their partners by holding them back.

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Another problem that arises with that of life path 5 is they are very reckless with money while number 4 is not at all comfortable with that kind of behavior.

5. Life Path 5 along Path 5

Number 5 aim for going to short term relationships rather than long and genuine relationships. If they move for a relationship in the long term, this could lead to a very happy and settled relation. It is because they find security in this settling down. They both share common interests and adventurous nature for an active lifestyle, which will unite them. Although they are the sort of people, who would go for a natural understanding of what is going with their partners.

6. Hitting it off with Number 6

Their compliance is not of an exemplary type as they both are very different people. They are the ones who would end up with a relationship that is more of a challenge than compliance between the two. Life path 5 is more of an unpredictable type while number 6 is unique in its own existence.

During this whole endeavor number 6 may end up with a very painful memory of hanging out with numerology 5 types of people. After a while number 5 would move on and not look back over his shoulder leaving number 6 in the dry and hurting them in the process.

7. Going about with 7

A great combo if it runs off into a fruitful ending. Instead, when they both meet, they might throw each other off balance. But number 7 should realize it if their partner is sharing their feelings with them; it means that they are very sincere with them. Because number 5 adventurous behavior of not keeping any strings attached is being violated.

8. Path 5 with 8

Numerology 5 is attracted to the quiet and determined behavior of number 8. But this is short lived. This relationship wears off quickly because they both face the issue of not sharing much in their character traits. But the time they stay together is a happy and nice one.

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9. Bonding with 9

This bond is more successful if they keep it professional and not take it to a personal level. The reason being is their busy schedules. Life path 5 is more sociable while number 9 is workaholic. They both hate to go for a violent solution to their life becomes a very nice and exciting experience.


Life path number 5 people are very adventurous and outright souls. They do not intend to stay for long in a certain place. What they need is a way to find a soul who would be as open to the movement as they are themselves. Yet they never share their feelings with others, which makes them mysterious.

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