July 23, 2024
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Magical Mind Over Matter

Magical Mind Over Matter

Magical Mind Over Matter? We may say that each of us has a “magic mirror” which is our consciousness, and the world as we know it consists of what is reflected in our magic mirror.

The world around us is a very personal mirror for self-reflection, revealing to us what thoughts and emotions we are choosing to prioritize and live by.

As within, so without; as we select objects to shine the magic mirror of our focus upon, we cast reflections as the structures and events of the Physical world around us.

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In a very real way, from the largest events to the smallest and most seemingly insignificant details in your day-to-day, you are creating your reality in every moment with your focus. 

Every person, situation, object, and thought reflects what you are holding your magic mirror up to. The question is, are you creating these reflections deliberately or accidentally?

Is your magical mind triumphing over matter, or is matter shaping the contents of your mind?

A Cosmic Hall of Mirrors

The ordinary, untrained mind functions only when stimulated by sensation. Therefore, all its thoughts are determined by the nature of the sensation which stimulates them. This is a passive, haphazard creation.

As what-is intrude upon you, you respond to what-is, and so you shine the magic mirror upon what-is, and so you create more of the same what-is. Your creations depend upon whatever you happen to come across in your day and your conditioned response to them. Thus, you re-create the conditions you are living with currently.

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These vicious cycles are happening in each of our lives, and account for why most people do not experience dramatic turns of fortune in life.

Everyone progresses to some degree, and we each have our ups and downs; however, most people remain in basically the same career, within a certain range of salary, with the same kinds of social circles, with the same range of moods, concerns, insights, hobbies, desires and in the same class that they began in.

Dramatic change, either for the worse or for the better, is extraordinarily exceptional, and most people do not die very far from where they were born—figuratively, if not also literally.

Even at the micro-level, you have probably noticed that most of the time the solutions to your problems are relatively small adjustments that come incrementally over time.

We may hope and pray that we will just wake up one day with all the weight lost, or that we will receive a check in the mail for millions in inheritance; but the vast majority of the time, our problems dissolve slowly, bit by bit, and the transformations are usually subtle and predictable, with improvements that bring mild relief rather than revolutionary change.

And of course, sometimes our problems do not really ever fully dissolve at all but remain as chronic blocks of varying degrees of severity. This is because we hold our attention upon what is, and so we largely perpetuate what-is.

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You believe that your life is a certain way, shining your magic mirror upon certain “truths” or “facts”, and so your life is a certain way, mirroring these “truths” and “facts”. Many of these are beliefs you are not even conscious of that you hold.

Creating With Light

A belief is like a stained-glass window, and your emotions serve as animating light. As the light of emotions like fear, desire, appreciation or resentment shine through the structure of your beliefs and expectations, shapes are cast on the plane of the Physical.

These are the structures, objects, people, places, and situations of your life. Everything in your life is a reflection that matches the frequency of your emotionally charged beliefs.

However, most frequently your beliefs and expectations are derived from matter. The “stained-glass windows” of your thought forms are simply replications of what you observe in your current reality— and so you re-create and perpetuate what already is.

If the material world gives rise to your beliefs and expectations, and these beliefs and expectations give rise to the shape of the material world, then you are caught in a never-ending cycle of sensation reinforcing belief, and belief reinforcing sensation.

Indeed, we might say that the Sun will rise tomorrow simply because we all believe it will, and we all believe that it will because of what we have seen upon the material plane! As we observe the world and believe in its rigidity, we recreate this same world.

A deliberate creator recognizes that the primary mover catalyzing this cycle is not the Material form, but the Mental form. If a new thought is created, a new form will appear on the physical plane.

You have the power to break the cycles of repetition that you do not like if you so choose. You do not have to create thought forms that replicate what already is; you may make thought forms independently of physical sensation, for the mind is unlimited and unfettered by time and space.

Detach mind from matter and you have a free-moving force. The free-moving force of the mind is not confined to the situation that confines your physical body; the mind can go anywhere, at any time, to any perspective. It can see your situation from any point of view, and it can leave the situation altogether.

Magical Mind over matter

The greater the proportion of mind to matter, the greater the influence of mind over matter. Learn how to have unconditional focus, and your power to create that which you desire shall be unlimited.

Withdraw your focus from that which you do not want on the Physical plane, ceasing to believe in or at least focus upon what is. No matter what is in front of you, you can focus your magical mind on that which is desirable.

Place your focus upon that which you want to create more of, and with great discipline, work to hold your beliefs in harmony with that which you desire to create. If you can formulate an idea in your mind, and conjure genuine belief in it with your heart, reality will change to mirror this blueprint.

You have the ability to create reflections in your future of what is wanted, even if you are currently in the middle of a situation that is unwanted. When you cultivate the ability to tune your consciousness to a higher pitch regardless of your circumstances, you are cultivating the power of omnipotence over your life.

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