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Lucky Charm Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Lucky Charm Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

You probably have a superstition whether you avoid doing something because you associate it with bad luck, or you must do something else because you believe that good luck will follow. You may even feel safe by carrying a good luck charm with you because you feel it not only can improve your luck, but it will keep you protected from anything negative around you. Many cultures associate particular objects or numbers with good luck, such as in Chinese culture, the auspicious number is eight.

Simultaneously, some cultures avoid objects or numbers as they associate them with misfortune and bad luck. An example of that is the Chinese culture, as they associate the number four with trouble. That is why elevators in China do not have the fourth floor, and house numbers also do not have the number four. Do you have a good luck charm that you keep with you to help you attract safety and fortune? If not, why not learn about the good luck charm you should carry with you based on your zodiac sign? Let’s go over that now.

Aries – A Key

Aries is the ambitious sign that is after a goal and wants to unlock methods to reach their goals. That is why the best good luck charm for Aries is the key. They can carry any key with them, even if it is a key to lock and unlock a door with an old lock. However, the intelligent thing to do is to get a key necklace to wear a key as the pendant.

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The key pendant will help them unlock methods to help them reach whatever goal they have in mind to achieve. The key can be gold, silver, or any color. They can even wear a red-colored key because red is the color of Mars, Aries’ ruler.

Taurus – Horseshoe

Taurus is a practical sign as it is an earth sign. Therefore, the lucky charm for a Taurus would have to be a valuable item that can help them bring abundance and good luck. That is why the ideal good luck charm for a Taurus would be a horseshoe. The horseshoe is supposed to bring good luck to the horse that wears it.

In addition to that, a horseshoe necklace is supposed to help attract abundance and wealth to the ones who wear it. Since it is a charm associated with monetary wealth, Taurus relates to this charm quite well, given the sign’s element. Therefore, a Taurus would do well with wearing a horseshoe necklace.

Gemini – Fuzzy Dice

Gemini is an air sign, so it is associated with socialization, versatility, intellect, and communication. Therefore, the best lucky charm for a Gemini will help improve their communication, strengthen their mind, keep them versatile, and be good for socialization. That is why the fuzzy dice are a great good luck charm for Geminis.

The establishment of the fuzzy dice concept of good luck began in WWII as pilots carried dice with them since dice bring you luck when you gamble. Soldiers brought dice with them as they flew on a dangerous mission. After the pilots returned home after the war, they carried the good luck tradition by hanging fuzzy dice from the rearview mirror. Since Gemini is all about movement, this is a great good luck charm for them.

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Cancer – Dolphin Pendants or Statues

Cancer is a water sign, and it is also a sign that represents nurturing the family and protecting the home. Therefore, a good luck charm for Cancer would help keep their families and homes protected and do with water. That is why a dolphin pendant or statue could be the perfect good luck charm for Cancer.

Dolphins at sea have always been considered to be the picture of good luck. There have been many stories, factual and fictional, about how dolphins saved those in shipwrecks, and it is an auspicious animal. Therefore, Cancer would do well with a dolphin, as even a picture of a dolphin in their living room would also be good luck for them.

Leo – Gold

Leo is a Sun-ruled fire sign, and the Sun is golden in color. That is why Leo would attract good luck if they wore any gold jewelry regardless of how many karats. Gold has always been associated with attracting good luck, wealth, and protection. It can also help open up the Crown Chakra, which is also the most potent chakra for Leo.

Therefore, if Leo feels a level of protection from the gold as it helps ward off negativity and spiritual attacks from others, it can help them shine the way they intend to shine. Therefore, Leo should wear gold earrings or a gold necklace, ring, or bracelet.

Virgo – Evil Eye Pendant

Virgo is a practical earth sign that is highly analytical, organized, and service, and health-oriented. Therefore, these traits can cause others to become jealous of them. Jealousy from others can hurt Virgo, which is why their lucky charm is the evil eye pendant. They can have the evil eye as a necklace pendant, a bracelet, a keychain, or something to carry around with them.

The evil eye charm has been known to protect others from spiritual and psychic attacks and negativity that can bring misfortune and sickness for thousands of years. That is why Virgo needs this good luck charm as they can fall victim to others’ negativity.

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Libra – Triangle Pendant

Libra is a sign that represents balance and fairness, and it is not a surprise that a triangle pendant would be the lucky charm for a Libra. A triangle is a shape that represents balance as it represents a balanced mind, spirit, and body. Therefore, if a Libra wears a triangle pendant through a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet, they can help them find the inner balance they need.

Having balances can help you achieve a happy life, which is what anyone would want. However, balance is that much more important to those who have the Libra sign.

Scorpio – Snake Charm

Scorpio is an intense sign that is all about transformation, life and death, and passion. One thing that would be important to Scorpio is helping them live longer lives. Therefore, that is why the snake charm is the perfect lucky charm for those with this sign. The snake represents fortune and longevity, and a Scorpio is proud to show off its snake jewelry.

One common thing that they love is the snake rings, where the snake wraps around their finger. They usually prefer silver snake jewelry as silver can also bring in some good luck and fortune.

Sagittarius – Arrows

Sagittarius is all about adventure, exploration, and learning, and that is why Sagittarians enjoy traveling. The one type of lucky charm those with the sign would love is anything to do with an arrow. It can be an arrow pendant or even an arrow tattoo. The arrow represents moving forward and attaining good luck with the area you are heading.

Since Sagittarians do not like to sit around and remain sedentary, they need to head towards an area to obtain good luck. Therefore, the arrow they carry can help guide them towards that place they need.

Capricorn – Four-Leaf Clover

Capricorn is a practical sign that focuses on ambition and success. Therefore, they need a lucky charm that will help bring all of that to them. That is why the best charm for them is the four-leaf clover. Not only does this charm help bring forward their productivity levels. However, it helps get them abundance, hope, faith, and wealth. Therefore, every Capricorn needs that in their lives since that is what they want in life.

The four-leaf clover can come as a necklace or bracelet charm, as well as earrings or a ring. That is the one that they would appreciate having with them all of the time.

Aquarius – Ladybug

Aquarius is the sign of innovation and uniqueness. Even though ladybugs are common good luck charms, they are the ones that appeal to those who have the Aquarius sign. Ladybugs possess their unique charm, and they are known to bring in fortune, good finances, and abundance. That is why Aquarians see ladybugs as good luck and may have jewelry with these adorable bugs on them.

It is also known that if a ladybug lands on you, that is good luck. If you count the spots of the ladybug that lands on your shoulder or arm, or hand, then you will know how many months you can expect good fortune to come your way.

Pisces – Dream Catcher

Pisces is the sign that is all about dreams and art, and their perfect good luck charm would help them have beautiful dreams and prevent them from having nightmares. Therefore, the lucky charm for a Pisces would be the dream catcher. The dream catcher hangs on the wall over the bed’s headboard to help bring on positive dreams and filter nightmares.

Do dream catchers work? As long as you believe they do, they can, and Pisces is all about dreaming, so this is the perfect one. A nightmare for Pisces would be very hard for their sensitive nature.

Do you have a lucky charm? If you find one that works and it does not include any of the ones on this list, we would love to know what it is. You may also find that your lucky charm is listed for another sign instead of your own.

Perhaps your lucky charm would match your moon sign, rising sign, or even Jupiter sign considering that Jupiter is the planet known to represent good luck and abundance. If the charm you have brings you good luck whether it is on the list or not, by all means, keep using it!

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