June 24, 2024
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BL_PSY_144_Magical Business Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Use Magic To Become The Best Entrepreneur

The Magical imagination is far more powerful than you might immediately realize, and it can be put to use anywhere in life— including your start-up business. If you can visualize success consistently, it must materialize. It is Universal law. Envision exactly what you hope to achieve, and follow up with mindful, magical action. Learn how to use magic to become the best entrepreneur. 


Write a Business Plan as a Visualization

A business without a plan is like a ship without a course. You will wander around aimlessly without reaching any destination because you haven’t selected a destination, let alone charted a course to get there. You may have a brilliant team of people, an excellent product and all the necessary infrastructure— but a plan is the absolute cornerstone of any business, without which it will collapse. A plan, simply stated in writing, helps orient your entire consciousness toward the realization of your goals; when your consciousness is oriented this way, the energies of the Universe are then oriented in this way.

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Write a brief, concise mission statement. Your goal can be as idealistic, outrageous or grand as you want, but state it plainly and clearly. A plan does not have to be long, complex or fancy; it only has to be clear, both to you and to anyone else who’s interested. A mission statement helps the company retain its focus and can be crucial in determining the company’s direction and even its level of success.

Next, plainly describe your business. What is it? What does it do? Describe the state of this business as it is right now. Tell us who is involved and what they do.

This may seem simple, obvious or unnecessary at first— but the more clear you get about your vision, the more forces of the Universe you will mobilize in service to your goal. You may even become aware of motivations you had never articulated to yourself before, which helps you align with your goals even more powerfully.

Next, write down where you want to be in a year, two years and ten years. Explain how you will get there. First do this simply and briefly in words, and then do so in numbers. Outline your cash flow projections for the next five years. It should be clear how much capital you’re going to need, what you’re doing to do with it and what results you predict.

Spend Money on Growth

The Universe will reflect back to you the vibration which you yourself are holding. If you want your business to grow, you want to emanate “growth” and “profit” as much as possible. Debt is the antithetical vibration to growth. When we are in debt, we are radiating “lack,” because we are constantly aware of being in the negative balance.

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Therefore, if you are in the early phase of a start-up business, avoid expenditures which do not immediately yield profit. Will pricey office furniture produce profit, or will it increase your debt without any real benefit to the business?

Investment is a crucial part of business, so you cannot fear going into debt if it is necessary, but you should prioritize those things which produce tangible profit or benefit— tangible results which you can see. Wherever you look you want to be seeing growth, because then you yourself will be projecting a vibration of growth.

Discover your Higher Purpose as an Entrepreneur

Money is the lifeblood of business but the business has to have a higher purpose to survive and thrive. Money-making is not in and of itself emotionally galvanizing enough to martial all the powers of the Universe which are available to help you. Discovering your purpose helps you to receive support from all corners of the Universe— some of which you can plan for and predict, and some of which you could never have imagined.

Each of us has a unique purpose for living, and in order to accomplish that purpose we have been given unique talents and abilities. Most true purposes involve service, love, or making a positive contribution of some kind. Spend some time reflecting on your purpose and what gifts you uniquely offer to humanity and the planet. You probably take many talents for granted and do not recognize that they are of great value to others.

If money-making is your only purpose, the business will wither and die. It may even find some success, but that success will not be satisfying, nor will it last.

We feel the impact of this mindset in the choked atmosphere of a small business that will do anything to make or save a penny as well as the international corporation whose primary emphasis is on maximizing shareholder value. This attitude results in corruption, stupid business decisions, poor products, low employee morale, disloyal customer base, theft and environmental disaster.

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Conversely, businesses that radiate purpose, service and good-will attract loyal employees, customers, collaborators and respect. They are passed down through generations, enduring decade after decade, because they offer something of eternal value: integrity.

Share your profits and invest in employees

Your employees are your greatest asset. You can have the greatest products and services in the world but if you don’t have good employees creating those products, performing those services, marketing your products, selling your goods, and handling your accounting, all will come to nothing.

Give your employees great benefits as soon as you are able to. Take a percentage of the company profit— even when it is a new business—- and share these profits among the employees, even if it is not a large amount to share.

Apart from the pleasure of increased pay, your employees will feel the pride of ownership in their company, which incentivizes personal investment. Company morale, performance, maintenance and productivity will increase as the employees see themselves as owners and managers of the company who benefit by the company doing well.

Continually See Success

Dear Entrepreneur, for every adversity there is an equal or greater benefit. Life is always filled with problems but you can learn to spot the opportunities which are inherent within them.

This is the key to succeeding in business. It does not so much matter what has happened or what the numbers are in your books right now; what matters is your vision of the path ahead. If your visualization of success is stronger than your doubts and fear you’ll succeed. If you let your doubts and fears overwhelm you, you’ll end up creating that which you doubt and fear.

If you keep focusing on the difficulties involved in growth— such as cash flow, personality disputes, manufacturing problems, shortages, mistakes, etc— you’ll end up creating nothing but more problems and getting nowhere. If you keep focused on a vision of your success and where you want to be a year from now, you’ll end up aligning the exact forces you need to bring about your success.

Set an annual goal for profit, and keep this number firmly in your mind. This number will help you hold a vision of your company as successful and profitable, and this vision will help your company continue to grow.

Your success may take a different route than you planned, and in fact that is most likely. Make a clear plan, but then be flexible enough to change the plan continually as new problems, obstacles and opportunities arise. Your business might look totally different in five years than you imagine it will look.  We live in a changing universe; if you resist change, you resist the universe itself.

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