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Life Path Number Initiations

Life Path Number Initiations – Becoming the Miraculous Healer

In order for the teachings of mystical spirituality to come true in your life, you must make them the central force in your life. You must center your life around them and infuse them into every aspect of your life — (The Egyptian Book of the Dead)

The Egyptians had mystery schools, and within these various studies were initiations that one had to pass through in order to enter the gates of spiritual awareness. They worked with number frequencies and not only their characteristics but the laws that govern them.

12 Initiations

In Egyptian numerology, there are twelve initiations on our path to spiritual awareness. Initiations come to us in the form of virtues. They hold the keys to higher knowledge, understanding of ourselves, and an acute perception of the world around us.

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When we accept the invitation to spiritual awakening, we begin to recognize, practice, and implement them in our daily lives. They become keys to the gates we pass through to a higher understanding of rightful living. Some people are born with an inner sense of higher wisdom, and some of us find them along the path of self-discovery. If we desire to achieve personal attainment, these initiations are steppingstones to reaching an elevated state of consciousness.

All initiations are acts of personal power. They show up in our lives as opportunities to adopt virtues, and these specific merits hold a high level of energy when implemented in our lives daily.

The reason why we accept these initiations when they are presented to us is that they lead us through gates of spiritual awareness, allowing us to maintain a high-energy status. The higher we vibrate, the greater possibilities we attract into our lives. All gates can be entered independently, or they can be used to build on one another. Every gate interacts with and can be applied to all other gates. The numbers associated with each gate resonate with the vibration and the characteristic of the number frequency assigned to that gate, referring to one’s soul-life path number.

Magnetic Qualities

The vibrations of our life path numbers have magnetic qualities, attracting specific people, places, events, and circumstances to us, and these circle or orbit our lives in an attempt to bring us opportunities to advance our spiritual directives concerning the meaning found within these initiations, virtues, or lessons. Each of us can go an entire lifetime or more not completing these lessons only to return in an attempt to finalize the ascension back home. Learning these qualities and implementing them into our lives is a huge part of being in alignment with our souls’ journeys.

Initiations offer an opening to a higher awareness, exclusive opportunities, and a soul revelation. If we find ourselves out of alignment, there is sure to be an initiation that is blocked, or maybe we have been unwilling to accept, implement, and explore the depths of its truth within our lives.

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These initiations are doorways, openings, or portals to gates of spiritual awareness. We never access the key to these doors and then graduate. They serve as an abyss of expanded wisdom; like a peeling onion, there is always another layer beneath the surface.

It takes daily vigilance and commitment to hold these virtues and be true to ourselves under all conditions and circumstances. Although this path is under the premise of progress and not perfection, there lies an infinite Tao that longs to be grasped and maintained.

We may know the definitions of each initiation, but how are they understood and practiced in our lives? Are we becoming examples or content to be wanderers?

A wanderer is educated about spiritual awareness but never truly goes through the transformation process required to sustain necessary progress. Wanderers tend to talk a good talk, but their walk is always sideways.

I encourage you to embrace these initiations and embody the chasm of truth within your soul, and in doing so, you will lead others through these doorways and closer to their soul-life missions.

Every soul-life path contains a number frequency with a past-life karmic lesson to impart. When I work with individuals, we cover the alignment of the initiation associated with their soul-life path numbers. Our goal is to strengthen this initiation until it develops into the leading character of our personalities. We then better understand the karmic lessons through the virtues that each number frequency is assigned to.

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Life-Path Number Initiations

  • Number 1: Interdependence leading to honesty.
  • Number 2: Absolving judgment leading to acceptance.
  • Number 3: Divine messenger leading to trust.
  • Number 4: Dream materialization leading to courage.
  • Number 5: Transformation leading to personal freedom.
  • Number 6: Empathic abilities leading to healthy boundaries.
  • Number 7: Channeling higher wisdom leading to humility.
  • Number 8: Manifestation leading to personal integrity.
  • Number 9: Compassion leading to forgiveness.
  • Number 10: Leadership leading to perseverance.
  • Number 11: Illumination leading to spiritual awareness.
  • Number 12: Mastery leading to service and charity.

Initiation Number 1: Interdependence Leading to Honesty

The first thing I learned on my spiritual travels is that honesty without love leads to brutality. Welcoming the virtue of honesty into our lives is the practice of a deep soul cleansing and purification process. This virtue is a gift from living in a state of self-acceptance, love, and integrity in its highest form. It means respecting ourselves and making a commitment toward positive thinking.

The benefits of honesty are endless, but the most obvious are lack of mental confusion, rise in self-esteem, throat, and communication repair, cleansing of the auric field, and a shift toward greater awareness. It is a pure state of mind and heart joined with the throat chakra.

Initiation Number 2: Absolving Judgment Leading to Acceptance

This is not the most favorable initiation on our list, but it is one of severe importance. It is especially crucial for those who have the master number 11/2 in their soul-life agreements. This is just one of many lessons we need to implement in our lives in order to access the power and magic of the elusive number 11.

 Acceptance is the second gate into spiritual awareness. It comes from absolving judgment or ceasing to view the world in terms of polarities such as good and bad. Acceptance is found when we are aware of our circumstances and choose to be at peace, knowing that everything is perfect exactly the way that it is and at all times. We accept the things that we cannot change, change the things that we cannot accept, and acquire the wisdom to know the difference.

We are addicted to pleasure in part because we confuse pleasure with happiness. We would say that deep down all we want is to be happy, but we do not have a realistic understanding of what happiness really is. Happiness is closer to the experience of acceptance and contentment than it is to pleasure. True happiness exists as the spacious and compassionate heart’s willingness to feel whatever is in the present moment.

Initiation Number 3: Divine Messenger Leading to Trust

The number 3 gate is trust. The essence of the number 3 is about vulnerability, innocence, and childlike wonder. With all these qualities intact, we remain open to receive the truth offered by the higher realms. This initiation asks us to go back to our childhood awareness and trust that all our needs, including physical, emotional, mental, social, creative, and spiritual, are being taken care of.

When we were children, an adult most likely took care of our needs, but now that we have matured, a newly developed relationship with a higher force that oversees everything in the universe is required.

Initiation Number 4: Dream Materialization Leading to Courage

 All initiations are acts of personal power—a willingness to go beyond what you think your limitations are or the ability to do something that frightens you.

Not all acts of courage need an audience. There are the spiritual acts of bravery that we succumb to when nobody is looking. These are quiet moments in seclusion when we surrender to our own truths and commit to a level of consciousness beyond our previous comprehension. It usually involves the shedding of old skin, willingness to surrender old beliefs, fears of the unknown, and willingness to grow wings to become a butterfly—the kind of courage that a caterpillar requires in the chrysalis process. It is a sojourn journey.

Initiation Number 5: Transformation Leading to Personal Freedom

Personal freedom is the price we pay for spiritual evolution and when we are free from the limitations of social bondage, religious dogmas, and confinement of hereditary beliefs that no longer serve us.

People who work directly with the frequency of the number 5 know how precious personal freedom is, and they understand that this virtue is the main contributor to their success in life, whether it is in finances, relationships, or occupations.

Initiation Number 6: Empathic Abilities Leading to Healthy Boundaries

Number 6 is the most empathic frequency of the single-digit numbers, and it is the vibration of both human and universal love. With all the psychic abilities available to this magical power, it is extremely important to acquire boundaries. Personal boundaries help to define an individual by outlining likes and dislikes and setting the distances one allows others to approach. This includes physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual boundaries involving beliefs, emotions, intuitions, and self-esteem.

Initiation Number 7: Channeling Higher Wisdom Leading to Humility

In truth, there must be an act of humility when accepting all the initiations leading us through the gates of spiritual awareness. Honesty, acceptance, trust, courage, freedom, and boundaries ask us to drop the defenses of our egos (lower selves) in order to achieve a higher standard of living.

The number 7 holds the secret sauce to spiritual awareness and higher wisdom by combining forces with nature and her powerful faithful elements. Nature’s true force lies within the infinite wisdom of a Higher Source. To become one with this altruistic magic, we must surrender our lower selves for a greater purpose.

Initiation Number 8: Manifestation Leading to Personal Integrity

Eights attract resources, and when connected to Higher Source, they create with the strength of an electric current similar to a steel rod in a lightning storm. Because of these extreme qualities, it is paramount that we learn and practice personal integrity.

By accepting and implementing the previous initiations into our lives, we begin to live in a state of grace. When we begin raising our awareness, we notice when anything or anyone around us is vibrating at a lower frequency, and our tolerance for this acceptance becomes weaker. We start attracting people of a higher caliber and make daily conscious choices to maintain quality vibrational circumstances in our lives.

Initiation Number 9: Compassion Leading to Forgiveness

 This ninth initiation or virtue is about forgiveness and compassion. This is not only one of the most important keys but also a difficult key to access unless we are ready to open our hearts and discharge disappointments from the past.

If we have already adopted the previous initiations into our lives, they assist in preventing further situations or events from occurring that cause us to accumulate ongoing upsets that lead to disappointments and resentments.

Initiation Number 10: Leadership Leading to Perseverance

 A virtue is moral excellence, and hope, faith, and love are the pillars that support the spiritual foundation from which all our dreams and desires take form. Without these three qualities, not much can weather the storms of time.

Hope is the seed, faith is the water, and love is the patience required to anchor this initiation in our lives. Hope is the ability to see greatness in simple things. Faith is taking the action to secure the outcome. Love is the nurturing and harvesting to share with others.

The spiritual path can sometimes be a lonely journey unless we have found our tribe and become active in supporting our unique abilities and gifts. The number 10 is representative not only of individuality, creativity, and intuition but also of leadership.

Initiation Number 11: Illumination Leading to Spiritual Awareness

The number 11 is a master number, allowing the two 1’s to represent intuition and illumination. When both 1’s are elevated and acting in alignment with a higher force, they create a rising momentum of energy to produce manifestation.

This is a natural portal to the higher realms, and by accepting the invitation to enter through the gates of spiritual awareness, we realize that this path is not always easy. Oftentimes, we get here by experiencing a life trauma or undergoing the dark night of the soul.

Make no mistake about it—enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It is seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true. (Adyashanti)

Initiation Number 12: Mastery Leading to Service and Charity

The number 12 in Egyptian numerology is the number of the master. This initiation is not specifically assigned to a single life-path number but instead is a universal initiation for all life paths.

 It is a cycle number and a portal of transportation to the higher realms. It has great significance in our world. There are twelve months, hours on a clock, disciples of Jesus, planets, astrological signs, and personality archetypes.

 By accepting the key and entering this gate, we agree to walk a path of self-mastery. There are at least four common components or attributes that are acquired when we reach this gate: (1) elevated intuition, (2) psychic awareness, (3) contact with the spirit realm, and (4) selfless service to others.

This concludes my article on the 12 Initiations to becoming a Miraculous Healer. You can find the long version of these initiations in my book The Path of a Wounded Healer.  You can learn more about Egyptian Numerology on my website.

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