June 24, 2024
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Lunar Energy for Radiant Beauty: Moon Rituals and Skincare

Did you know that the Phases of the Moon can affect your skin? Perhaps this seems unusual, but maybe also not so much when we consider that La Luna impacts the tides of the ocean, as well as the water inside of our bodies. Of course then, it makes sense that the Moon would then impact the tone, feel and energy of our skin. It is the largest organ of our body, after all.  Aligning our skincare routine to the Phases of the Moon can be one of the most empowering and aligning rituals that we can do. This also helps us become more in tune with the cycles of nature. Using the Lunar cycles as well as the symbolic energy of Venus – the planet of beauty – will ensure that our skin is healthy, glowing and feeling nourished from the inside out. Venus rules anything rose-related, so as much as possible, we’ve included this delicious flower in your Lunar Cycle Rituals and Tips to enhance your natural beauty and support you in feeling spoiled, indulged and cared for. We would also recommend having these products on hand:

  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Facial Towels
  • A Skin Serum
  • A Rose Quartz Skin Roller

So, let’s get started!

Skincare Tips and Rituals for the New Moon Phase

The New Moon Phase is all about new beginnings. This is the most perfect time to kick off your new skincare routine, whatever that may be. We suggest a total cleansing at this phase. Booking yourself a skin consultation with an expert – there are many free offerings out there – is an ideal way to get started, especially if you’re not sure what your skin type is, or if it’s changed over the years.

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After you’ve had your consultation, be sure to go out here and purchase your new skincare range best suited to your skin. Create an intentional space where you can spend time in the mornings and evenings caring for your skin. Make sure you have some yummy rose-scented candles, scented oils and a pretty mirror to inspire you. While you’re at it, create a morning skincare playlist to get you in the mood! Make this exciting and inspiring for yourself.

Skincare Tips and Rituals for the Crescent Moon Phase

The Crescent Moon Phase is all about taking that first, brave step out of our comfort zones and embracing change. It’s about pushing ahead with our goals. Our skin at this point is ready to take in as much nutrients as possible, making it a delicious time to create a serum for your skin.

Great ingredients to use include Vitamin C, Rosehip and Vitamin E, which are all friendly skin products. You may also want to create a rosewater spritz to refresh your face and hydrate it. This is a simple solution of actual rosewater with fresh spring water. You might even want to chant a little blessing over it as you create this skin potion, making it even more potent and healing.

Skincare Tips and Rituals for the First Quarter Phase

The First Quarter Phase is the ‘action’ phase. It’s when we can start to see the results of all the work we put in during the New Moon Phase. Our skin is ready to shine at this point, making it a great time to book a facial massage. This will help to get the blood circulation going and bring more plumpness and juiciness to the skin.

It’s also a lovely time to make a natural moisturizer with something such as Shea Butter or Coconut oil. You might even want to sprinkle a few drops of pure rose oil in to make it smell heavenly. Obviously, test a little patch on your skin to ensure you have no allergies. When you rub the shea butter or coconut oil in, make it a slow, sensual and loving experience. The more love you give your face, the more it will love you right back!

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Skincare Tips and Rituals for the Gibbous Phase

The Gibbous Phase is one that happens right before the Full Moon. It’s a moment when we’re just about to see the results of all of our efforts. Our skin may be very close to glowing, so supporting it to be the best it can be at the Full Moon is how we can make the most of this phase.

We recommend making a scented compress, using a facial cloth, rose petals, serums, coconut oil or whatever else you feel appeals to you. Make sure that you have a bowl of steaming water nearby, sprinkling it with rose petals and oils, and soak your face cloth in it. Lay down, put on some meditation music and place it on your skin. Do this as many times as you like! make it a full body relaxing experience.

Skincare Tips and Rituals for the Full Moon Phase

The Full Moon Phase is a potent one! This is when our skin should be glowing at its brightest, just like La Luna. This is a time to go out and be seen, to socialize and show the world just how gorgeous you are.

Your Full Moon ritual can involve an hour of pure pampering in terms of makeup. For example, you may want to experiment with a new eyeshadow look, or play around with glitter, metallics or shimmers. Put on some fun music, invite your friends over and explore your creativity. This can be a wonderful ritual that you end up doing every month!

Skincare Tips and Rituals for the Disseminating Phase

Moving into the waning Moon phases, this is a time when your skin is less absorbent and needs a little more TLC. We recommend a facial steam, which is similar to a compress but not quite the same.

Prepare a bowl – or your bathroom sink with boiling hot water. Get a towel ready, one that will cover your whole face and shoulders. Purchase a little eucalyptus oil, and perhaps a touch of rose oil, too. Drop a few drops in the hot water, and then place the towel over your head as you lean over the bowl (don’t place your face in the water). Stay there for about ten minutes and inhale the delicious smells. Feel your pores opening and being cleaned from the inside out! Don’t forget to put a yummy toner and moisturizer on afterwards!

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Skincare Tips and Rituals for the Third Quarter Phase

This is the penultimate Moon Phase, and thus, is a time for beginning the process of cleaning out. A wonderful ritual to do would be to declutter your entire makeup and skincare cupboard. Put some calming music on, light a few candles, and get started. Be brutal about what’s worked for your skin, and what’s no longer needed. You’re getting ready for a whole new phase! Be sure to wipe down all surfaces to make them clean and sparkly.

You may also want to experiment with a skin roller – one made with Rose Quartz is the most supportive and gentle on your skin. Set aside a few minutes each evening to roll it over your skin, massaging out any toxins and smoothing it, supporting the aging process, no matter what age you are.

Skincare Tips and Rituals for the Balsamic Phase

The Balsamic Moon Phase is the final Moon phase, making it one to rest your skin and give it a break. We would recommend a face peel where all old toxins can be pulled out and cleansed. You may want to create your own face mask with ingredients such as coffee beans, coconut oil, honey or other natural products.

Then, run yourself a bath, fill it with rose petals and light as many candles as you like, place your face mask on and lie back to relax. Listen to a guided meditation or inspiring podcast. Let the bathwater run out, imagining everything you’d like to let go of. Moisturize your face after the mask with something natural and nourishing. Make sure that you get enough sleep over this phase as your soul, mind and body detox and let go. It may also help to take your journal and write down what worked for your skin in this past month, and what didn’t. Reflecting is a lovely ritual to do around this time.

That’s a wrap! If you have any other skin care rituals you’d like to include or get creative with, go right ahead! There’s no limit to the possibilities of making the Lunar Phases work for your skin.

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